Red pill me on Isreal. The more I read the more Im leaning Isreal way

Red pill me on Isreal. The more I read the more Im leaning Isreal way.

I cant understand why'd they go settle in the middle of muslim countries. People who litteraly want then dead.

I understand that the land ia significant in their historory, but If I was the move into the jungle and then complain that tigers want to kill me and I have to protect myself, people would call me idiot.

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You have a bunch of kikes who randomly decided to set up a country in the Middle East because their supernatural friend told them to, and you support that?

Im asking for red pill. Dont yell. Educate me.

The land was owned by the British. They gave it to jews.

It was never palestine land. Before that ottomans owned the land.

Palestine is rightful christian clay, why chose between the kike and the mudshit ?

I don't get how anyone can support Palestine. I don't want to find Israel, but I'll take Jews over Islam any day of the week.

You mean land they use to own?



So do you also disagree with European colonialism? With the Roman Empire?

Superior peoples conquer lands and thus improve the lands. This is how the world has always worked.


sorry for this guy's flag

Fuck off mudskin.

Same logic as your natives getting sort of statehood, for settling there earlier than whoever

If you brought a fucking flamethrower into the jungle, you'll be fine
Flamethrower in this case being america and eu

If we believe we can conquer other nations land for occupy and resources, then we subjugate ourselves to that ideology. Aliens are gonna make you and your family their little bitches, again, again and again.

you fuck off, kike lover

>A fucking leaf
>Dirty mudslime sympathizer
Not surprised.
Don't speak up against an American or we might colonize your shitty country like the Jews.

Can somebody explain to me why palestinians rejected partition plan in 47?

I fucking hate nu /pol. You faggots are nothing but jew cock suckers. Kys now you flaming faggots.

>move into the jungle and things want to kill you

What is South Africa? Except instead of tigers it was niggers and instead of not being a to defend themselves the (((international community))) made them stop defending themselves

What justifies Israel's existence to you

They want 100% of it at that time
A political over-reach

So do you agree with niggers killing all the South African whites?

Where else should the kikes go? If rather have them in Israel than in my country

Originally seen as humiliation, Palestinian nationalism and the encouragement from Saudi Arabia to reject all two-state solutions.
Even today, most Palestinian's won't accept anything but a full Palestinian state, and the dissolution of Israel.

It's fine, they have low IQ's anyway, and don't realize their pride is literally costing them their future as the Jews continue to colonize the West Bank and build more and more settlements.

Close to 1 million Jews live in the West Bank now so lmao two-state solution will never happen. They lost their chance.

>hurr you either HAVE to pick Jews or Muslims. If you don't support Muslims you're a kike lover

Fuck off muzrats. Neither you or the Jews is a friend of the white race or western civilization and you both are enemies

They were 100% certain we'd get wiped out in the upcoming war.

They were wrong.

Their butthurt is delicious.

There are more Israeli's than Palestinians.

And as far as I'm concerned, judging from the utter modernization and success of Israeli's, they've earned their place.

>Regurgitating this bullshit
lmao ye heard it a million times.

One thing is for sure. There weren't any British people living there but instead it had a local population. They didn't really have a say in international politics. I guess it's similar to if one foreign government gave your city to another foreign government and now they want to throw all of you out without compensation and give your city to foreigners. I mean if you look past all the legal bullshit at least.

Would you rather they all live in Europe?

How does the smug feel Greatest Ally?

Make Israel/Palestine British again. Stop the theft of rightful Empire clay by Jews and Arabs.

I think I'd prefer we did it ourselves, personally. Then we'd have a legitimate excuse to turn the noisy neighbors into glass, instead of a shitty one about "muh religion".

This can make some sence. But the city you tlking about want 100% palestine. There were jews living there at the time as well.

Considering we did it two more times, quite good.

Sadly, we should've nuked the bastards in '73.

"Israel/Palestine" land feel into Britain's control around the time WW1 ended and the Ottoman Empire who had controlled the land for the prior 500 years or so collapsed

The Jewish population was nearly nothing, around 5% at the time. Post WW2 many Jews had move there, they got the UN to give them claim over the land without the consent of the Brits or many countries in the UN and stole the land from the defenseless farmers and such that lived on the land.


>The land was owned by the British. They gave >it to jews.

