I'll just leave this here

i'll just leave this here

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what policy did jo cox try to inplement that could hurt your market?

I'm not sure you understand how the ForEx market works, OP.

Very good question

you know or just fishing for cheap yous?

He's being ironic, as in her death caused a surge in the FTSE100 and the pound which meant that (((they))) thought they had it in the bag after her murder.

Yeah I do

It wasn't what she was fishing for, but what her death could be used for.

And what her death could be, and was, used for, was propoganda to try and convince brits not to vote for brexit. It's pretty fucking patently obvious that the big money in the world is running contrary to what the people actually want. This is going to cause serious issues.

If the first chart is GBP:EUR, it's because GBP hit all its forecasts perfectly somehow on 6/16 and the Euro's current account beat expectations 36.2 bil (only 24.7 bil was expected) the following day.

Thus, the Euro's value jumped a lot more than the Pound on 6/17.


Also, forgot to mention that the GBP had a decent day on 6/16 because all the monetary policy stuck/was as expected and the market likes predictability.

>i dont think you understand forex op

It's GBP/USD lmao you okay?

Bullshit. Just some idiots betting on Stay because an unimportant ugly bitch got killed and whales dumping on them for reason. Just speculations on news, hope and stupid money

What the fuck is this graph?

So after her death, the market rose because of sympathy, and a perceived picture of brexit not winning? This is a fucking amazing climb in the market btw. If trump was iced and the market rose I'd be overcome with excitement and wealth.

You should really specify that, or your graphs don't mean much.

Please post the GBP:EUR chart for those two days, please. I'm going to look into what gold and other major currencies did those days.

Also euro didn't jump more on 17th, bro I honestly think you need to go back to the charts before you post again.

eur 17th open @ 1.12703
eur 17th close @ 1.12750

You're trolling me right?


Sorry but I didn't think I had to, you're talking like you know stuff but you thought EUR/USD was 1.499 and the last time it was anywhere near that was more than 6 years ago..

I don't think you understand how forex works XD

Absolutely nothing to see here, user. Knowledge beforehand of the Jo Cox murder and the Euro Current Account numbers couldn't have possibly netted someone like George Soros millions. I'm feeling sleepy now, aren't you? Shouldn't you be getting to sleep? You're sounding paranoid. take a Xanax and log-off Sup Forums for a while. I am tired. I must sleep.

>matching up lines that look similar

Yeah that really applies to the murder of a MP 1 week before the referendum who campaigned for remain causing a nationwide shitstorm and subsequent surge in markets with billions being placed on remain winning.

Interesting site though.

>billions being placed on remain winning.

How do you explain the sell-off the following day?

People expected a backlash against brexiters


The graph is the kikes of the financial markets collectively screaming oy vey.