Who here biz?

Biz here. Only care about wealth, not delirious ethereal political ideals--that is for suckers and chumps.

I do not have a real side on race. It is dumb. But since it matters to so many of you, maybe you could explain how a race war could start realistically in the United States.

I want to know because I have a lot of stock in us war machines, and think this war could help out my stock.

Also, if there is any other biz minded folks on here, I would like a contrarian idea that a race war would actually hurt the market.


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Good question boss. The only way this war could start is by trumps assassination. Hope that helps

Also idk how the war would effect the market

You really think that is all it would take?

until obama care repeal. shorting the fuck outta rips. wew lads back to the futures.

Obama care repeal alone would not be enough to trigger a war but i could definitely see it as a small step.

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Yikes! A race war wouldnt happen most people are just all talk

war? dude obamacare repeal puts the tax cuts in line to happen.

trumps tax cuts plan, bringing money back from oversea was the reason we've had this rally.

he needs to push some rand into that fake paul care plan tho, or its trash that will hurt his second term attempts.

Hmm maybe.

>implying a disruption of consumer behavior wouldn't cause the rest of the market to falter

The war market is not based on majority consumer behavior. Plus ot would lower housing prices, which means i would buy, then resell or rent adter the war ends.

Also i am not implying it i am explicitly stating it

A war, and a civil war for sure, would cause a bear market. But I think OP stated he has invested in the military industry, which is smart because war does not go away.

But idk what would cause it, it wont be for another eight years if anything

>haha im like so entrepeneurial, stock market, you wouldn't understand

/biz lurker here. Got in AUPH at 2.80. Feelin pretty great the last few weeks

What was that Spain? Someone insecure about their shitty currency?

I'm not going to defend the euro because if not a mindless cuck, nor will I fight over "which currency is the best", NOR keep falling for this easy bait.

Good riddance, Schlomo.


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It'd fuck up banking, insurance, the financial sector, debase a lot of wealth, keep money from cycling and cause a very strong bear market, perhaps strong enough to carry over into other sectors.

As for lower housing prices, good luck with that. It's still a big gamble, especially after the strain on the infrastructure, possible financial meltdown, and lower population. Many landlords actually tried what you're describing in Detroit after the 1960s racial riots, but they're not even alive to tell you how bad of an investment that turned out to be.

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What makes you think a race war would mean your Lockheed stock would go up? You think governments would intervene in a civil conflict, or what? Just wondering, because most of the people on this board don't have the resources to acquire a vehicle or weapons system on the black market, let alone from a manufacturer.

And what makes your companies immune from the increased costs from the degraded infrastructure that's bound to occur?

Okay so if it fucks up the american economy what other ecomomy would profit off it? I would just currency exchange. And there were many American war proditers who got rich during the first american civil war, if we want to use that as a reference.
what is Machiavellian about my post?

Buy African stocks

I am not certain of anything in this hypothetical. Lockheed would be producing more machines and that positively correlates to profit. But then again its just a correlation. Good point of the infrastructure. The war companies would be priority transport, and use trains mainly rather than roads. And the northeast (Maryland) is secure from the midwest and the south which is where the war will mostly take place.

Generally, war is bad for stocks. If you want to speculate towards war and general political instability and crisis, you may look for classic risk-off, flight to safety asset classes like gold or bonds.

Haha funny mate. Europe would probably profit off an american civil war, just as we profited off your two world wars.

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i trade but you gotta do all the work yourself or you'll just lose that money

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>Okay so if it fucks up the american economy what other ecomomy would profit off it?

That's hard to say because, imo, the Chinese Housing Crisis is going to be one of the biggest meltdowns in financial history. There's only so long that you can build high-tech ghost cities to artificially boost your GDP without eventually causing total meltdown.

I'm not sold on Europe, although Germany, Sweden, and arms manufacturing companies would likely do well.

That's a good question though.

>there were many American war proditers who got rich during the first american civil war

Yeah, but this would be a civil conflict; not like the Civil War, which was fought between two governments.

No no general statements that is fools gold.


You see, nathan rothschild agrees with me that it is good to buy at the onset of war, which is what i would do with real estate, and sell at the end of the war.

I like your gold idea

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>biz here
>Trading penny stocks on robinhood

Yep, that checks out.

>why dont chinese import muslims to live in their ghost towns

OP tell me about Venetian Plaster.


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Full time trader here. Almost all of my time on Sup Forums is to laugh the day away while I wait for trades to either materialize into winners or losers. If you're wondering how to factor a race war into your positions, you first need to truly define what you mean by "race war." Then you need to decide what is the probability of a race war according to your definition. You then would have to estimate what sort of value it would have on your positions in the event it occurred. Even if you were able to quantify every required variable, you would still have that phantom beast of "uncertainty" that could negate all of your efforts and render your trades as losers. So ultimately I think unless you really believe a race war has a good chance of happening, you're better allocating your time and efforts to taking into consideration the impact of variables that more easily accounted for. This is an even bigger waste of time of trying to value and structure a trade around the possibility of a CEO dying in a car crash or something of that nature.