The land was owned by individuals who lived on it, the Brits were just protectors of the civilians without a country who lived in it. The UN who had no authority over it came up with a partition plan without negotiating with the people who owned the land at the time, a plan that the British and many in the US were strongly opposed to. The people who owned the land rejected it as the UN had not legitimate authority over the land. The Jews created a military and stole the land from unarmed civilians, Christians, Muslims and other people living on the land.

TL;DR Muslims are shit, Jews and shit too.

Honestly, the US spreads cultural poison imo.
Better the Jews, as they've remained nationalists. Every Democratic cycle, we'd just let all the mudslimes in.

Why '73?

I'll never understand why or how you guys suddenly caught ridiculous levels of white guilt in the 60s

>I fucking hate nu /pol
then fuck off

>Complaining about the ethics of colonization.
Fuck off, this world needs more of it.

Then run off to Stormfront or something, faggot.

Because we had nukes by that time.

I think setting up the Israeli state after the war was a big mistake. BUT, that was 70 years ago now, it's not going anywhere, so everyone needs to live with it and accept it.

I havent been coming here lately and thanks for reminding me why. Enjoy getting buttraped by achmed and muhammad you defeatist! Give merkel my regards. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Eat shit nigger.

I hate jews and muslims but Hamas and Fatah and PIJ have nice tacticool video songs.

Leftty nutters always support the terrorists. There's not much more to it than that.

Holy shit, do you need a fucking binky you toddler?




Thank God, we sure don't need more of your wonderful "contributions" to the topics at hand.

>Israel is white

Israel is like if the Americans came to the UK and said, "get out, this land belongs to the Italians now, it's their land by right because 2,000 years ago the Romans owned it. The Romans are Italian and their people, and we are just returning the land their blood is owed, because it is their divine right by God."

That's retarded. But that's Israel.

>Says the flag who gave them said land
Also, it's nothing like that.
It's like if a country like the UK goes and colonizes the New World, Australia, or New Zealand for example.
Only claiming land from unestablished savages, so it's alright.

Typical nigger. Gets triggered by a lowly bantz. You're in the wrong place you liberal bitch ass butthurt cunt.

>wah wah I don't go on here because of you guys!!
But I'm the one that is triggered amirite?

>all this retarded god talk

god had nothing to do with it. the original zionists were almost exclusively secular. israel was just seen as their ethnic homeland, just like every ethnic group has. god wasn't part of the equation and your fedora tipping is unnecessary.

>Says the flag who gave them said land
Yes that is why I used the modern equivalent of America and not the UK.

>It's like if a country like the UK goes and colonizes the New World, Australia, or New Zealand for example.
It isn't. That's a false equivalence. We took that land by force at a time when the world was still shaping into international compartments -- we live in different times now. We did not say, "this land is ours because 2,000 years ago ...," we instead were upfront and played Empire like many many societies have done previously over the course of history.

The rationale in my previous post is the same rationale applied to the forcible removal of Palestinian people from their lands and the establishment of Israel. It's arbitrary and fucked up.

I think the 2,000 year-odd gap annuls the claim to "ethnic homeland," don't you? What retardation.

>We took that land by force at a time when the world was still shaping into international compartments.
Yes, and by the time of Israel's inception the Middle East was going through the same process of compartmentalization.
Thank you for proving my point.


so address that then, not god. do you see what you're doing? you bring up some irrelevant shit and then when called out you say what about this thing? why not start with the actual relevant thing?

Actually it was not and I have not proved "your point." It's convenient that you seem to know exactly what I mean by "compartmentalization," whereas previously you were dead-set against the idea; only favouring it in comparison by coercion to Israel.

Also my argument is the rationale for claiming Israel is utterly ridiculous and should be rightly mocked. Your defence is, "b-but the British." We own our mistakes and no longer have rule over NZ, Aus, US, or Canada, whereas the conflict in Israel is ongoing. Again, we live in different times, do you?

Go ask your JIDF paymaster for more money -- shekels or USD? Or are you a BitCoin man?

I did address that, also, Jews believe Israel is their home as given to them by God. I am not wrong in this assertion and your taking umbrage with me is strange.

So where do the Jews go then? Would you have them all go to white countries?

