Conspiracy iceberg

Discuss pic related. Bonus points for tier 5.

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What's the despair code ?

Some user in another thread claimed that it shouldn't be mentioned on anything but the TOR, that's all I know though. Last tier could just be memes, I've atleast heard of most everything else.

So it's bullshit

Most likely.

Where does hollow earth rank on this?


Probably 4 or 5

It's a particular thought pattern that puts a body in touch with reality, the experience is indescribably self-annihilating and drives nearly everyone who unlocks it to suicide. Stop researching it for your own good

It's not bullshit, the despair code is why so many geniuses from history kill themselves and lived emotionally unfulfilling lives


>It's a particular thought pattern that puts a body in touch with reality,
So it's becoming a normal fag and then killing yourself?

Just listen to the silence, user.
The low rushing noise is your bloodstream,
The high pitched sound your nervous system.

Together they reveal a rather grotesque harmonic melody

Ok user, I like your attitude. Keep researching it
Listen to him

Sounds like my life already, not that I claim to be a genius.

Wat. Is tinnitus a component of it?

It's not tinnitus, listen harder

So it's just another level beyond meditation and "becoming one with nature ?"

>ancient aliens easier to believe than a jewish/rothschild conspiracy

I mean I'll probably kill myself anyway so why not.

that's fucking stupid

>he believes in nature
You're not ready for this, and you should be grateful. I will now stop replying good luck

My brother actually believes in muh oil wars and Bush doing 9/11 because of it because Micheal Moore made a movie about it.

But despite fucking seeing the interviews for Sandyhook, where the parents laugh about their kids, he still believes Sandyhook was real. Not even believing it was an inside job.

How the fuck do you red pill someone like this? Is he even curable?

ps. He watches John Oliver and Netflix original shows.

I didn't make it. More normalfags have heard about ancient ayy lmaos though, but don't know anything about Jews.

Aw don't be like that desu

how low is this on the iceberg

I ironically understood what he means, but to be honest, the average person needs to be pretty high to experience it. It's real though. The sound of creation can be beautiful if you're at peace, or absolutely hellish if you're not.

the biggest redpill for sandyhook is watching the dashboard cam from the cops car and comparing it to the official report of the times of events. not sure the video is still on youtube or not but after watching i was convinced something wasnt right about that day.

also i reached to mid level 4.

Ancient Alien shit has actually shown up on modern television. Jewish conspiracy shit hasn't. Of course AA is more normie dummy

Right now, maybe level 4 or 5.

Same with the schumann resonance increase.

So I want to expand on why this is stupid. I've been in a sound proof room with no noise. Yah you can hear the things in your body sloshing about. Never made me want to kill myself. Sounds cool desu. Not something I'd listen to all day but yah it's interesting to hear blood pumping into the vessels in your ears.

i don't think i'm that far off
>9/11,area 51,illuminati,fake space,simulated universe,reptilians,human history fake.

It will come to him naturally.
But do ask him if he knows the names of these (((Bankers))) sometimes. Baby steps at first, and then Greatest Story Never Told and that should do it.
It's how I redpilled my bro, and he used to watch ''Friends'' and ''Will&Grace'' unironically

>Roman Empire never ended

obviously they aren't talking about the actual noises your body makes that are drowned out by ambient noise, you retard.

B..but I thought North Korea was best Korea. Why would they lie?

The final redpill.

what about the grifter?

nothing more than a montage made with clips of little otik?

Hope this thread doesn't die until after my class but look into act of 1871 and Gregoria's Calendar /Christopher Columbus coverup of ancient history.

Lost tribe Tribe of dan
The serpent hills and the descents of the Danes and the namesake of Danube. Kind David of Scotland and all that jazz about the Roman Empire acting through Vatican D.C. And city of London. Look for the obelisks and vesica Pisces and there you will find nimrod and Semiramis.

Kindly enlighten me on nimrod and semis. Asking for a friend.

lvl4 here.
What do i get when I level up?

you took the faithpill I see, God bless

A padded cell I would assume.

>The low rushing noise is your bloodstream,
>The high pitched sound your nervous system.
>Together they reveal a rather grotesque harmonic melody
I mean that's pretty clear, what in the fuck else could they be talking about?

What the FUCK is pancreas denial

All this stuff is literally degenerate. If you deny science instead of verifying it yourself you're an uneducated fuck.

Debate me on any of these and you'll lose.
watch the first few vids, they explain it real in depth.

You're probably right about that. If it weren't for that one bit though, I'd say I'm a high-level 3 weird guy. Guess this is just good normie bait then.

I apologize. Please do not KYS on my account, user....unless jek wills it, of course.

prove music is real

Hmm I'm now fallen


It exists. Done.

10/10 shitpost made me reply

Don't think about hard problem of consciousness and you will not have to find out.

I have reported myself to not take space on board.
Fuck I'm fallen.

