Don't look now... your ignorance is showing

Don't look now... your ignorance is showing.

Sesame street is on HBO now

your move douchebag

Well if trump wouldn't get thousands of death threats then maybe he could pay less on security.

O-on HBO!

Still funded by Tax money, idiot. Notice how you ignored the other ones? Typical conservatard

He is not even accepting the salary you pay for.

So the plane ride, security, and staffers don't either? They're all free?

Get real.

I dont know either. Fuck government, taxation is theft.

>poor families pay taxes

They do.

>common decency
>protests with bongs and dildos up their ass

>I have a list for you.

Still not voting for you losers.

As the majority party you have to defend yourself from me. Defend all your actions user, defend them all because you know what? As the majority I don't care.

His plane costs less to operate than Air Force one faggot


Whatever happened to that tax plan of trumps where people making less than $20000 a year pay no taxes? I thought that was a good idea

We pay for him to meet with world leaders or play on his own golf course?
>mother of 3
who's fault is it exactly that she was a dumb whore who let 3 Jamal's impregnate her and walk out?

>We pay for him to meet with world leaders or play on his own golf course?
He's been golfing ten times and only once was a foreign politician present.

It's rich to hear libs crying about paying taxes.

They don't if you don't make over a certain amount

>I don't know what or means

A good course isn't the only place to meet world leaders you dumb leaf. There's also the phone.

You don't understand why someone would take a business partner golfing it seems

A ((poor)) family in Detroit wont be paying for Trumps travels, as the ((poor)) are exempted from non-entitlement federal taxes in the form of the Earned Incomed Tax Credits.

Ayo, hol, up. You telling me the fuckin prez be golfin' n shit, àn his wife have securities. Obama neva did none dat sheit. An I neva paid no taxes eitha.

fuck you kike

You don't understand the context of the argument I was making.

All that text and not a single argument to be found.

He hasn't been traveling to meet foreign leaders at all. They all came to D.C. His travel costs are from going to rallies and golfing.

>We pay for him to meet with world leaders or play on his own golf course?
The guy asked a question so I answered it. Why are you triggered?

>Poor black family does nothing but drain the economy
>Mr. Noskillz washing dishes in Baton Rogue brings nothing to the table
>1 hour of Trump's time is worth more than all 3 example's lives combined

That's why

You don't think he talks to these purple over the phone

Why does Sesame Street need government funding when it makes billions a year in profit?

When will libcucks figure out that saying some cute shit like "I can think of a group..." doesn't give the opinion any credibility

>The Poor black family in detroit doesn't pay for anything, and likely receives tax credits back at tax time.
>The single mother of 3 made shitty life decisions, why should others be on the hook for that?
>The guy washing dishes likely pays nothing in taxes either

>poor black family
>single mother
>dish washer

No one that actually pays taxes. Sure, they may see deductions on their paychecks, but these chuckle fucks all get it back on their tax returns.

Holy fuck the irony here is incredible.

>Why should a poor black family in Detroit pay for the President to go golfing?
They didn't complain when Obama did it.


I've said it before... but you really should stop by Brock's cubicle and let him fuck you in the ass, he may raise you pay a quarter cent.

Why bother arguing with these people

>Trump spent less on his campaign than anyone, even Bernie
>Trump denied the presidential salary
>Trump's private jet costs less than Air Force one
>Trump has signed more actions in a month than Obama did in eight years

Pbs doesn't have commercials

Haha leaf, I don't even know what quintile means.

Do you not understand that he's been playing golf on his own resort that he owns you stupid fucking leaf?

What bothers them is Trump might be a regular president. WWIII didn't kick off the first week in. Women aren't shackled in the kitchen. Muslims weren't strung up from street posts. By all accounts he's doing his job no differently than any other president.

And that's driving them insane for some reason.

And how much does it cost to travel there with the secret service?

fair point on the first, but id like to point out every president, democrat or republican, does things like that, so you have no right to take a jab at trump specifically over this, or at all, when no one did for obama.

thats not why shes being denied healthcare. shes probably simply unhealthy and refuses to eat right, which as a poor person myself i can actually confirm that fast food is more expensive by alot then just making shit yourself, and less healthy.

if she cant afford it, well then shes probably not looking too hard. is what i could get on it anywhere near the best? no, but i could still get health insurance through where i work for dollars, DOLLARS off my weekly paycheck.

furthermore Trumps plan from what i understand of it, isnt getting rid of a majoritys coverage or aimed at getting rid of it for people in her position.

on the third, you actually have a good point, i dont see why they are wasting money having her and their kid live away from the white house.

overall though, you have jack shit to work on besides a mother wanting to raise their young kid in a familiar environment she has more control over. not a good reason to waste tax payer money, sometimes even kids gotta learn to live with a change in environment and all that, but hardly a good enough reason to throw a fit.

