Why should we preserve culture?

What's the point? It only brings trouble when there's different cultures. Why would forced assimiliation to another culture not be a good thing?

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>Why would forced assimiliation to another culture not be a good thing?

fucking gas yourself after you have explained why.
also sage

>nihilistic twelve-year-olds

We were all where you are right now. It literally is a phase, you will find something to fight for if you actively search for it.
Starting to do the latter is called growing up.
Failing to do that is called being a fucking manchild.
The choice is yours.

But i'm serious here. If we all have the same culture there will be no war, or at least much less. Don't you see the benefits ?
And before you say that it would be a boring world, isn't that the same as living in a homogenous country, but bigger ?

fuck off you thick cunt.
sick off these fucking shills and children.

Maybe you could come up with a counterargument ? So far you are acting like a child, not me.

Im not going to explain shit to a cretin like you.
ill provide you a link to a video if your are genuinely interested?

i lost interest in you when I realised you were an idiot desu. not my fault

that statement itself is very French

thats what i though.

see you at the gas chamber, user

Then link it


just kys, stupid frog - we both no you are not here to learn.
dont post here again

Culture isn't worth preserving. It changes all the time anyway. Race is everything. Literally takes thousands of years to develop, and once it's gone, it's gone.

you only need to preserve because you can't advance/create new , better one

it's a sign of decline

>wanting the eternal anglo to win.

I didn't come here to shitpost, what I posted is exactly what I'm thinking right now.
I'm genuinely interested in why you think we should preserve culture, otherwise i would not have made this thread

bull shit.

no one comes to Sup Forums with the
>"If we all have the same culture there will be no war" meme
and dosent leave bruised and upset.

if your genuine then I apologise but I highly fucking doubt that you are. no one is that stupid/new


listen closely to what he says.
its not rocket science and if you dont like this guy there are thousands of others saying the same thing.

It should have been obvious

I'm not new, I've just come to this conclusion. If you think i'm wrong then explain why ffs

>flag that violently destroyed all local cultures within itself argues for destruction and assimilation of cultures

you are wring because you are pushing a man made narrative for a start.

who honestly has the right on this earth to decide which cultures and races push forward and which die?

who will intervene in wars if we are all under one banner? who's watching who's back?

who thinks its a good idea to make the best of us as bad as the worst in aid if multiculturalism?

who thinks its a good idea to centralise power into an even smaller pocket of corruption?

why would you want to destroy TRUE diversity in the name of FAKE diversity?

I could go on all evening.
you better watch that video user or ill make you watch it.

Why are you so ashamed of your very own culture that you would see it eradicated from this earth?

Why do you consider other cultures to be superior to your own?

Appeasement never sates the appetite of the barbarians at the door user. A Frenchmen of all people should understand this. How many times was Paris sacked, how many times did your king pay them to go away only for them to come back again and again to sack your capitol?

how does Islam for example work under your one world utopia?
does it survive, die or dominate?

well that was an instructive video. I don't have much to say now

Nihilists are so fucking stupid seriously.


Here, idiot.

That's not nihilism it's beta, cuck, Underman-ism


So we should assimilate everyone into a western culture (or hybridize them).

good lad.
sorry i was so rude but i have been fighting shills all day and they blur into one after a while.

Globalism is not your friend user,
but we are.
good luck, bro

I like this picture. I mean I really really like it.

Because culture is how we spread knowledge and wisdom learned by those who came before us.

Sort of that whole "those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it," applied on a societal or national level.

Is it relevant that a high school student in America learns about Aristotle, JFK, or Chaucer? No. But learning about these things will make him understand the world around him a lot better.

If we forgive teaching our own culture in favor of "multiculturalism," we run the risk of unattached youths who can easily feel out of place and be easily manipulated. They may feel disenfranchised and unconnected to their own society. And it makes them easier prey to a culture with much stronger convictions and camaraderie.

Literally look at what is happening with Islam and Christianity right now. We stop teaching kids "trivial" things like Archimedes' Screw in 4th grade and replace it with things like cultural sensitivity, and now they want to welcome the apocalypse with open arms.

It's a bad thing.

Why it doesn't surprise me to see a French flag there?

>If we all have the same culture there will be no war
Maybe in some fantasy world but in the real world one culture will always prevail and assimilate the other. If you don't like your culture feel free to leave.

no problem
and thanks

>But i'm serious here. If we all have the same culture there will be no war, or at least much less

Unlikely. If we all were the same culture war will be due to different hair colors, or some other bullshit like that. War is in the human condition to stay, we are territorial and predators, live with it.

If he could he would not be British.

If you want an honest answer, culture is what separates us with animals with no reason, it is what forms us and we modify it when different conditions come, culture is everything, it is the reasoning we apply to our animal impulses, and the way said reasoning is shaped by the way our ancestors lived, weather and so on and so forth.

Culture is our treasure, probably the only that is worth passing to our children, and getting rid of it will not have the effect you think it will.

I mean it, I'm sorry for being a cunt.
glad you are /ourguy/ now or atleast on the way.

globalism is doomed- be a part of that.
you will technically/literally be saving the world m8

bro chill ... hes good now.

saw some Styx666 and woke the fuck up.
rare as fuck on Sup Forums
be happy