Reminder that 7 out of 10 americans posting in your threads are overweight

>Reminder that 7 out of 10 americans posting in your threads are overweight

Reminder that we have nukes and you don't.

So? They cost you a fortune to maintain and you don't use them.

Trump doesn't even have the nuclear codes. He was deemed too retarded.

Reminder that you're too pussy to ever use them again.

Extreme obesity otherwise known as Trump voter

>7/10 American's voted for Trump
Day of rake is coming you piece of shit. I've got a whole warehouse filled with assault rakes ready for you.

and you're too pussy to ever use them so stfu hat



>Be burger
>roll off of my double-kingsize bed, slip on my crocs
>bathe in my xtrasize jumbo shower™
>drop my bigmac on the shower, cry
>get down for breakfast on my stairlevator™
>mom made bacon and pancakes, tip mom
>sing the national anthem before eating
>pour half a gallon of high fructose syrup on cardboard tasting pancakes (no maple syrup, ‘cause fuck Canada).
>add 1 ounce of “I can’t believe it’s not butter” because never learned a reasonable standard international unit, so must use ounces like a retarded kid making up measurements
>Go to school, tip teacher
>Sing national Anthem, get frisked for guns before going to class
>1 hours of pep rally for big game, tip cheerleaders
>2 hours of learning about creationism
> 1 hour of being molested by priests
>returns home after being molested
>Hear gunshots
>kid with giant assault rifle going nuts MGMT.mp3
>third time this week
>mental note to tip the teachers extra to make sure they are frisking everybody
>police arrives eating donuts on mobility scooters
> they kill shooter, plus 3 or 4 black kids from the neighborhood
> police officers automatically acquitted, because black kids looked dangerous
>tip cops, sing national anthem while they get their medals

104% of men are fat, 108% of women, Dam good numbers.

Good to know I'm one of the 3

are you retarded nigger?

>go back home, can’t eat tacos ‘cause they are too expensive (we needed that money to build a wall)
>get 4th mortgage on the same house
>watch as housing and credit markets collapse causing worldwide chaos
>buy tacos
>try to play fetch with my dog
>We both have heart attacks
>Get taken to hospital
>doctor is an Indian man, named Suresh
> my father complains Suresh is staling all the jobs
> father tells me that being schooled doesn’t mean being intelligent
> believe him, he is always employee of the month in Walmart
> tip Suresh
>get taken home, tip the ambulance guys
>MFW when 700,000.00 dollars bill arrives.
>Thank God we got rid of Obamacare.
>try to watch the news, but president Trump prohibited the news to transmit news
>end up watching 3 hours of Keeping up with the Kardashians
>next day go back to school
>have a surprise test on my American culture class!
>mfw the test is all about the Kardashians
> Ace test
>go back home
>make a thread praising Trump on Sup Forums
>get shot by nigger burglar

>Can't poop in toilet
>Smell bad
>be irrelevant third world country despite having a massive population

Didn't even read your post

I got a new job where I get a train to work in the city. So many fat people taking up multiple chairs with their fat fucking arse, I hate fat people, I go to the gym and get fit and in shape after work, I eat healthy enough to be 83kg and I am 6ft2 I can't stand seeing people with no discipline what so ever just fuck it up so badly that it effects my national insurance And my comfort. Such fat and disproportionate pigs at my office, they can't even control their own body and they are full of idealistic opinions


My sides

We don't have nukes you fucking moron. You're below us because you're our bitch.

Jesus. That average sized American is disgusting.

That dog has seen some shit...

>How many potatoes do you need to kill a Irish?

The posts who finished the USA

I live in a pretty small city. I think myself, my father and my step father are the only three men in this entire city aside from other guys my age (21) that can move without knocking over a bus.

Americans are gross and lazy.

>reminder that 10/10 Italians posting in your threads are greasy dagos