Why do I hate niggers this much?

For some reason I get incredibly furious when I see a white woman with a black man. Someone posted a picture of blacked and I wanted to murder someone. What do I do?

come hangout with me lol you'll love niggas

You murder someone of course

Why do you say that?


I'm not a nigger, i'm brown. I bet if u hanged out with me u would love non-whites. We could pick some whites together

Idk most of my friends are white supremacist actually oddly enough.

I'm sure the kikes will love that. I want to be clever and outsmart them.

Go watch Asians fucking black chicks. Helps me every time.

So you're not white?
The two niggers I hate the most are the ones that date mudsharks and the ones that live in my homeland. You don't deserve to be there, I'm not German but the same rule applies to all of Europe. Your people fucked up my once white country and turned it into Africa proper. You deserve no less than to live in this shit while I live in a country my ancestors built.

Be honest do you get pussy? I'm not gonna mock you if you don't. That might be part of the issue.

I'll try this.

Probably bc in South Africa you see niggers in their purest form with little to no white man factors.
African niggers are the purest form of nigger.
>No technology
>albino genocide
>no infrastructure

Here in America we even out the nigger to science ratio with concrete and steel bars.

This is earth I'm gonna live where ever I want. You choose to live in Africa so you live there

Just accept the fact White women belong to Big Black Cocks

No, I don't. I'm not ashamed of saying it either.

Now I'm going to cross the line.

because everyone does. in a few simple words, the vast majority are stupid and animalistic. and you will never like them. liberals dislike them too, they have no true respect for them, but they express it through pity. its all the same.

That's probably the root problem then. Why don't you? You don't try?

You are jealous.

>Chose to live here
My ancestors came here 400 years ago and brought civilisation. Now your cousins are tearing it apart.
Day of the goddamm rope, motherfucking when?


No, I don't try at all. Mayne you're right and the root of my bitterness isn't ideological but psychological; loneliness.

Hang yourself.

Why don't you try then? You play video games?

I can agree that they are mostly this way. We can confirm this further by noting that the ones who don't act like the majority are seen as being white in black skin. I still want to murder a kaffer when I see them with a white woman.

No I don't really like video games. I don't try because I don't see the point in trying.


The black guy is 10x better looking than the girl. She got lucky (srs)

Why don't you see a point in trying?

Nice b8

>South Africa
Aren't race relations in your country really, really shitty?

Again, the black guy is better looking than the girl. I'm a female so I'm not even try to trigger you.

Men don't know how to judge other men. So often I see you pathetic losers crying over some non-white with a white woman, and calling the man ugly, and yet the man is so often better looking than the woman...

Don't know. Are you black, by the way?

Yeah I'm black or "colored" as you say

Makes your country look like everyone loves each other. So yes. Our deputy minister of higher education just got under fire for saying white people should be buried alive.
>The deputy minister of higher education.

I dont wanna be THAT guy but where you get the gif? Who is she?

I cool down by beating up niggers. I'm a black belt in a martial art and started to lift, and am almost 6'3 so most niggers can't compete.

You can castrate someone with a strong enough strike. I enjoy the nigger screaming in pain as I run away like a thieving nigger to avoid getting caught.

Well in south Africa a colored is someone who has mixed ethnicity. Black and white. There is a fuck load of them, an entire race, actually. The dutch were such degenerates they spawned a new race with the natives. Glad I'm mostly English.

i grew up in florida where there are alot of hispanics and even they were racist. ignorant people will use their lighter skin to feel superior to black.

I just use history to feel superior to darker skinned people.

Just stop dude it won't help you in the long run.

I'm hispanic, but ignorance is not even close to being my weapon of choice. I hate spics too. Especially here in Texas. You are in the USA, actually learn English you dumb fucks


I do it subtlety. Too subtle for nignogs to realise.

Fuck off to /r/ if you want BLACKED porn you retard


gtfo nigger lover


This really made may day.

why does it bother you when people speak their native language

Blacked is run by Jews

I'm probably just going to stick to hentai and live with my grandparents until I inevitably commit suicide.

Its not the first generation that bothers me. Its when the second generation uses it at home AND at school. My grandparents(first generation) had to work very hard to learn english, and they passed it all the way down to me.

literally made for black men

cmon stop

Stop what?

thats just an ugly nigger with an even uglier white piece of trash. try again

You need professional help, its not normal to get murderously angry when you a see a black man and a white woman you don't know walking down the street.

Get the help before you do something you will regret and lose your freedom

>For some reason I get incredibly furious when I see a white woman with a black man.
It means you're a human. You will one day have a beautiful wife and white children. Those who do not react the way you do, will be alone. We're called "racist pieces of shit" for now, but we're the only ones standing between civilization and jungle.

You're right.


Just go back to plebbit. Niggers are a scourge upon our society. The sooner you accept it, the better.


>Again, the black guy is better looking than the girl. I'm a female so I'm not even try to trigger you.
If women really think that way, maybe we should restart controlling you better. You're obviously not capable to choose your own mates.

acquire a firearm preferably a FAL, go to cape town, shoot niggers.

You might be right. I thought I should listen to that American poster and seek professional help, I probably should just go for anger management, but I still hate them.

Thanks user for reminding me what we're fighting for.

Do you think mudsharks deserve to be shunned? I think they are disgusting and degenerates, but we can't act like the niggers we hate.
I think re-education and a second chance could help, until they it again, then it's the rope. So they get one pass, unless it gets out of hand then all mudsharks are shot on sight.

It's easy to start doubting yourself when your opinions are bashed from all directions 24/7. You'd be mad if you didn't have doubts. But if you really study what blacks have managed to do in the last 100 00 years, what they have managed to do in western countries, and what Africa looks like without whites, you'll realize that all your anger is justified. They are a different species, and you'd be a dead end of evolution if you didn't feel disgust at them stealing even the worst of your women.

Well.. They disgust me to no end, but I can't support killing them. My own sister is one, and I still love her. Now she's of course a single mother with a badly healed broken jaw. It's so stereotypical that it's not even funny. I really don't know what should be done with her and people like her though. She's a die hard leftist and refuses to believe races are real.

I definitely know what they have, or rather haven't, done since evem the Neolithic period. I know my anger is justified when I look around me and all I see is niggers using white inventions. Clothes, cars, electricity, government etc. Then they try to tell us that we are bad. I fucking hate liberals good god I despise the pieces of shit.

I'm sorry that happened to her. It feels like having a child that is addicted to drugs. You love the child and don't want to harm them but you know you have to do something bad to them now so they can be better later.

If that's their preference then perhaps they should've stayed in their native countries.