Is it possible to redpill him?

Is it possible to redpill him?

>being obsess land whale that he is whales can never be redpilled

you can't red pill a 40 stone blue pill, user.
hell be dead soon anyways

the dosage would have to be yuge

surgery complications will get him

He is literally a blue pale whale. Furthest human form of being naturally red pilled.

He's redpilled on communism and feminism already.

He would have to accept that some people are better than others and that he, being the lard-ass, gibsme parasite that he is, is one of the group of lessers.

That's a pretty tough pill for most people to swallow. It's why idiots refuse to learn and sloths refuse to improve themselves.

I'm sure he'll eat anything


Are the redpills flavored like McNuggets and Grand Macs? If so... possibly

O shid

>mfw he dies from complications due to not following dietary requirements after surgery

Nah, he's both physically and mentally too far gone.

Boogie is red pilled but he has to play a faggot on camera so all the youtube queer baits watching the fat fuck open pokemon cards will keep watching.

poor boogy1488, or 2988

whatever :^)

Is WLS an acronym for a medical procedure for morbidly obese people who are lazy pieces of shit?

the dose gets diluted across all his mass...

No. He's as soft emotionally as he is physically. He will submit fully to whichever side wins.

Boogie is the epitome of the eternal normie.

go suck cock filthy britshit. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>weight loss surgery


Mfw it's real

Why the fuck would we want that degenerate embarrassment to mankind on our side anyway?

The right needs strong men, not disgusting dick-cheese smelling worthless trash like him who can't even find his own cock

He looks like a giant scrotum.

you would need like at leas a bucket of redpills to get him to change, sprinkle in some sugar too

I hope he fucking dies from diabeetus, fat shit.

this fat fuck continuing to live while children die of cancer is one of the things keeping me atheist.

>I make 6 figures
>I still want welfare

Ah, makes sense. Not sure how someone who couldn't lose more than 5 pounds in several years qualifies but am happy tax dollars gets to fund it.

Reminds me of my fat ass boss at my last job who ate like trash for years and then got the surgery. She lost weight but it could have easily been prevented if she didn't eat fast food and do nothing for years. Glad I payed tens of thousands of dollars for health insurance I never used to cover shit like that. Awesome.

He is immortal


>imagine a turkroach calling a britfag a shit

Explain all the burgers?

he's to smart for us

>tfw had obese uncle that was like boogie but twice worse
>tfw he started eating better for a surgery for 2 years
>tfw he made minor exercise for 3-6-idk months to reduce a bit of weight
>tfw family supported him (they are all fat but not uber)
>tfw bad praxis got him
>tfw if he waited a bit more and wasn't so impatient he would be living

This guy is just a lazy fuck, if he made the effort he would make it


>tfw too smart to die
He measures his life year by year whether or not he will live

What's the story behind this picture?