So it begins, (((they))) unveiling their final plan, slowly but surely you WILL submit

So it begins, (((they))) unveiling their final plan, slowly but surely you WILL submit

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't tinfoil deflect magnetic fields?

>let's hold a magnet to a brain like a computer...surely this could have no repercussions

> brain damage makes you an SJW/Feminist/Collectivist

Yep, checks out.

Sometimes I wonder if wearing shielding on my head really would help you out.

Can someone from /sci/ confirm? Perhaps not mind control radio waves but maybe other forces that can damage your nervous system and ways to protect it?

It doesn't say that.

Electromagnetic waves but not magnetic fields

I assume it only works in the presence of things like computers, televisions etc to stop those from fucking you up

Lack of digits confirm it does say that

I wish people would stop posting ancient articles on Sup Forums like it's breaking news

>having to shut off people's brains to get them to support you

>turning off part of your brain turns you into a leftwinger
Imagine my shock

Jesus what a fucking retard.

Yet kek grants me trips but not you :DD

i asked myself for some time if i actually should invest in a tinfoil hat. maybe they actually do something with your brain that the hat prevents.

if they can stimulate with magnets that they can also use electromagnetic waves i assume to send it out to cover a wide area instead of certain individuals

Can we start looking for the giant magnets in Germany and Sweden?

>Disabling parts of the brain with magnets can weaken faith in Allah, and change attitudes of immigrants

Now that I can support 100%




Checked and PRAISED!

Atheists confirmed for brain damage

Can Pence save them like he is saving the gays?

O SHIT!!!!!!!!

I just realized that CERN is just a gigantic elctro-magnet with the purposes of turning all of Europe into turbo-liberals.

It's all starting to make sense now.


You sure about that?

>maybe they actually do something with your brain that the hat prevents.

Exactly the opposite.

>stop using the device that stops us from being able to turn off your brain, goy

Thus proving you need to SHUT OFF PARTS OF YOUR BRAIN to be pro-immigration.

reminder they did an experiment where they could make people less racist by shutting down the part of the brain that produces sense of danger, thus proving that it's normal to be able to tell minorities are dangerous

>belief in god scientifically proven to be fuelled by fear not love
Christcucks btfo



>still using tinfoil hats
>not having converted your entire home into a giant faraday cage
ishyggy diggity

>"But Dr. Shekelstein, do I really need this MRI?"
>"Of course Goyim, no worries. Lay back and listen to this soothing music."

That's fucked up

Only sometimes
I have to go outside
So I needs mah hat.

I see many didn't bother reading the link.

>disabling part of the brain responsible for risk assessment and fear
>less belief in god or afterlife
>more positive reaction to negative immigration stereotype

I guess it makes sense as religion is based on fear of death and being judged; and fear of immigration reduces desire for immigrants.

fugg that's too bad

Wait, The Expanse wasn't memeing?

disabling parts of the brain with lead can remove jewish influence.

Source? One to add to the ol' war chest

Christcucks confirmed pussies.

tinfoil hat is for beta wave cucks. you need a solid lead cap


First of all, psychology, neurobiology and other assorted cuckery is compromised.

If it's grounded, sure.

arent there magnets in apples earphone pieces? Whenever you put them together you have a negative charge

Maybe scientist can turn on the part of the brain that would make atheist empathetic again.

It's definitely possible that being surround by different kinds of electro magnetic signals could have strange and subtle consequences on our consciousness


turn off the part of your brain managing fear emotions and empathy.
that's the only superfluous parts.

magnets... gimme dat.

But I already don't believe in god, I just really hate shitskins, and that's not gonna change no matter how many magnets they apply to me.

>no link

Gotta go do some laundry and take a shower, but I'm digging into this shit when I get back. 100% CERN's board of directors is involved with EU immigration policy.