If liberals stopped trying to kill him it wouldn't be a problem.

But the secret service is in the job 24/7. It costs the same as it does without him going.

> Poor people pay taxes

The lowest 20% of earners receive more than they give.

I don't see how it is a waste at all. Tax payers already pay for secret service protection for the bush family and the Clintons

Exactly this. You don't get to spend 8 years making a bigger government and then complain that it's too expensive. Taxes are bullshit all around, but no one gave a shit when it was Obama taking poor people's cash to hit the links.

Triggered much?
Why should I have to pay to put YOUR little niggles through school?
Not like they will ever produce anything useful.

Why do democrats support pic related?


ive heard it supposedly costs more with them living away from the white house, which means they could be saving some money off the budget if its true.

fair point though,especially if its bullshit it costs more.

>top quintile pays a whopping $1,500 in taxes every year
Why the fuck am I paying 30x that?

Why should coal miners pay for PBS is pretty bad if it was actually said. Maybe they like PBS. Assuming things about coal miners is bad form.


>ive heard
Sure you did. From liberals.

Are you denying that he has travel costs? Was the report that he is on pace to spend more in 1 year on travelling than Obama in 8 years false?
His travel costs aren't going to make me not support him. I'm smelling some cognitive dissonance with how you are trying to deflect onto other things.

>only after 8 years of President Obama are niggers worries about the Commander-in-Chief golfing

He also did more in one year than Obama did in 8. So your point about travel costs is invalid. Is this some sort of double-bluff where you claim to support Trump but only post negative out-of-context things?

This doesn't answer his question. In fact, it just makes his line of reasoning seem more legitimate. Why should someone be forced to pay for someone else's shit? Also Sesame Street advocates sharing, not "moral" stealing.

>in billions
Read the graph my dude. It's listing how much each income group pays and receives in total.

Oh yeah, that wasteland full of DAS RITE
>Single mother of 3
Abortions used to be payed by taxpapyer's money right?
I'm assuming that she was a drunken whore.
>Guy washing dishes
Art degrees get you nowhere

Even then, a coalminer works in terrible conditions and puts it's life at risk, anyone who puts their life at risk for their labour deserve more breaks than any hipsters.
t. The country that had 33 miners trapped down a mine for two months

>He also did more in one year than Obama did in 8. So your point about travel costs is invalid.

well i could've sworn ive seen at least two different news agencies talk about it.

admittedly most arent trustworthy and pretty liberal, but that doesn't mean theres never some truth to what they say.

either way, its a weak argument, and hardly something to really hold against them(if it is true).

i was just saying out of all those listed, it was the only one that might have some legitimacy, however small and insignificant.

It's not really legitimate even if true. He's still doing business on the course.

Literally none of those examples of people actually pay anything in to the system in the end though and are a net deficit to the public. What retard wrote this?

>poor nigger family in detroit paying more in federal taxes than it receives

oh im laffin

Poor black families in Detroit, a single mother of 3, and a guy washing dishes all don't pay federal taxes. On the contrary, they net taxes into their bank accounts.

Nice false premises.

eh, to each their own.

doesn't really affect how i feel about him as a president(pro trump BTW), i just dont like hero worship or lying if i feel something might be off or hes doing something wrong.

but yeah, insignificant either way, might be something he could avoid in the budget and should if he can, but its like getting angry at him because the lawnmower for the white house broke and they went with a newer model instead of just fixing the old one.

also captca censored all the signs i had to click on but the mc Donalds on,kek.

Hbo is subscription. That being said production will be funded by hbo. Some carriers offer a year free with phone internet etc.

The president refused 99% of the pay he was offered. When he goes golfing he does it on his own dime.

Because he's never paid taxes he dosn't understand that poor people get a majority of what they pay out back in their refund.

If they even pay into it for a refund. You can opt for exemptions from the beginning.

>Why should a single mother of 3 who's working two jobs in Louisiana be denied healthcare so the CEO of Aetna can get a tax break?
English Translation:
>Why should this non-existent person not get their Healthcare paid for by money stolen from the rest of the country

ITT retards who voted trump and still support him refuse to believe their own eyes

I honestly don't know how leftists think.

I know their prime objective is to "win" arguments and feel morally superior, but why? What lead them to this cognitive dissonance and double think?

You just don't understand their different moral framework.

>mine the coal, pay the PBS