At what level though? I'm pretty sure mk ultra and involuntary human experimentation was a thing. It's fairly well documented that they gave people syphillis and whatnot in the US without their consent (and not the fun way either).

I'm pretty sure there is a world elite pedo ring.

And I wouldn't be surprised at all to find a direct bloodline still leading the country dating back to the the Egyptians, to the Romans, to modern society.


A conspiracy theory is divided into two parts: the action or concrete thing that happened and the perpetrator.

Event examples:
>Shooting hoaxes
>oil wars

Entity examples:
>CIA MKultra/cointelpro
>satanistic occultism
>ancient aliens

Conspiracy theories can focus on one thing or another, for example, Illuminati theory is based on perpetrators and pizzagate is based on an event.

They are legit hiding something.

That shit down at the bottom, the human history faked and malkasian paradigm shit etc.

2 questions. What is it? Does anyone actually believe it.

Can someone give me a quick rundown? (that third question was for free)

FACT: eggs did not have yolks more than 50 years ago. Companies added yolks to make them taste better and fatten up the population.

>ayy lmaos
>flat earth
>roman Empire never ended

>No CIA control drug Trade and use Money to finance weapon smugling to violent militias

Are people really falling for disinfo this easily?

The theory:

Our neural system is fed with some kind of external noise disruption. This disruption can be perceived by listening to both of these sounds. It should be beautiful and harmonic but somehow give of a creepy vibe the longer you listen to it and recognize patterns.

I can only guess what's it's purpose.
Might be that this is why we cannot enjoy silence anymore. Maybe it's what forces us to keep going. Maybe what keeps us going isn't so nice at all.

need more info on this ASAP

You got him

t. never lived in a farm.

Chemtrails don't exist. Airports have engineers who know planes inside and out. Literally have the blueprints. They don't spread chemtrails. Govt has many engineers as well, plus support staff. Out of those tens of thousands of people no one once asks questions or reveals that they're forbidden from knowing what's inside deployable cannisters? That's too many people to keep a secret.

This hole
here is a link
You'll find it quickly turn infrared to max an zoom to furthest distance.

chemtrails are: An aerosol spray with nanoaluminum particles and other harmful metaloids to reflect the suns rays and protect from foreign spying equipment

Not just the in the U.S. and yes, it's all well documented.

>Guatemala syphilis experiment

>Tuskegee syphilis experiment

It wouldn't surprise me to find out that this is where HIV/AIDS came from.

No, it's just clouds nucleating on particulates in the plane's exhaust. Science!

the key to immortality my friend. its too late for us. but eating food that never activates the pancreas like carbs is the key to everlasting life

deaf people can't know it exists



so basically
>if you sit in a blank room with no noise you will end up wanting to kill yourself
Yah it's called sensory deprivation, it can be used as a form of torture.

This isn't exactly a breakthrough.

wew lad, reading this reminds me of these sp00py forgotten language videos

So no fats, no sugars, no protein? All water diet?

Why do you think that it exists? Your subjective experience of music has nothing to do with it actually being.


And blind can't see therefore by that logic I don't exist cuz that can't see me.

Your fallacy today is false metaphor! You're a retard, congrats.

Its just a meme that was created as a joke to try and spook /x/.

It's literally nothing.

no prob goy. for example Napoleon? That man never existed. There is a 100 year gap of unaccounted time in the 1700 1600 area.

yes they are hiding a celestial object recorded as existing in 90 AD in the Bible. The reason for the big black square over it instead of a tinier one is because they put it over the object months ago so it couldn't be seen at all. But now, it moved closer to Virgo, and Google has erroneously forgot about updating the censor, so you can nearly see the first "eye".

>t. an admitted non-entity
Spoopy. Please be my ai gf.


>Pancreas denial

>no mentionings of the center of antarctica

It's well known that the CIA has wanted to popularize the term "conspiracy theory" with retarded shit like ayy lmaos and flat earth to discredit people looking into drug / arms trade / MKultra / nanothermite in 9/11

Delete this immediately.

You know most of these theories come to me as something tin foilers make but this,this really makes me unironically afraid

So you're arguing relativity? I hate to break it to you but anything we can observe with our senses (assuming we are not affected by an outside force causing hallucinations or other false info to be observed) must exist. That's just the basics of being a human, and indeed all science.

tfw tinnitus

i need to hear more about this. any vids or links? i dont even care what rabbit hole ill go down with this i havent been this excited for a dive since i was in the original madeline mccan podesta thread (highkey brag)


I've been here for a year now, what the fuck is MKultra


blind people can feel
>btfo x2

I-I have a p-penis, can I still be your GF s-senpai?

CIA invented crack.

the theory goes that theres a mushroom that gives humans all they need but doesnt need the pancreas to digest. but thing is it needs to be a diet from birth to work.

What the fuck is Google?