>disabling your brain makes you stop believing in god and like migrants
>Stop thinking so you like migrants and hate god

And the brain makes decisions before our conciousness registers that it has made up its mind

Yes, but disabling parts of the brain with lead can bring them closer to God. They should try it, for science!

>disabling risk assessment
Would love to disable that on you and throw you in a cage with lions so you go and pet them
How about they do this to the inmigrants and let them die in their country since they wont be afraid of getting bombed anymore.

Leftists have brain damage. Imagine that!

>Fucking up your brain makes you a left-leaning retard.
Yup, sounds pretty accurate.

>brain damage makes you a cuck
no new information here

>Stop thinking so you like migrants and hate god

lol no. It means your brain development and your social conditioning of what to fear determines your religious beliefs and your opinion of migration, amongst many other things.

Religion and immigration were just used as examples.

>11 months old

I didn't see a proper link of the article:

>leftists unable to properly process risk

This actually explains an awful lot of their behaviour.

So they discovered the biological reason that "good times create weak men"? Their threat processing centers do not function properly, having been brought up in a 'good times'?

Why would they want to weaken your faith in God? That's something you REALLY gotta ask yourself.

It also determines if you survive. Would you cross a road that is full of fast vehicles? Why not what is to be afraid of?

the job is to make the subconcious conscious;
then there is only, you.

being retarded can make you retarded
Who knew?

They tried to warn us. They knew this was coming. You all called them crazy, you laughed at them. But now it's too late. You failed to take the ICPill. This is the future you chose.

it literally does tho

>Brain damage makes you a liberal

Wow whoda thunk it

dat hivemind

My subconscious only takes over when I go into an emotional rage, then its like watching myself in a dream almost.

But on the inverse, what if you were terrified of talking to girls and never breed? You'll die out.

Fear can be disastrous as much as it is useful.

The truth about immigration, by the numbers:


Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race:


Cultural Marxism in action… Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:


Cultural Marxism & Social Justice Explained:


Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism:


also see

The facts about slavery in North America:


Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:


Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)


The Holocaust:




You're wrong.

I don't think it's possible for the human brain to ever perceive the unconscious, because we have no way to comprehend it. If it was, then the processes seen were never subconscious at all. Sort of like how we can't comprehend the idea of a fourth dimension with our senses

If not grounded properly it only magnifies it

If it's in the press it's already old technology, but suggested to soften you up.

What do you think led lighting, wireless and smart meters are doing to you? Your body is already connected to the grid, and being manipulated by it.

Scientific proof that secular liberalism is a form of brain damage.

Found the retard

If you wrap tinfoil around your phone it will lose its signal.



Tracking thoughts, not controlling.

It's like the difference in demelanating the niggers. It makes them easier to control, but a fully melanated nigger is powerful, so you can track them easier.

Tin foil amplifies your thoughts, making you more powerful, less easy to control, but that power is like a beacon.

Inverse square law nigger, magnets powerful enough to affect all of Europe would be pulling cars off highways in Geneva


So this is the liberals similar path as gay conversion therapy. Are they losing this much touch with reality? Did Trump winning basically make liberals go full retard?

very original. thank you for your distinguished contribution to this forum.

Irrational fear isn't useful. Rational fear, based on evidence, pretty important.

So thats what the headphone jew is for...

Proof that atheists and leftists are mentally damaged.
Sweden no.

So the more we use our phones the more liberal we get.

>shutting down threat processing center of the brain

So they basically destroy your survival instinct...

>tfw my brain can radiate counter-suppression-signals

>Implying magnets can defeat weaponized autism

would there be any truth to this? i have reason to believe this is true, hence i dont use my phone much because im a loser.
so far we know it works on NORMAL people, but what about people with autism...

Magnets in phone, many still put it up to their ear, most liberals I know are ALWAYS on the phone while the red pilled ones are to busy or forced away from them.

tinfoil hat is a good investment confirm/deny

You literally have to inflict brain damage to make someone in favor of mass immigration

I wonder if the Elite have ultrasounds performed on their babies..