White People Hate Thread

Thank God this race is dying and being outbred.

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Constantly getting btfo.

Are they a human/pig hybrid?

>in white country
>hates whites
This is what's wrong with the world

You have wifi?

Why are most white girls so ugly?

Keep shilling motherfucker, guarantee you're going radicalize a few of us into killing more niggers like Dylan Roof. Keep it up boy.

Most people in general are ugly.


>High IQ, beauty
Choose one and only one

No, I'm posting from a rock and coconut tree you dumb fucking cunt.

lol, you people blame black people, jews and muslims for inherently being criminals, then say that hearing negative things about your race will cause you to commit mass murder. Fuck all of you, honestly I wish "white genocide" was a real thing and not a made up construct because the only times whites were actually doing cool shit was when they allowed other cultures to rub off on them.

Clearly a canadian on vacation

Yeeeeehawww!!!. Golly geeze becky we're out of milk.

The jealousy of non whites is palpable in here.

OP (the ape) is from Bahamas so,
here Bahamas have some bananas

fuck tump and fuk whit ppl

Cause you know pol never makes nigger hate threads.


Why are shitskins so jelly of the beautiful white race, lads?


>implying it's not
>implying niggers were even considered human back then
And they shouldn't be considered human now either

they hate us coz they ain't us

you just jelly nigger

Hating Nigger behavior is merited. They're always doing heinous, barbaric,uncivilized shit.

White people are just chinese who went into the washing machine for too long

White people have a primitive sense of humor.

> durr hurr fuck niggers, fuckin monkeys
>hey you can't make fun of us mooooodddddsss!!!

Pic is you right now.

As soon as we figure out what country you are from we're going to fucking bomb it.

Stop drinking milk.

Bahama banana Costanza Bonanza

Ohh god is that a trap?

>t. triggered subhuman
Respect your superiors.

Can a nigger ever NOT go to prison at least once in his life, if not many times?


Dimmi che non sei serio. Ormai non distinguo piĆ¹ chi scherza e chi no.

The average black person is much more deeply rooted in America than the average white person.

Pic related, Capitol we built.

you know i would give you the benefit of the doubt and say you're trolling but it's always a foreign flag, isn't it, the vast amount of shill threads come from foreign flags, proxies, if you will

kys :^)

Le master race.

>taking seriously autists on Sup Forums

Obvious lie if you are black. Not having white people around is like a horror movie for blacks. They can't do anything without us. Even SA's leader cried for white farmers to return after he threw them out because blacks couldn't even figure out industrial farming after years of trying.


White people?

Then who would have invented the internet?

Niggers like you?

Who's going to diagnose asymmetrical, OSPF and MPLS router issues?



Why do white girls have such masculine, or at least boyish bodies?

>Then who would have invented the internet?
Black scientists.
>Who's going to diagnose asymmetrical, OSPF and MPLS router issues?

Capitol whites work in

I'se a-runnin' to fetch the ol' bossy cow right now, Clem!!!

And blacks

This most violent entitled people that mucks with foreign politicals and blames them shtf.
Most rude but yet so thin skinned

And "america" is simply jewish capitalism. Good thing for a bunch of mindless subhuman consumers to be rooted in.
Good monkey, dance for your kike masters


she's a man.

all female celebs are either mtf trans or monarch-programmed sex slaves.

Kek that's not real is it

Wait a minute, you are trying to fool me. He ain't fitting in that room.

White sterilty is more a thing cuz u fucked up ur women an now u dont want em

Master race, drink of choice.

Milk be rayyyyysiiiiist!!!!

Cant handle the sun.....nature is trying to purge u with global warmin

Why do you have that saved? White ppl are gross smdh

why do English people keep voting for more welfare socialist program's and more mass non-white immigration that will eventually destroy them and their country?

Why do white people do this?

>beastility porn
99% white


Nasty shit white people eat.


Surely it has nothing to do with the fact that marriage and reproduction is no longer financially sustainable for whites whereas their subhuman counterparts are propped up by the welfare state whites created.
>global warming
>anything other than a scam to implement a carbon tax
Climate change is cyclical you dumb nigger.

So gross guys. I can't believe niggers eat this?

This is akshually a great idea for a thread. Pol needs to be further radicalized into National Socialism. It's been getting soft.

More master race cuisine.
Rotten fish.

What? Trying to control their children? The concept must be strange to you.

Better than putting them in microwaves or savagely beating them in public like most blacks do.

Also, if your fucking niglet children throw a barbecue grill at my fucking house again I'm calling the cops.



Why do white girls tan and inject collagen, do they wish they were a PoC.

Might as well dump your whole beastility folder you sick white bitch lol

>do they wish they were a PoC.
Of course they do - because your jewish masters push your "culture" as the predominant one.
Of course they only do this because they know that nigger-behavior destabilizes nations and they want to balkanize America and ultimately depopulate it.
>and you think this is a good thing

Lol that only happens if it ferments in shipping, due to getting too hot.

You clearly have no knowledge in fine cuisine, shill.

desu watermelon is pretty fucking gross.

White people music
Twang twang twangy twang twang twang twang twaaaaaang?

Learn to respect the white man.
Who would pay for your welfare if we were gone :^)


>inb4 no internet, electricity, and even agriculture because darkie can't into post-Neolithic technology.

Better than nigger music which is only possible because of the white man's inventions.
Roland TR-808 was made by a white man, where would your "rap ""music""" be without it?


What an incredibly racist thread.

So much for the tolerant left.

Nigger music

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Why do white people dress like this?

On the subject of nigger music why are white rappers the most creative?