Is it true that 2006 was when the 90s really ended?

Is it true that 2006 was when the 90s really ended?

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Hard to believe 2006 was 14 years ago.



Yes. At around this point or not long after, you have google buying youtube, faceberg, web 2.0, newfags, streaming sites, PC run amok, death of forums, camwhoring, commercialization everywhere, etc. Fortunes used to be one of the last bastions of the old internet. It was a different time.

>the early 2000's internet culture is gone

Yes. The world is a whole lot shitter now

hey buddy don't scare me like that

Cringe, 00's kids trying to justify themselves being 90's kids, the 90's were shit

>the early innocent happy Sup Forums is gone
>it will never return

>WB became CW

I didn't realize that.

Honestly, the 1980s were more or less the last hurrah of the West.

It just slowly decayed, and now we're back to being as pessimistic and bleak as we ever were.

Forums. Chat rooms. Guestbooks. Hit counters. Whatever happened to them?

not as easy to infiltrate and control a tight-knit community. Reddit, Facebook Groups and even here I guess.

Nah, the 2000s just got shittier during that time. The 2000s had really unmemorable movies and the comedy had that same fogettable cookie cutter awkward humor. I remember watchable shows like Foster's Home and Digimon, but other than that it was largely dull. I have a theory 9/11 just left a hole where creativity used to be because it just left people hopeless for the future. That feeling seemed to die out during the 2010s. With the rise of cultural libertarianism during that time, the culture began to change in a way I can't describe. Perhaps the 2000s were more edgy and the 2010s less so? Makes me wish I drew up with the cartoons we have now along with the current president instead of the dreary culture and lackluster decade of nothing being done.

No. the 1990s ended in September 2001

>there are still a few empty forums that are still alive from the early 2000's

>sometimes the last post were posted 2004

>it's the admin asking "How's everyone doing?"
>no answer

Culturally it seems to be where it ended yeah

true, also
Cringe, 90's kids trying to justify themselves being 80's kids, the 80's were shit
>ad infinitum

Forums mostly died because of stupid policies like wait 48 hours before you can post after making an account, you can't view this until x time and y number of posts, don't make new threads about old topics but don't use the old threads either, moderator butt buddies, etc.
Chat rooms are still around. Guestbooks got replaced with people commenting, linking, faceberg licks, etc. Hit counters are used for videos and ranking popularity of pages on sites, they're mostly invisible now although youtube videos display them.

all those memories will be lost, like tears in the rain

I think I saw some post about a site where everyone acts like it's still the early 2000's. It's like a time capsule

I'll check if I can find it...

>tfw remembering 2000s internet culture
Is this what a phantom limb feels like?

We have to embrace the fact that the only constant in life is change. The atmosphere/nostalgia we remember the early 2000's as cannot possibly hope to be emulated on a single website. Pay the era your respects and move on bro. Personally I made a list of my fondest memories of times with my brother/friends/alone on the snes/ps1/ps2 etc that i can return to and solemnly ache at time flown by.

>90s ending is contingent on TV and video games



actually pretty cool desu

The stars at night, are big and bright. *clap, clap, clap* deep in the heart of Texas!


Those were the days, my friend.


>early 2000's internet culture
It really was the best. I'll forever miss it.

Well I guess this is growing up

it was 11 years ago

Pay for my Obamacare.

In a sense, yes.

Similarly, the spirit of the 80's didn't really die until the mid 90's when videogames became 3D, the arcade disappeared, and the internet arrived in the home.


The good times ended Sept 11, 2001

actually check this out anons, pretty comfy desu

And what was left ended in 2007-08, when the recession began.

Somewhere between the .com bubble and the housing bubble, yeah.

Nothing's been quite right since.

Fuck off with your nostalgia garbage. Life changes all the time and your thread has nothing to do with politics.

Kill yourself.

Yes, it's gone. I was there too but we must move on. Faggots.

>Tfw will never play vanilla wow again for the first time

>you will never discover Newgrounds for the first time.
F2P games killed newgrounds!

Fuck I feel so sad after this thread

I used to spend hours scrolling Encyclopedia Dramtica, laughing my ass off. Hard to believe it's already been six years since girlvinyl fucked it up.

Newgrounds was based.

2001 changed the sense of idealism and optimism, and limped on until the Recession destroyed everything

However I wouldn't get too nostalgic, back then it wasn't that amazing, but not as worse as it is now

>5 topics

nah, the 90s really ended with 9/11, everything went to shit afterwards and has been on a downwards spiral since, maybe the election of Trump is the start of something new, but I know better than getting my hopes up, the last 15 years sure took their toll on me.

> 2010 was 7 years ago

>youtube is removing annotations
fukkireta just isn't the same

>Teen Titans

Does anyone else miss 2000-mid2012 as well?

>most of my childhood/being in school
>actually excited about new releases of vids/software because they actually made them better each year instead of progressively worse like they are now
>we all actually felt optimistic about our future instead of dreading about a economic depression coming
>someone's retarded political agenda or opinion wasn't shoved into absolutely everything although that was starting >there were still games made for the sake of making a good game by people who actually liked making a good game and not just milking money out of shit like micro transactions
>fuck I remember being one of the first people to stumble upon minecraft when it was just a neat project made by some guy and not known as a kiddie autism simulator.

