Transgender Wins Women weightlifting championship.

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that's just a guy

Literally leaving humanity behind

>tfw patriarchy wins again

>transgender athletes continue to grow in number
>will inevitably excel in most, if not all womens' sports
>pretty soon, the majority of top female athletes will all have been born men

Pottery. Sheer pottery.

this is a good thing

once trannies start dominating in womens sports because of muh acceptance and equality, we might finally see some pushback on this shit

>be mediocre athlete
>can't compete against men
>oh what the hell
>become tranny
>join women sports
>win gold trophy and mountain of cash
>womenz can't do shit about it


He snatched 123 with mediocre technique at the age of 39. That's borderline elite. It's fucking unfair.

>in home footage


This is literally one way to win against feminism without any recourse

Good for him

It happened in Texas, too. Tranny wrestler beat a bunch of girls and parents are pissed.

Is this "woman" even on HRT?

Regular women either have to compete with mtf's or roided out ftm's who aren't allowed to compete with men. I almost feel sorry for female combat sports athletes.

This needs to continue to be a thing, let all the transgender women win the women's accolades and then say that men are better at being women than women are

>trannies are more depressed than most people
>trend of trannies joining sports increases because they feel like they're finally winning at something
>eventually women's sports become all trans women
>no trans men joining men's sports
>social justice warriors call trans men sexist
>no more argument that sex is not a social construct

I say let it play out.

Lets make it a thing. Have former male champions become women and dominate their divisions.

>once trannies start dominating in womens sports because of muh acceptance and equality, we might finally see some pushback on this shit

That would be royal. Micheal Jordan joins WNBA. KeK please

Turn Shaq into Shanequia

Someone post the greentext about being a trannie wrestler and poking women with your feminine penis

Yeah it's going to be especially bad in stuff like MMA where it's basically bloodsport. Maybe someone will stand up and say "okay, maybe we need to rethink things" when a mtf athlete leaves a female opponent shockingly massacred.

Sal Bundy

imagine seeing a tranny on a Wheaties box
i would lose my appetite

Will feminists ever recover?

Wtf is that?

Obviously not a female

This. Once real women have been driven out of these sports people might actually wake up.

rip female sports divisions
you will be missed only, during the olympics

This is literally the best type of """diversity"""". Let women get all that extra testosterone and make them manly so everyone else in the female competitions get rekt. Even fake men are better than real women.

>women from eastern countries compete in women's sports
>are pumped full of steroids
>barely resemble female

>men from western countries compete in women's sports
>are full of mental illnesses
>barely resemble female

That's some seriously dedicated trolling, I have to say.

>2024 olympics
>all women winners are mtf trannies
>2028 olympics, people compete in 3 groups, male female tranny


Maybe transgendered people need to submit to hormone testing. It would sort of be a handicap, but let's face it. Men's physiology is going to dominate regardless.

In other news: why do liberals claim 'muh science' when it comes to things like global warming but fail to do it with something as simple as the physical difference between men and women?

Couldn't FtM trannies have an edge over men too?

A man competing honestly competes with the testosterone levels god gave him. A FtM gets those hormones from a doctor and can take the absolute maximum that they'd still be allowed to compete with, plus a suite of other hormones. Essentially every FtM has the potential to be on gear supervised by an endocrinologist, and all the pros will be.

Will we see a new era of tranny athletes, simply because anyone not willing to change their gender will be able to compete?

The shit cherry on top of this shit sundae is this: The athlete in question is 39 years old... 39. That's not just considered 'a little past your prime' in the world of Oly weightlifting, that's considered dinosaur... unable to compete... hang it up, it's over... you're done, time to go coach. Most athletes competing at an international level in Oly lifting retire around their mid late 20s, at the latest in their early 30s. Yet someone who is almost 40 is breaking national records by 15kgs, and you seriously think this kind of stuff is par for the course?

The only women supporting this don't do any sport outside of snackbar squats and figure shaking.


>not Shaqueela
son i am disappoint

Very no. Just look at the fucking chasm between male and female results in a performance sport like olympic weightlifting, especially higher weight classes.

Some reasons for hell no, dumbass:
>men having 50% bigger lungs, more red blood cells, a bigger, stronger heart
>denser, stronger bone, sinew and skin
>ergonomically sound hips, more effective locomotion (women have 5-7 times higher risk of ACL tears in soccer)
>bigger in every way
>wider shoulders, more force

Women on steroids are miles behind men competing natty. It's a much bigger difference than men vs doped men is.

If gender has no meaning why can't men identify as hypermen who require double testosterone?

>Couldn't FtM trannies have an edge over men too?

In the United States, at least, there are regulations in place concerning the therapeutic use of testosterone, mostly because it is occasionally prescribed to actual male athletes to treat conditions not related to their soul's penis or whatever the fuck.

In order to obtain a therapeutic use exception, a tranny would have to prove that their testosterone levels are in the normal range for a natural male of comparable fitness.

Also, what Sven said.

They created this monster