Born hot. Born a billionaire

On the other hand, some are born ugly, and dirt poor. Why is God so unjust?

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There is no injustice, all is under law.

>Born hot.
Hmm, about that.. She needed heavy surgery.

First Surgery.
Second, Rich won't enter the kingdom of God.

"Muh dick"
-God (John 15:13)

he gave you life. now live it faggot

I am talking about moral injustice, not legal injustice.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and money can't buy happiness.

Because He doesn't care about your simple self serving definition of justice.

where can I learn more about this concept/system? If possible please expand on "Law" ... many thanks.

That's false. I would be much happier today if I had a million dollars.

What is there to live? What if God forgot to give you passion, ambition, or desire?

>acquire a million dollars
>buy a house
>buy a car
>splurge on luxury goods for a while
>still lack purpose, still feel spiritually inept
>continue lurking on a tibetan feet painting forum

Not much happier.

The only "happiness" that money buys is when it gets your head above water. After that, when you buy new shit you don't need (you don't need that shit) you get sick of it and want something else.

YHWH is a Jew.

That's not exactly what I would call an example of unjustice.
Someone who is wiped away by a tsunami before they even reach double digits? That's fucking unfair. Being born into struggle, poverty, depression, and moral nihilism? That's the fertile ground for real men and women to develop. Surrounded by the faults and living examples of men and women who cannot learn from the consequences of their actions, they recognize and purge those imperfections from their souls.

Yeah but at least my daddy didn't sell my body to Putin to keep the piss video out of circulation.

Those traits are developed, not given by a creator. You are a blank slate from birth and whatever experience will shape your personality.

We are all loaded compared to the biblical times standards though.

Wrong and wrong

There are subjective elements to beauty but there are also objective elements as well.

Money is a measure of your value to society. More money means you have more options to live a more fulfilling life. Everyone wants more money because we all know that money leads to a better life.

>"spiritually inept"
Fuck off with your sky wizard bullshit

>Someone who is wiped away by a tsunami before they even reach double digits?
Good thing you got Trips.

>born hot
even now, she's only pretty, she's a very strong 7 or a light 8 at best. It's all her nice clothes and money for facial products and hair stylists that make her appear like more.

Maybe God is just but your understanding of justice is lacking?

with life comes choice. it is your choice to acquire those or anything you want.

She still felt the need to get plastic surgery

Checked and saved. Thanks toothpaste

lol just b yourself

That's post-modern nonsense. But you probably know that and are just baiting.

That's why I'll spend all my money on hookers be4 i die. That way I may enter


why would you be happier with more money? more money different problems. true happiness really does come from within. from yourself. not a god.

faith in something and materiel things can help push you but never give you happiness.

>get rich
>marry hot breeding stock
>have rich beautiful children
Think of it as motivation.
Hard mode: teach your kids not to be degenerate brats.

>Why is God so unjust ?

Because he doesn't exist

>Born hot

It took many visits to the same surgeon who cut up Melania's face

No such thing, the luck you're born with or without is the product of random chance.

God gave us brains so we can use them to find success, and hearts so we can have faith in him. It doesn't matter what class we're born into, my dudes

She needed surgery. And who cares if you're born rich when a poor person can go to Heaven and a rich person falls in love with the world and goes to hell. There is no injustice here

>strong 7 or a light 8

I hate this place

a 6 without make up compared to a 10 with makeup is 20 times better because she is not ugly enough to have to fake the way she looks

she IS, objectively.

Is there proof of this mythic surgery?

Some are born to rule. Some are born to be ruled.

She's never had surgery, you dumb fucking shill. Fuck off with this meme


Ivanka Defense Force

ivanka pls

You mean a 13 year old looks different than a fully grown and developed adult?!??!? SHOCKING!


Some are born niggers, others white masterrace


>Rich won't entered the kingdom of God
>Said someone who unironically thinks the Jacobins were top shit

Thermidorian Reaction when?

Kek'd and checked m8

>Rich won't enter the kingdom of God.
Read. It's not impossible. Just difficult.

