This woman seems to think Donald Trump is going to resign

Donald Trump will resign 'soon', says top Democrat Dianne Feinstein

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Jews think they are superior.

bernie still has a chance! DONATE NOW!

she is off her rocker

Jewish Umbridge can shut the fuck up any time now. Nobody's buying it, they're ruined, and there's nothing they can say to save face.

what she said is "I think he will get himself out" which probably means she thinks he will screw up badly and get impeached.

I don't think anyone could expect him to resign without a fight, that's insane.

She seemed to think his name was George Bush not too long ago. She's a clown

I follow politics, but I'll admit I don't know every single congressmen or senator.

It's weird how suddenly someone not in the mainstream suddenly becomes famous just because they make some outrages statement.

Is politics basically like Hollywood?

Are politicians just trying to be famous?

I hate that woman, I live in here godforsaken state

How does a senile +80-year-old keep getting re-elected

Whats with the purple theme. Is that to symbolize sour grapes?

She needs to die already. I have a bottle of champagne waiting

Every time there's some movement to fuck with individual freedom or some other left wing shit in the US, I've seen this dried up wrinkley hag pushing for it.

Pretty much. No one knew who Bernie was until he came up and started screaming about free shit.

It is Soros trying the same color rebellion shit that he uses in SE asia.

You can't be off something you never had.

Besides she's just playing to her braindead California base so she can continue to take them for everything she thinks she can get away with by using her political influence to get various contracts for her husband

Still in bargaining stage. KEK.

Lefties are children.

Every jew needs to be brutally murdered.


I thought she was running in CA where they'd vote for a literal pile of dogshit if it ran as a democrat.


What a creepy ghoul.

why do kikes look like reptillians??????????????? is it because they are all soulless pedophile cannibals?

You answered your own question.

>It's weird how suddenly someone not in the mainstream
This babe has been repeatedly in the forefront of news with some of the outrageous shit she's done especially if you're into firearms and the politics around them you should immediately know who she is.

She wrote the original Clinton era assault weapons ban and was at the forefront after Sandy vag using dead kids to push her newer much more restrictive pre written antigun bills.

She was also pushing for backdoors in cryptography.

thats gotta be a fucking reptile man...

She does, that's how she wins, guilty whites and illegals. Perfect combo. She has also stated she would take every gun in the country if she could get the votes. What she won't tell you is that entails a real civil war or at the least police will have to have millions of shootouts with people not complying to her nonsense.
Also look at her last name

Digits say soon

Take the lifeforce of this hag


> A top Democrat.
Tallest of the little people.
Smartest of the retarded.
Richest of the poor.

She looks like Rockefeller

Here is how Bernie can still win.
Pls donate.

>no joker edit yet

If I didn't have as good of a life in Australia and I was down and out in America I would gladly get myself shot by secret service or whatever to blow 308 rounds right through her skull.

Hahaahahaha wtf how is that a human

Best part? The fucking bitch has a ccw.

Well, of course she does. Contraty to all the stupid cattle around her her life is actually worth something and needs to be protected!

>Dianne Feinstein

I hate this smarmy Jewess

M8, this old witch has been doing nutty shit since before most of Sup Forums was born.

Before Sup Forums even.
She helped get the original assault weapons ban

That was after someone tried to blow up her home. Can't imagine why anyone would want to do that.

>Jew says things

Daily reminder Feinstein was apparently the one that found 'ol Harvey Milk after he was shot; and since then, she's been waging a personal crusade against guns

She should kill herself.

thx /pol

this skeleton scares the shit out of me!

I just know a litte about

Could we have some background for non us autists please?

>Before Sup Forums even.
Either this is a funny crack at the average Sup Forumsack or you genuinely think everyone is underaged.

Wew. I already have you but you're still pretty rare for me.

God I hate this fucking old kike bitch

Who the fuck keeps voting for her, it doesn't even matter that she isn't running anymore, she got her crony lined up for the job

I'm getting sick of people attacking trump. Could you fucking shills do something else? I came here to laugh not to deal with this shit.


Like Joan Rivers (RIP), Feinstein is a Jewess made of more plastic polymers than actual human tissue, so calling it a "woman" is pretty much a disservice to females everywhere.

That, and she knows her days are numbered, she's going to be out in 2018, so she's doing what all retarded leftists do, which is double down on a bad bet over and over again.

M8 I'm a 23 Califag, this bitch has literally been in office longer than I've been alive, her and Barbara boxer

She helped pass the assault weapons ban in the 90's and said "if I could have gotten the 60 votes necessary in the senate for a complete gun ban I would have! Mr and Mrs. America turn them all in" look it up on YouTube. She's easily the worst democrat in the country

FYI Barbara boxer is out, fucking Harris replaced her

>a new generation anti-gun liberal hack


nigger, that's a Homunculus meat suit used to house a Saturnian, Jewish-Archon Lizard Demon Servitor spirit summoned up from the deepest tunnels of the Qlipoth.

Just so you know...

I sure hope she's afraid that Trump is going to bring her down for passing information to Israel.


