So pol why have you turned your backs against everyone you used to love?

So pol why have you turned your backs against everyone you used to love?

>Paul Joseph Watson: redneck English faggot
>Lauren Southren: nigger whore mudshark
>Richard Spencer: Jewish shill
>Stefan molyneux: egomaniac cult leader
>milo yiannopoulos: degenerate
>mark cernovich: Jew race traitor
>Alex Jones: nigger Jewish lover
>Sam Hyde: Fat self destructing loser
>Tomi Lahren: baby killing nigger whore

What happened?

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Well, Sup Forums isn't one person
and what you're describing is a purity spiral in the alt right.

Divide and conquer works user, everyone is shocked most of all the Jews as they have only been using it for 2000 years+.

Great shock

It's not like most of these lads exploited the demand for the things they offered and got rich of it.

Do you seriously think it was about the message?

Sup Forums only really turns their back on anyone who deliberately avoids or argues against the JQ.

>Paul Joseph Watson: faggot
>Lauren Southren: coal burner opportunist
>Richard Spencer: edgy faggot opportunist
>Stefan molyneux: got btfo in 2014
>milo yiannopoulos: faggot kike opportunist
>mark cernovich: his voice; sucked off a tranny
>Alex Jones: for every prediction he gets right he gets 1000 wrong
>Sam Hyde: 31 year old edgy fag opportunist
>Tomi Lahren: literally who?



The only guy on your list I like is AJ. Fuck the rest.



if you're gonna poast poast the awoo one

>hurr durr why do you pay attention to people who don't think exactly like you
gtfo faggot
>saged and hidden


Not Jared Taylor. Never.

Sup Forums has not turned on anyone, the leftypol reddit shills are just pretending to be Sup Forums desu

>Paul Joseph Watson
He is not that bad, he just speaks funny.

because shareblue is actually pretty good at shilling since they're not volunteers like CTR

Him, George Lincoln Rockwell, William Luther Pierce, Bill Cooper.

They are some of the Untouchables, to me.

E. Michael Jones
Kevin MacDonald

The two gents above rank only below Kek, Trump, Bannon, Ron Paul, and Pepe.

Honorable Mention

Greg Johnson
Texe Mares
Pat Buchanan
Ann Coulter
Tucker Carlson (normie pledge)
James Woods

It's literally this. Stormfags insist on dividing everyone along these lines because they literally ARE controlled opposition. They know the JQ isn't even close to ready for prime time and that even being associated with it is effortlessly and magnificently credibility/momentum/career/reputation destroying.

Know this, where there is pressure to *openly* espouse antisemitic views, infiltrators are nearby.

>So pol why have you turned your backs against everyone you used to love?

>turned your back on
They were never with us. We can't turn our back on people. We are not a political activist group. Now fuck off shill.
Only retarded newfags, shills and nu/pol/ are into this whole interweb celebrity bullshit.

I really really really wish you faggots would leave this board. I can't spend more than 10 minutes on here without wanting to blow my brains out from all the reddit tier garbage. STOP POSTING.

Once something is loved by the outside world Sup Forums starts hating it due to contrarianism.

If it wasn't for all these triggered libtards Sup Forums would've already turned on drumpf.

I never loved anyonenon the Internet.

THIS is todays knowledge bomb.

Mic drop.


Kek. Well played, Paul.


I really wish reddit would leave already. They've already ruined this place more than it has ever been ruined before.
Stop fawning over faggts because they are anti feminists. Everybody and their mother is anti feminist these days. If they think that women should be allowed to vote they are simply retarded liberals looking at the extreme left and laughing at how stupid they are all the while being just as backwards and retarded in their own stances.

Face it: Jared it right, we cannot exlude Jews, Jews are white. Also, we will always have Ben Shapiro and Gavin, right?

We cannot exclude Jews, not merely because they are White but because it will be easily a hundred years before its ok to name them AND when they are with you, they make formidable allies. They almost always win. Its what they do. They have the long view.

>what I say is the exact consensus of Sup Forums

Sup Forums is not one person.

Gotta agree with this, we can't go halfway we need to do this the right way

Well honestly as a Christian I don't dislike Jews at all. I dislike Zionists, but not Judaism or Jews. I do think they're right. Honestly, I'm not even a white supremacist; I don't think non-whites are inferior, but WG is real I think we do need to stop whites from dying out.

>Paul Joseph Watson: meh he's ok
>Lauren Southren: meh he's ok
>Richard Spencer: loser
>Stefan molyneux: meh he's ok
>milo yiannopoulos: meh he's ok
>mark cernovich: meh he's ok
>Alex Jones: meh he's ok
>Sam Hyde: based
>Tomi Lahren: loser

Ashley come back.

I think it's the opposite.

Shills are attempting to turn Sup Forums against anti-Leftist personalities, and people are too stupid to realize it.


let us settle this:

many kekels to u mate
i feel like we could make pjw into a meme if we tried hard enough

I haven't that's just a leftshit smear campaign.


Sup Forums has always largely been composed of contrarians. Now that Trump is president and the Alt-Right is in the mainstream, Sup Forums will slowly reject it.

Mark my words, by the end of Trump's presidency, Sup Forums will be against the alt-right altogether.

nothing happened, you're on the side of the pieces of shit
where the hell do you think you are right now, this is the meeting place for human filth and garbage

not my fault you're too short sighted to see the value of e-celebs just because you're a dinosaur.

>millenial conservashit movement crumbling
and nothing of value will be lost

Their actions happened.
Here are some examples from the top of my head.

Richard Spencer let himself get used by the MSM to discredit every Trump voter/supporter and hasn't recovered.
Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich responded by denouncing the movement they rode on, and are still appealing to and making content for in an act of pure hypocrisy.
Stefan Molyneux claims to be a philosopher and claims to have the world's largest philosophic conversation, yet resorts to tyranny and drops every reasonable debate convention as soon as a caller asks him why he doesn't use a specific technique. Hypocrite.
Milo has always ridden off the same movement in a way that contrasts with his persona. Redpilled homosexual jew? Doesn't blend well.
Alex Jones is always criticised for avoiding the JQ (for the right reasons to be fair) and promoting civic nationalism at a time where the dominant idea in the free market that Sup Forums is, is ethno-nationalism. Again, doesn't blend.
Sam Hyde is a living meme.
Tomi Lahren I have no idea why people would resent her, but then I've never seen or heard her so I really don't know.

Lauren Southern seems to get additional scrutiny because she's a girl, and she used to be libertarian. Calls herself conservative now if I'm not mistaken.

Alex jones just repeats the same old bullshit and is sucking trumps dik when trumps a globalist shill as well