>this would be a civil conflict
I agree at its onsett but the civilians have low moral for long term wars, and low organization. The terror of its onset and the uncertainty therein would quickly push people into the military, and the politicians, congress, senate, executive, legislative, judicial, would agree that a military resolution should be implemented to prevent civilians from killing each other. In other words, it would evolve it from a civilian conflict to military.

On China's housing crisis, I am not sure. I do not think they are going to mwltdown anytime soon.

>>why dont chinese import muslims to live in their ghost towns

The Chinese have more than enough rural poor they could house there if simply filling them was their end game. Their problem is that this is primarily luxury housing in cities where nearly no one lives yet, so no one wants to pay the premium to live there.

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guess you should find somewhere that doesn't care about race and political ideals then? try /contemporaryfailingentrepreneur/

>biz here
>trades bitcoin and other cyrpto meme money
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there are other logical reasons too but hey this world is about to crash economicaly within a year

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>I have a lot of stock in us war machines

What would you like to know?

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you don't trade it it's a long term hedge
the six month yield curve shows a rising direction

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Yup. How was that BTC crash eh?

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No not really its more about crypto currency, RQS, and financial memes. There is a lot of legit traders who work from home.

what do you think is the best currency to invest in right now?


gold is worthless


I lol'd so hard. I have a friend in the SEC who told me the ETF was going to be rejected weeks in advance. I warned all the Anons to sell their memecoin and put it into gold or stocks, but none of them listened.

In retrospect, I should have suggested ETH because that was a clear substitute for BTC and more on their level of understanding.

How many bitcoins should I invest in, bizfag? btw come back to discord you drumpfkin

I come here to laugh to, it is easy to troll these shitheads. Its like they are all brainwashed and truely believe their bullshit. Thanks for the contrarian post though, I needed someone to counter argue me. The definition a race war is just a war kicked off at the idea of tribal conflicts within the us, that escaltes into traditional two faction military conflict.


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BTC is tanking because sellers panicked after a hard fork. So i would wait until it gets a little lower before you buy. And by lower i mean when 1btc equals 1100.



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Explain this to me. I do not get it.

It's already back to 1100 you won't good stability while it's rising you have to wait until they are all mined for that

but it's not supposed to be traded
it's meant to be used like daily money not to be traded like derivatives

Hell I'm not even worried about the bitcoin unlimited fork everyone will have to go to it so that's no going to matter like when ether did just worked it self out on the market

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Is it useful for homes in Alaska?


Uh, no. You clearly have no idea what these defense companies actually produce, or any understanding of the market in general. Defense contracts aren't just materialized out of thin air, and take many years to fill, which may be cancelled at the convenience of the government or by default due to cost overruns or failure to meet agreed delivery targets. In the event of what essentially is a civil war, it's impossible to say how badly production will be affected, as operating costs will likely skyrocket if distribution networks are disrupted or disabled entirely. These costs add up, and the fixed-term contract basis these companies operate under are likely to experience fluctuations which may surpass any escalation clauses in the contract.

I question how you've managed to make any money at all with such a demonstrated lack of industry knowledge. Even an idiot would relocate their capital to safer shores far before this sort of crisis came to a head.

>tfw investing in stocks

I invested 100k in Lockheed in 2013. Check its stock now and do the math.
Then comeback to me. You are overcomplicating things.


What will your wealth mean, when life as you know it is destroyed?
There is nothing wrong with wanting to get rich, but selling out the future for short term gain is despicable and insane. It is the reason why our money is becoming increasingly worthless, the reason why we need to import third worlders to ensure continuous population growth - its all a giant ponzi scheme.

Bring back the days when wealth was earned through industry and production in one's own country - Not speculation executed by supercomputers that cannot lose, not massive third world immigration, not destroying our children's future for money.

Money will never give you what a stable family, and a happy and prosperous homeland can.

Its a finish for indoors. It is a decorative moreso than framework. So it is a matter of taste. I would reccomend mason for alaska. Or if you are in to the cozy cabin thing, then wood. But i myself prefer mason walls over anything else.

Good post

I am not selling out the future. Obviously the war would end eventually stop being melodramatic.

Venetian Plaster is the ultimate finish though. Why would you not like that?

Remind me what it means in business terms when deliveries cannot be made, stock is stolen or burned to ash, and customers dry up?

You are right. It really is not meant to be traded. And even if you do you by means of currency exchange, ie flipping it into ethereum, then back to btc, you make small profit margins.

I just use it to buy pretzels of the deep web.