>people still watch porn

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I don't , but that guy isn't the reason why.
Porn is fucking disgusting

It all depends on what porn you watch


>not watching porn

What has Varg against porn?
Also he should stop obsessing with this stuff and start doing good music again.

>No subarmalis


>subjecting your mind to the pornographic jew

>tfw 3 weeks until I'm 1 year pornfree

Thanks Varg

How the fuck do I stop watching porn? Teach me


I do not know how but the interest comes from excitement, try to find another form of primitive drive, like hunting, extrem sports.

no fap is a meme though


I think it came from reddit

Just stop, and if you can't stop, you must admit you have an addiction, which requires a totally different strategy.

Are you addicted?

Pic unrelated

No porn is legit though

Posting rare Varg content

How can I quit watching porn please

Speak for yourself

Turn your computer off.

What's it to you ?

Real porn is garbage. There's a difference between those who make love to be close as pornography promotes degeneraacy and lose contact with god. Don't play with your dick.

nigga just don't look at the screen hahahaha

Rate my porn folder. Am I redpilled, pol?

i am probably addicted, been trying to quit for a while, it is getting better though

no one said you can't fap, just imagination fap

Addiction is bad. Not all images can be pornography, but giving in to temptation is a sin.

hello puerto rican brothern, how is it going amigo?

yes that's why i am going to stop doing it, i have failed a few times at quitting but it is still an improvement

downloads shit you can find on YP or PH easy
like why

replace it with a drug addiction and you wont have to worry about porn addiction any time soon!

I jacked off to a Penelope Cruz sex scene last night when I was watching a movie , does that count as porn?


>stop watching porn
>makes an ASMR (porn) video

What did Varg meme by this?

are you white? please don't say you are white and obsessed with bbc/blacked porn, that is the fucking worst

I can save more time by just having a folder. Also, with better qualities.


Seriously pol shitposters made me addicted to Blacked porn.. I'm a white male as well.

NOOOOOOOO you have to fucking stop please!

it kinda happened to me which disgusted me, so i stopped, now i'm trying to stop watching porn all together

Yes I am

See this
I saw it spammed so much I watched it, now I'm completely addicted, it's the only thing I can watch now

Life's good. There haven't been any crimes or murders in the island since friday 2am.
Some people are attributing it to the fact that we're winning every baseball game, so everyone is celebrating and in a good mood.
Let's see how long it lasts

lol is it the WBC or something? my dad was just on the island recently, what part are you in?

fuck man that happened to me as well, just stop doing it then try to stop porn entirely, trust me it helps your life in general a lot


Dude, how can that nigger shit not repulse you? It literally makes me gag.

Yeah, we're currently 7-0 if I'm not mistaken. The only other team without a loss is Japan, and we're up against them next time. Should be a good time, parties every game game night around here.

i bet Puerto Rico beats the japs asses.

Varg is a leftist and batshit crazy and his posters are almost as cancerous as shareblue shills.

damn i remember PR mercy ruled the US one time, they have always been good at baseball

maybe they should just have it year round to decrease the murder rate

what part of PR are you in?