How do you refute cultural appropriation? Seriously need some advice right now

How do you refute cultural appropriation? Seriously need some advice right now.

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avoid talking to black people

if they try to say something just smile without showing your teeth, put one hand in your pocket and cross the street

tell them only Britsh and their descendants are allowed to speak English

>cultural appropriation
What do you mean? Like non-whites moving to white countries?

Agree and exaggerate. If a white man can't wear dreadlocks a black man can't wear a suit or drive a car. Those are, after all, inventions of the western culture.

I am appropriating American and German culture

How u refute it, ez as fuck you say to them: I DO WHAT I WANT IF U HAVE ANY PROBLEM YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF. see ez

culture is culture, saying it's exclusive to race is pretty fucking stupid

it's another "it's only bad when white people do it" just like white flight or gentrification

Tell them all nigresses with straightened hair are appropriating too, ask them why they're ashamed of nappy hair.

What do you mean "refute"? It's a retarded idea to begin with. It refutes itself. Just say that you don't believe in the notion. Turn it around; make THEM defend it. Make them explain what it means and why you should care.

All the arguments in favor of "cultural appropriation" are hollow. And at their core, they all advocate a type of racial/ethnic segregation, which is something that leftists usually aren't comfortable promoting openly.

When libtards are face with the idea of nationalism, there suddenly is no culture and there are no borders. But, on any other issue, there suddenly are cultures and they're clearly defined. The biggest crime of liberals is inconsistency in all of their arguments and views. Just tell them to fuck off with their 'cultural appropriation'.

Well just fuck my shit up senpai

Wait why is cultural appropriation a bad thing? Aren't we supposed to be celebrating other people's cultures?

Tell them the concept of cultural appropriation is racist towards mixed race people

Tell them to stop culturally appropriating the English language.

Tell whomever that the biggest violators of cultural appropriation are the Chinks, Slopes, and the Wogs and they are appropriating our culture. As soon as they stop wearing western clothing and watching western entertainment, then we can have a discussion about our cultural sins.

and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

Like wanting to use a name with Native American origins but people are saying its cultural appropriation

use the jews as example
-impose some cultures over others
-maintaining their own pure

Like Asian's dressing up as cowboys, it's heresy

Humanity only progresses with 'appropriation' without it cultural memes including farming would never have become established.

It's impossible to "steal" culture. You can only copy it or destroy it.

If a white man listens to rap, this doesn't stop the black man from doing the same.

When people use the "cultural appropriation" argument, they ignore how much of other cultures' intellectual property they use in their daily life. So, it's always a hypocritical argument to use not to mention it encourages people not to explore other cultures - sounds pretty anti-multicultural to me.

It's basically all racist double-think.


its seriously such a stupid concept its hard to know where to start

culture in and of itself is shared among a group as a whole, so accusing somebody who lives in your nation of "stealing your culture" is retarded because culture is meant to spread across humanity. If it cant spread its not a culture, and these people are trying to put walls around culture for some reason, most likely because they and their ancestors havent done jack fucking shit so the only thing they have to be proud of are >muh dreadlocks

I wouldnt bother explaining that though because theyre already brain damaged so just tell them to stop speaking english/driving cars/ using cell phones, etc

The argument is though whitey forced their own culture upon them

Our lord and savior Jordan Peterson.

well if it was forced on them and its so bad then why dont they just give up all white culture??

How long until they try their hardest to believe all those were black man inventions?

If i wanted to use a name from native american culture and people are telling me its cultural appropriation what can i say back? Sorry i'm bad at arguing this stuff

Stop wearing clothes and build a fucking cow shit hut then

Ask them why they are trying to debate this with you in "white language".

Tell them no lmao native Americans can't even own land how can they own a name. You heard the name, you liked it, and now you're going to use it.

How the fuck do they think it's racist? You literally like a Native American name so much you want to use it over every other name

Just say that cultural appropriation is cultural exchange. Adding racial power dynamics does not stop that from being true. Also tell them that attempting to preserve culture in its orginial form is almost impossible. Tell her you have great respect for the tribal elders who maintain and pass on the songs and stories of their people. Tell them you are glad that their work has allowed you to enjoy listening performing and referencing their music. How you are so inspired by the {group your copying} that you wanted to involve some of their awesomeness into your life.

Go back to Sup Forums faggot

How can you be a melting pot if you don't allow the blending of cultures?
Liberals contradict themselves when they advocate diversity yet want to divide along cultural lines.

Cultural appropriation is probably the most sincere form of flattery.

It's literally one culture liking something else that another culture did and then doing it themselves.

If this offends you then you're probably the same type of person who gets butthurt when someone wears the same shirt as you.


So where in Nicaragua are you from?

Simple, until black people go back to afros and stop appropriating 'white' straight hair, you can do whatever you want.

Sorry I'm too busy playing an elf that rescues a princess in a Japanese video game.

The melting pot is racist and bad these days. Liberals do NOT want a melting pot, they want 'multiculturalism' separate cultures that live in proximity and respect each other.

History will show that when different cultures live in proximity, they fight. Multiculturalism is a lie that will get ALOT of people killed one day.

In civilization games, whos culture is most liked and imitated wins the game so clearly its a good thing

All you have to do is point out that anyone fighting against cultural appropriation is also against cultural diversity, and is actually advocating for segregation. Then point out that there was a time when America was racially segregated.

Or go the other route and point out how black pop stars like Nikki minage, Beyoncé, etc. All like to bleach their skin and wear coloured contacts to make themselves look more Caucasian.

cool pic. fuck the anti-white cucks

point out how large the skin bleaching industry is and the massive amount of blacks dying their hair blonde and straightening their hair. You could also go further and point out they're wearing western clothes and speaking a European language.

Or using any sort of technology, eating anything besides other niggers, using medicine. The list goes on really.

Niggers must stop wearing clothes that are not made from bark, and must also cease using elctricity

and that they have no right to use any item of clothing made from textiles produced with a power loom.

What the fuck is your God damn problem? Are you retarded? Seriously did you honestly come here to post this shitty fucking thread to slide the board? How much does it pay?

Any fucking non retard knows what to tell people who say that shit yet here you are.

tell them it's fair trade for them appropriating our democracy and freedom of expression

Damn, calm down kid.

But niggers appropriate other cultures
They appropriate ancient Egyptians

If you cannot think of a counterargument yourself, then you should maybe really question why you believe the opposite and start using a ration approach.

autisms work just fine

No. OP is obviously just posting this thread with this bait topic to get replies. I'm sick of the catalog being so shit lately.


Can someone tl;dr me on how is this even an issue?
People use things from so many different cultures and different people non stop, and people that created things we use mostly intended it to be so.
Why is it now bad to use something from another culture? How is this an argument?

Tell them your ancestors were Roman, and cultural appropriation is an integral part of your culture.

Maybe, maybe not. While I'll grant you that yes, most of Sup Forums should know the bullshit of cult-appro this is still much less of a slide thread then most of the obvious shit posted here.

Well maybe I'm getting just a little too triggered I don't know. The answer is obvious and I just feel like he made it to bait and slide. I'll answer him I guess.

Here, I'll answer you OP even though you've already gotten many answers: Normally I wouldn't even engage brainlets who think that's a thing but hypothetically if someone did say that to me and I didn't immediately dismiss them and actually decided to engage them I would start off by telling them to go fuck themselves. Then I would tell them that they're fucking retarded and that I don't give a fuck about their shitty opinions and I'd then appropriate all the cultures right in front of them.