Sure movies tv shows etc were all shit but we didn't care about those.

Nothing will really ever top the summers of '09 '10 and '11 especially in the area I lived. Everything else seemed downhill from there

Muh fukkireta


>June 12, 2008
>This is no longer a spoiler

still better than nothing, atleast it's a place for discussing it

>maybe the election of Trump is the start of something new, but I know better than getting my hopes up, the last 15 years sure took their toll on me.

Im too pessimistic about, considering the situation with so many just refusing to accept or even budge at all, they'd had to be dragged

The left gets lefter and the right gets righter until he hit another conflict in a never-ending cycle

I wonder how much of our memories are rose tinted glasses, and how much is the ache of remembering things long past.

>Hard to believe it's already been six years since girlvinyl fucked it up.
oh man fuck that bitch and her ohinternet bullshit, seriously. can't tell you how annoying it was to wake up one day and fight ed completely gone.
but at least ryan or whoever was there to save the day.

Well the 90s internet culture was still around until 2006-2007 and died around 2010 or so on fortunes.

Mods on forums are so autistic and circle jerk assholes usually. Especially if its a forum where the site admin isn't active and the mods start making up new rules without his permission.

Yeah, but a lot of the pictures were only thumbnails, and it just wasn't the same.

It does feel that way, OP. It seems like 2006-2007 was when the 90s style feelsgoodman shit ended.

2009-2012 was like a transition period and slightly depressing, 2013 it seems like the good times died. I can't pinpoint it and would be TL;DR if I tried kek.

forums are still alive, they just fill a more niche pocket.

I feel like it is most of the time

I mean it wasn't that fantastic, but it was definitely better than whatever shit we've had for the past decade

>Adventure Quest
>Shitting yourself when DragonFable came out but it was total wank

I honestly agree with this.

so many great things about the 90s died in 2006.

either that or it died in 2001 and we just didnt realize it until 2006.

>Popular media shit
Anything of importance?

Were you even old enough to remember life before 9/11?

Not insulting you, it's just this post screams "Nostalgia: The post".

I wouldn't consider anything from the previous decade "feelsgoodman".

Remember when Duke Nukem Forever was just slang for something that took forever to come out?

There was so much awesome shit on the older chan sites, but between 2007 and 2010 they starting panicking and banning JB content even though its legal.

pretty nostalgic shit posted there

>turned out to be a shell of it's former glory and utterly soulless and developed by greedy fucks

I seriously mourn for those who died believing Duke Nukem Forever would deliver

Dragonfable was okay

yea that was a weird time, especially with all the domain changes. it still doesn't feel the same.
now not even the newfags seem to bother with it anymore, it's all about kym and reddit and that other even more cancerous garbage.

90s ended when windows 95 and aol came along

this like this place

Well, it was a good thing that forums died because they became shitholes for the site owner and his circle of butt buddies like said. They did offer more specialized discussion on certain topics, so there is a bit of a loss but some still do exist. On the other hand, the level of intelligence has gone down quite a bit and there is much less effort put into serious discussion.


i remember even those shitty jail bait sites like jbgallery were still around until 2011 or so, it seems like that's when shit started changing once again.

anyone else wish they lived in times they weren't even born?

I always wish I had been around in 1980s Vancouver and wish I could have visited Rhodesia when it was a thing

>google is fucking with youtube more and more and now it looks nothing like it used to do

>2009-2012 was like a transition period and slightly depressing

I feel the same way

>2013 it seems like the good times died

It seemed like during this period was when the counter culture to the liberal, globalis establishment was starting to bloom.

>old YouTube
>old Apple OS design

Why did they have to make all software look the same with the ugly flat paper design?

Yeah me too. Seems like people were more involved with other people in the 80s, and seeing Rhodesia would have been the shit.

I'm also proponent of the 9/11 theory, even amongst the left hipsters who prided themselves on being unaffected. 90s were grunge, 90s ravers and stuff moved to emo kids moved to SJW. The change was all precipitated by 9/11

>the ugly flat paper design

I feel like the only person who thinks it looks pretty good.

Toradora was a nice anime

you're not dude, I fucking love it

I love everything from the early internet

#gamergate killed the internet

I know what you're saying user. I'm 25 so yes I do remember what the Saudis and kikes collaborated and did to us on 9/11, I don't live in Jew York though so they missed me by a long shot.


Nostalgic as fuck, but at the same time we are witnessing new life flow into our world with this far right uprising of young whites across the West.

2006-2016 was fucking horrible and bland and hopeless.

Now there's something new.

My friends and I used to joke the property was aquired by Blizzard and Duke Nukem forever would be released on the same day as Starcraft Ghost as a bundle.

In the states the sites were all legal, but ownes wimped out.

this isn't that old, just a funny thread from 2012

open it with a web browser

It hurts
>google the account that picture is logged into
>only thing updated recently is his sourceforge

To be honest, Sup Forums over the last 2 years is the most addictive, insanely enjoyable thing I'vd ever seen on the net.
We will be nostalgic as FUCK for this place in the future.

Remember when we had to be wary of the JIDF? And ron paul warning us in every thread

I even miss 2014 pol right now, social media is metastized cancer