Why shouldn't Trump start cutting corners in government spending?

Why shouldn't Trump start cutting corners in government spending?

Have you Americans looked at your national debt?

>US debt in 2020
I don't trust these projections.

Considering the path it was on for eight years its a pretty good estimate

>muh debt
Whos going to collect it? The only thing that even remotely threatens american economy is some new reserve currency that can be used in oil trade. And that won't happen for as long as US have global dominance.
Until then they can print as much as they want and Gaddafi anyone who disagrees.

We all know who the world is in depth to. Who are they even owing that much money?

If the US is fucked financially anyways, why not lend even more? It does not really matter. If the USA are asking for money, anyone will give it to them anyways.


what a misleading scale

show GDP on this scale and it would look about the same

it pisses me off that Kang Nigger is still alive.

The debt to GDP ratio is 108%
Almost higher than it was a year after WW2


What difference would that make?

If what he is saying is true, that GDP is increasing at the same rate as debt is, then the difference it would make is that the skyrocketing debt isn't a big deal.

What matters is debt/GDP

that is, of course if you're only worried about financial stability, which is the talking point the right has been using for decades. If you instead want to argue the ethics of government spending being that high in the first place, then it doesn't make a difference at all.

Because in Soviet Union v2.0, the government IS the economy. Don't believe me? Just wait and see what happens when they stop spending.

You can just make up whatever you want the US debt to be to support your interests in your memey graphs. I remember eight years ago, the US was $30 Trillion in debt.

Because when the government reduces it's deficit it reduces the amount of money available to the private sector. In today's climate that will only exacerbate wealth inequality in a zero-sum fashion.

But Trump is cutting our debt.

>You have to spend money to make money, kid.

>if it worked money would go in not just out

What are taxes?

Not enough to pay off the US depth

it would be better for you guys to let the companies/foreigners take the debt

so what? the private sector has plenty

What are savings?

If you take stuff away from the private sector that's a recession. Also 640K is enough for anyone.

Most of the developed world with the exception of some major commodity exporters have similar or higher debt levels.

US only sounds really high because our GDP is huge relative to everyone else.

It's true though that our current fiscal path is totally unsustainable but if we got entitlement reform, tax reform, and some modest tax increases it could be fixed.

What we have is a political problem because Democrats don't want to cut entitlements and most Republicans don't really either because much of their base is retirement age etc.

Really the whole thing is fucked because both parties really have known exactly how to solve these problems for decades but they don't for political reasons (afraid they won't be reelected if they do what needs to be done) which shows the failure of democracy.

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>implying we're going to pay that back

>cutting spending is how you remove debt

>Whos going to collect it?
If the government were to default on it, they would lose the ability to get credit in the future.

Printing money is a terrible idea.


Good thing you have the most fiscally conservative and economically redpilled gov on the planet. They are absolutely terrified by repeating mistakes of late SU.

Say what you will about Vlad, Nabulina & co but because of them you will survive.

the debt HAS to exponentially increase .. that is the system itself. I don't understand why NO ONE understands this and everyone cares about balancing the deficit and cutting debt. We pay interest on the debt, it will always increase no matter what you do. it's unpayable. there is no reason to even care about it

pretty sure it wasn't trump for those 8.
He's cut spending so far.

By that logic no loan would ever be paid anywhere.

>Printing money is a terrible idea.

The value of money (price stability) is dictated by the supply and demand. Printing more than is taxed increases supply, printing less than is taxed reduces supply. If the value in the economy grows (e.g. more precious rocks are dug up and circulated) then more money is needed to represent that. Money should be printed whenever the economy is growing.

It's only when you increase the supply without increasing demand that you get inflation. FYI what we have currently with low interest rates and lower printing is low demand and low supply.