Yeah she's a real plastic surgery princess

dang if she weren't my daughter i would totallly bang h-- wait

>implying god exists

She had nose surgery at least, pretty easy to see.

If god is real, why did he permit Canadians to exist? They spread only misery to themselves and the people around them.


You can't look at it that way. You just have to look at every human as a highly abstract individual competing in nature's game of survival. It's every man for himself, so stop being envious.

Good point.

I wonder if her dad truly dated her once

>born rich
>born attractive
>molested by father
>forced to marry a jew
>forced to have jew children
>forced to run your father's business as he becomes senile
>forced to run the country when your senile father is chosen as the Russian puppet

She must be more miserable than Melania, she just hides it better.

Past-life transgressions

>born hot
>stilll needed surgery
really makes you think

People say it's unfair, but it's not.

Frederick Trump (Donald's grandfather) took EXTRAORDINARY risks - travelling to New York aged 16, working as a barber for a while, then travelling all the way to the Pacific Northwest, and starting his fortune by setting up bars/hotels/brothels for goldminers

And then Fred built his New York property empire. And Donald did what he did - built Trump Tower, licensed the Trump brand around the world, etc.

Basically, Ivanka has because she has because of the hard work of her ancestors. So God ISN'T unjust. Work hard (and smart) and you will be rewarded!

> Boohoo the world isn't exactly the way I want it to be.

Please oh wise user, tell us how you could imagine a better world.

a triple 8 i think

*Ivanka has what she has because

>money can't buy happiness

It certainly can if "not having money" is making you miserable.

fuck off

>born hot
no, she had a million surgeries so that she doesn't look like trump version of chelsea clinton

I'd love to see the farm animals you're sticking your dick in

>feeling a strong 7 to a light 8 on this one

God is perfectly just, but only on his own frame of reference. Here's what you sound like:

>be a cell
>born on the sole of the foot
>always stomped on, dealing with constant lack of blood from pressure
>sweaty, dirty
>die whenever the foot gets callused

meanwhile, some cells get to live in the ovaries and be protected and treasured. Why is the body so unjust?


Her father and grandfather worked hard and made good decisions to that their kids and grandkids could have better lives. Nothing unfair about it.

Thiiiiiisssssssss. That nose us faker than Trumps skin colour.

God's dead baby. God's dead.

We can't all be the beautiful billionaires. Just play your part in the greater narrative, whatever that is.

IF you are right about her getting plastic surgery and IF she had a bigger nose she still wouldn't be ugly

Because trump and his family are blessed by another kind of god.

Don't worry, she married a Jew and converted to Judaism. Consider her stupidity as "justice"

i don't care about her nose, but she used to look like chelsea clinton, who is hideous

>because of the hard work of her ancestors.
Yeah but it's pot luck which family you are born to, so it's down to random chance, not the actions of the individual, it's not as if children choose their parents now is it.

Looks like Park Avenue.

It's the Illyuminatee bloodline my brother

Wealth Redistribution through a Wealth Tax and annually audit the tax contributions of the wealthy people and high earners.

>But it could buy me a boat, it could buy me a truck to pull it
>It could buy me a Yeti 110 iced down with some silver bullets
>Yeah, and I know what they say
>Money can’t buy everything
>Well, maybe so,
>But it could buy me a boat

God is perfectly just, nigger. You must suffer to be rewarded.

>implying it's bad to be poor
you must really hate yourself

Doesn't matter, hot and rich DOES NOT make you happy

Hookers and Drugs make me happy, I can buy those.

She still had fashion model genes to work with.

>Very strong 7 or light 8

is that deer lying on a giant slice of bread?

without pain pleasure would be meaningless

the more pain in the world the better the good things are

It will make you happy temporarily, then you'll be just as miserable. It's your mindset.

oh forgot to mention.
t.inherited 1.7 million sterling.


>Why is God so unjust?

In the end, your life and how much money you made means nothing to God. What you did based on the circumstances is what matters. Were you bitter that you couldn't acquire wealth? Were you coveting others? Did you act in an unholy way to others based on this?

The Human Life is a test before God, with the right answer being a good person regardless of what happens to you.