What the fuck is wrong with game developers?

What the fuck is wrong with game developers?

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What games did they develop? I just see trash.

>psy-opd (pronoun)-children making psy-ops for other (pronoun)-children.

It's funny because I have never seen a developer/programmer that looks normal. They all look "off" , or fucking weird/ugly. Even when they make decent money.

Even when you look at people from Google etc. you can see that they had tons of "coaching" to make somewhat a "normal" impression so that normies don't get weirded the fuck out.

just ugly nerd social outcasts who found a shortcut to make bank off your children.

But video games help distract my mind and make me happy/content, better than getting hooked on drugs.

>What the fuck is wrong with Western game developers?


Owl boy was garbage with a nice aesthetic

It's pretty good.

grew up on the internet, just like how everyone here is a sexually dysfunctional insecure neet

They're beta leftists who are hired because they're tumors that fill the industry with their cancer. ((( Exectutives ))) want more lifeless, liberal drones who have no real world skills

but why are they retarded leftists and not ugly nerd social outcast right wing extremists like me tho

>why are "adults" that play with children's toys so weird??

I don't fucking know, Sherlock, maybe it's the fact they're developmentally stunted. It's the same as those colleges with playdoh and kindergarten safe spaces. Adults who never progressed past childhood.

Yeah, why try and solve anything wrong with your life? Surely it will all work out without any effort on your part.


>posting actually good looking game devs

Hot shots of heroin are better than having your mind pumped with goy-boy narratives.

This tbqh.

>tfw to smart too have fun and relax

videogames cause you to become detached from reality. Thus, the people who fixate their lives around them are severely out of touch weak emotionally stunted overgrown children

Is that thing on the left supposed to be female?

Jesus fucking Christ. Do these men actually get laid looking like that?

Are they actually all the same ''''person'''''?


came here to say this

I give robin arnott 3 years until it's Robynn

how does that guy get any work done with only one tiny monitor sitting that far away

>tell SJW to go make there own game
>go what the fuck is wrong with them when they do so

kill yourself at least they are making games for there own kind

What did the guys who made Dawn of War look like?

>not ugly nerd social outcast right wing extremists like me tho

Those guys all work in the defense industry.

I mean games are cool, but software for ICBMs? Cooler.

desu the Owlboy devs are pretty cool. The game is shit, don't get me wrong, but I work on the Sup ForumsGA's and they were one of like five devs that actually responded to us.

Not knowing "indie" game developers are all trash. It's a job for leftists autists too stupid to make a startup for free gibs

Video games - created by faggots for retards to ensure that the masses stay complacent and do little to nothing of value.

If you play games for more than 1 hour per day, you're no better off than someone who watches shitty reality television, period. Sort yourselves out.

>What the fuck is wrong with game developers?

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> youtube.com/watch?v=lfgIOlDRZSw

Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)


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San Francisco.

No one is saying they can't make games you absolute wool.
We're just laughing at their appearance. Simple as that.


I think the industry sort of breaks them, pic related

Gaming is inherently infantile, if you haven't noticed this you're apart of the problem. Not that your a fag like them but you make them feel sooooooo comfortable. This includes horrendously autistic pedophiles like destiny.

Anyone have that faggot with pink hair that works for the NSA?

Who cares.just pirate their shit.


They are enjoying their lifes. Shocking.

>still uses Sup Forums
>the shithole that goes reeeee Sup Forums thread every time they see something they dislike
>the shithole that cried like a bitch about our shenanigans and decided make it about muh ethics instead, ensuring they lost
...are you genuinely fucking insane or do you just really like video games user?

>game developers
>people who make pixel/sprite games

We put way too much fucking value in them, this is aggravated by social media which makes it seem they matter.

I like to play vidya every now and then, Rising Storm and fallout is fucking fun but at the end they're just fuckin' games.

I've been in gamedev a long time and trust me, these are the exceptions and all of us who are just real actual professional revs just look normal and quietly go to work and do hard work. We have shit to do instead of dye our hair and prance about on camera. Most of the actual devs are still kind of nerdy in their interests, etc, and some a little weird, but mostly normal people. Trust me a team of fruity loop divas can't pull off the organized teamwork for a larger project, just small unity faff

I'm still unbelievably mad at how they forced Vallhalla devs to add references to this cuck shit just so they can get their game published.