I'd say the deaths of a few muzrat subhumans is a small price to pay to get the Jews the fuck out of our countries

I dont think it was 2000 years. Jews were in Israel until the Muslims came and took it over for about 500 years Jews wouldn't even have been in Europe had the muzrats not gone in a rampage

But there are still heaps of jews in white countries, and the jews we have are the ones that you have to worry about as subversion agents

>The land was owned by the British. They gave it to jews.
I only thank god they didn't gave them Gibraltar.

>we own our mistake

By letting yourselves get flooded by nonewhites and abandoning your colonies to face the same fate?

There is literally nothing wrong with colonialism. If you Brits had kept at it there wouldn't even be any Jew or Muslim subhumans left to be fighting over

this, sucks tthat the fags who replied to you didnt even agree. disgusting kikes

Right but now there's a place to deport all the kikes to if we ever have leaders with ge balls to do so

You sound redpilled already. The kikes want to willingly fuck off to a neo-colonial state and gas mudshits in the process while skewing right, it's better than Hitler ever could have imagined.

Faggots like for some reason want this expedition to fail so they'll repatriate back into the white countries they previously controlled and hasten their destruction with the rest of the international jewry. They're probably shills, or worse.

For you

>american education
>because pissrael existed for 500 years in ancient times means they have the right to live there
>babylonians were muslims

You're on point. I was just thinking that the other day. Imagine if all those Jews had to go back.

Really if I were deciding policy I would declare that Muslims and Jews don't have the right to live anywhere

You're both fucking retarded. The only thing that determines a "right" to live anywhere is the motivation to hold a piece of land and might to defend it. Palestinians, like Arabs in general, suck shit at war, and were conquered like so many others before them. Such is the human narrative.




glad to see you know the truth using hat image - I cease supporting palestinians when I have noticed they are rabid muslims

The vast majority of the population even in many of the Israeli ruled areas were initially Palestinian. Neither side is completely right but Israelis have generally been cunts.

In 1967, Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 Americans and wounding 173. It was a failed false flag and it was kept secret.


>Fuck you we need more countries like Sudan
Colonization has never benefited the countries that were colonized.

>Red pill me on Isreal
>posts kosher textbox history revisionist disinfo (((debunking infographic))) from JIDF shills full of blatant Jewish lies, spins and distrortions from first to last line

>when you want so badly to keep globalist kikes infesting your country you start crying over a bunch of subhuman mudshits to keep them from leaving for a shithole nobody else wants

9/11 was an inside Jewish job - a pretext to go to war and destabilize Israel's neighbors. It's all for the establishment of 'Greater Israel' and the Jew World Order.

>t.shlomo sandniggerstein

>t. Mehmet

Kill them both. The Israel conflict is a trick to get people to support EITHER Jews or Muslims and distract them from the fact that both are the enemy


>Mohammed Abdul Al-Said

Always side with people standing against muslims - 1.8 billion is the greatest danger

Agreed - muslims first - too much of them and Israel is small so...

Force of arms and better economic utilization of the land

>Kill them both.
Yeah, and let's kill every last nigger while we're at it. It'll be flawless and nobody will object to it or fight back! Do you retards learn nothing from history? Or even your own reality in which our countries are full to the brim with kike sleeper agents at the very highest levels of governments that would do everything in their vast power to make an already impossible task even more impossible?

Wheres the sinai penninsula?

>muh we won our aggressive wars on Arabs! power makes right! 101 Jewish backtracking excuse whenever their blatant history revisionist narrative hits on even just superficially educated anons who will immediately see the bullshit Jewish shills allways keep pulling out of their their ass again and again and keep pretending to be retarded about ever obvious like lie like the OP.

Except there where already international laws and agreements for the one wilding the power the U.S. and European states adhere to, not some dirty kikes. In summa summarum Western regimes are openly supporting kike terrorist in violation of their laws who are not one bit more legitimate or just than ISIS. No one here gives a shit about your kike "rights". We give a shit about the fact Western regimes back you sandniggers up.

>t. Rebel Media kike
The Muslims are not a problem in their lands and don't suck dry out foreign aid like Israel does while having their ZOG state department destroy Muslims lands creating the present refugee crisis

Israel can do whatever the fuck it wants there. Kebab removal is always good. Just stop asking the US for help.

JIDF plz

Get out of white countries and gtfo back to your African desert where you niggers came from

>Exposing Rothschild, triggers him