From Wikipedia:
>Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein (/╦łfaJnstaJn/; born Dianne Emiel Goldman;[1] June 22, 1933) is the senior United States Senator from California. A member of the Democratic Party, she has served in the Senate since 1992. She also served as the 38th Mayor of San Francisco from 1978 to 1988.

Her Hands are Reptilian as Fuck

Thats one suicide squad lookin hag right there

Yes, why is this relevant? I know who Feinstein is.

We need terms on senate.

Did you read the post you responded to, or did you just not know Sup Forums was created in 2003?

Why the FUCK did the Republicans agree to hearings on this fake, no-evidence issue of supposed Russian collusion with Trump??

What a tactical blunder.

Democrats would never have agreed to such a hearing were the shoe on the other foot.

All it has done is, predictably, slow Trump's momentum, and give Democrats a very large platform to continue spouting their insane theory.

The GOPe, once again, shoot themselves in the foot.

Jones discusses this and other issues in an interesting interview with David Horowitz (who "names the Jew," btw), that would have been better if Alex didn't keep interrupting Horowitz when he was in the middle of making a point.

That purple suit made her look like the Joker out of the corner of my eye.

Did you read the post he was responding to? It goes without saying that it was before Sup Forums.

Has she ever been right about anything in her life?

You now realize that this woman is 15 years older than Trump and still won't fucking die

(((Donations))) don't come unless there is some kind of optimism for your (((cause))).

Don't be stupid. Trump is going to be the President for 4 possibly 8 years.

Notice how Republicans have been killing fundraising lately? They have to keep up somehow. False hope is the only way.

She looks like a fucking lizard

I did. His post made sense; yours didn't.
His post implied that Feinstein was a senator before Sup Forums was created, then you implied that he was implying something about Sup Forumsacks being underageb&.

I said Feinstein was in politics before most of Sup Forums was born, which I certainly hope most of Sup Forums was born before Sup Forums was created.

>the independent
same paper that lauded bin laden as a hero

>1 post by this id

>ctrl+f hands
>1 match

Only one other person has noticed how foul those hands are?

Yeah. Trump isn't going to go unless they drag him out kicking and screaming.

Delusional rhetoric of a doddering fool who knows their political party is at an end. A desperate, last ditch effort to peacock, brow beat, guilt, and shame someone whom is obviously stronger and superior, into submitting to the will of impotent, cuckolded, obsolete relics of a dying age.

You're finished. Bow out with what little is left of your dignity, you fucking stooges.


so much this

it's over

>Donald Trump will resign 'soon', says top Democrat Dianne Feinstein

I would resign soon. I could not take he endless bullshit these dems push out. Endless streams of diarrhea...

Luckily, Trump is more able to deal with this level of crap than I am. He'll be around long after her career has past.


I want her to resign. Im gonna right my congresswoman(her).

Call up her offices tomorrow morning, instead.

Nailed it

>I don't think anyone could expect him to resign without a fight, that's insane.
Yeah, when has Trump ever cut his losses and split when things got hard...?

Oh wait


>I follow politics
>Doesn't know who diane feinstein is

Dude...............just, I can't even right now.

She is the embodiment of everything that is fucking wrong with the left. Her efforts to disarm americans alone are enough to warrant dragging her out in to the street and executing her.

At this point their desperation is pathetically obvious.

Praise Kek for their inevitable downfall

>Jews think they are superior.

Is it just me or does she look uncannily like the Joker from Batman?

I get the same hatefeels looking at her as I do Hilldog.

Burn her.

Jesus christ this hag looks demonic like uncanny valley demonic eerily similar to Hillary Clinton

>.02 CDN has been deposited into your account
I just checked usd:cdn exchange rate, HOLY FUCKING KEK you guys are dirtpoor compared to 5 years ago. I might actually hop on over to hongcouver and spend my cash in your multiculti egalitarian hellhole.

I clicked on OPs image and got a sudden chill when I saw the tyrant looking right at me.

>I don't want to deal with his argument, so I'll call him a shill

Trump has a history of cutting and running when things get tough. This is a fact. I'm sorry if that upsets you.

Why is she so serious

I wish the senator from South Carolina would annihilate this cunt already. Why has no one else in Congress publicly ridiculed this hag?

I don't think I've ever once seen her have to actually defend her position on gun control. All I've ever seen is her standing behind a podium from a false position of authority proclaiming that I don't have the agency to defend my own life.


We have more gospel

as opposed to sticking with it and losing more money in the end.

Trump is pragmatic, he won a US election afterall. You dont give him enough credit. Feel free to keep posting your kike subversive messages though, as if its going to change the dems current political situation kek.

keep on schlomoing on.

that's what youre supposed to do to protect your money. losers double down on businesses that aren't working out. winners cut their losses
huh, that actually makes me think. great metaphor for leftists. communism has failed disastrously so many times and they just keep doubling down on it.


business people use bankruptcy as a way to win--not lose. you're an idiot. and have no understanding of what 'declaring' bankruptcy means. you don't declare you are broke, you FILE for creditor PROTECTION...which allows corporate reorg and debt cancellation. you exit bankruptcy SOLVENT...not 'broke'...etc.

This women and her husband are the biggest hypocrites and abusers of power that will never be brought to justice.