What fucking nu-male hipster garbage trash that ended up tainting a comfy bartending game

Most of Sup Forums is non-partisan or right-leaning. Don't go into political shitpost threads expecting an actual representation of what people think.

Is trolling Craigslist for crossdressers really that dysfunctional?

What would your parents in law think about this?

How come white people work as game devs? Where are the poo programmers?

As someone that works in the industry, people don't give a fuck how you look, socialize, or act as long as you work in your cubicle all day 3D modeling car rims for the next GTA and stay late for the companies non-paid programming nights. If John Carmack can keep a job in the industry without getting canned, it's honestly not surprising special snowflakes can as well. Also many of the devs people like to poke fun at are self employed so honestly they can do what the fuck the like tbqh.

Just wait until you try games on drugs

the industry used to be good but now its filled with trash , videogames supposed to be a complex shit that creates masterpieces everyone can enjoy in their free time. Now its wankery to see who makes more money in the launch.
There are exceptions tho.

They're just gimps my man, they exist in all corners of life.

We just made our studio of redpilled meme warriors, it's working well :)

The Indie revival of pixelated retro 2D games was somewhat novel five years ago, but it has overstayed its welcome.

Two out of three new Indie games are pixelated and retro-styled now under the pretense of being zany and interesting. In reality they are simply cheap and easy to make, which is why you see so many 'devs' with pink hair and questionable talent pumping them out on a conveyor belt and calling them art on Kotaku.

>C&C generals 2 cancelled exactly when Isis pops up

You will never play repilled game about GLA (isis) subverting EU and chinese expansionism

>you will never use poison gas to liberate the world from the global elite

They become the stereotype

Of course not.

They're just mimicking the women in an attempt to get some.

Fag on the left actually fits his look. Other 3 autists should be thrown in a fire.

hope you succeed and dont get consumed by jews of the gaming like ea or ubisoft

Still having any interest in videogames past 18.

Every time I see faggots like that, I do not regret choosing something else as career

I can't imagine myself working at Ubisoft, Square or EA.....

why are jap devs so based Sup Forums?

Unwarranted self importance for one thing

>So much white culture.

At least white supremacist memes I understand.


What's the girl's job?

>good looking
>Game devs
Pick one Brazil you shit-tire excuse for a second world country

You need to have a good redpilled game dev whose shit is subtle instead of "ethnic cleansing: online"


Indie is codeword for nu-males

ECO was a fucking amazing I would give it a 10/10 if it wasn't for all the God damn jews respawning

He doesn't. The game is """"crowdfunded"""""

>""""game devs""""
>Retards who took 10 years to make a boring platformer with good pixel art

Imagine if you waste 10 years of your life and people forget about you in a month how would you feel?

I'd probably go fucking crazy too desu

Those that work in IT are inherently autistic.

Game devs are the "cool" cunts of IT.

This unholy mix of autism and pop culture produces subjects commonly seen in your favourite tv shows, bazinga.


ITT: people that were made my bitch
t. John Romero


half these """"developers"""" are glorified modders.

at best the most talented of them are graphic designers. at best.


Why does this term sound so cringy? Every time I hear it, it makes me feel like I've ate one of those sour candies.
Why even use it? Does 'a person who like to play videogames' is too long to say?

This has to be a man dressed as a woman.

Because it's cool and hip to be gaymer

She looks....familiar is that fucking EDWARD SNOWDEN in a pink wig!!?!?


Because people without real purpose or hobbies seek an identity so they latch onto the media and entertainment they consume. See instagram whores being foodies

I dunno m8 some cunts are just fugly

Pretty sure that's a young Dave Foley in drag.

I studied game design for 3 years at a university and Im not kidding when I say that 1/3 of the students AND teachers were Trans, gay or both. probably 80% of the "women" had fucked up haircolors. all the males were pussy betas and several of them confessed to me that they were virgins. I dont get it. But I guess normals guys play games and the wierd ones make them

>adams apple
>i dunno

aw fuck there it is

Fucking keked



So what your saying is
>You are a weird fruit and game design made you that way

You have to be a ((reviewer)) if you want to get laid

Every one of these people were weird before ever stepping into this business

So game deving requires a certain amount of inborn faggotry

I would a Nina Freeman