If black people are inferior, how are they becoming doctors? lol

If black people are inferior, how are they becoming doctors? lol

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You could just ask for the information directly you know.
>medical chart
>telling that a person is racist
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Outliers are a thing.


Why are supposedly liberal colleges discriminate Asians more than Whites?

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doctors farm the organs for occult rituals and feed them to the reptile elite.

During their times not shoving their BBCs down white women, Blacks want to help cure people or see what's wrong with them.

affirmative action

blacks, hispanics, and native indians just have to score like an average asian does and then they are accepted to all ivies

meanwhile, whites and asians have to have perfect SAT scores, perfect GPAs, be heads of clubs, do volunteer work, etc.

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hint 2: highly susceptible to delousing agents


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when did this kind of logic became so smug and antihuman? our parents had the "black doctor curing a kkk member" meme and now we have this.

They're still inferior in that case because they have a massive inferiority complex which makes them unpleasant company

but it do

Its all about representation based on Gaussian distributions. There are far more asian doctors than is proportional to their population so its harder for them to get in. Same reason why its easier for women to get into medical school and Men to get into Nursing or early childhood education. This would be all well and good if it didnt rely on the fact that people have different interests, strengths, and weaknesses and assuming that everyone does and attempting to force the outcome around this assumption doesnt make any logical sense.

A/ stop larping.
B/ put the stethoscope down.
C/ finish painting the wall.