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>Martin McGuinness: Sinn Féin politician dies aged 66

>Article 50: Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next Wednesday

> EU summit on 29 April to discuss way ahead

>Labour descends into open warfare as John McDonnell accuses Tom Watson of 'interfering' in Unite leadership contest

> EU mocks Britain with anti-Brexit Tintin poster on wall of Brussels war room

> Jacob Rees-Mogg leads the celebrations at Article 50 party: ‘to the Brexit heroes of Islington!’

Hansard Committee Reports

>The process for exiting the European Union and the Government's negotiating objectives: Government Response to the Committee's First Report

> European Union Committee - Brexit: trade in goods

> European Union Committee - Brexit: Gibraltar

> European Union Committee - Brexit and the EU budget

>European Union Committee - Brexit: UK-EU movement of people

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>meanwhile in brit/pol/

I'm off to the shops lads, does anybody want a Freddo?

Pack of Rothmans and a bag of Monster Munch please mate.

It's what's for dinner.

Ritter marzipan for me pls m8


>Mhairi Black: Scotland has 59 MPs. London has 73. The second largest country in the UK can be outvoted by a single city. That's the real shame.

This is what happens when you let primary school students become MPs

Not this again.

you whites are self destructive people that want more non-white immigration and will call other whites "racist" for not wanting their country to look like Haiti or the third-world

Patrician choice there lad.

Do people over there even lift?

Nothing for you then.

kek - thx, they're really hard to find which makes me want one even more.

>the snp don't understand basic mathematics

What a surprise!

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>Mhairi Black

That's that scumbag Paisley ned isn't it?

population of
Scotland: 5.295 million
London: 8.74

She is as dumb as a back of rocks isn't she?

>implying it's a question of mathematics and not relative value, as though an entire nation is worth the same as a city of mudbloods simply because the city has greater population

there's a reason that one of the US's shitty congress things i don't fucking know gives every state 2 guys regardless of population.

50p won't even cover the jizya tax mate.

Bag of Haribo (Giant Strawbs if they have them).

tfw too autistic to even get a job at a toy shop

Pro-tip, put them in the fridge for a few hours.

Based upon current opinion polls ,my calculations are showing if the election was held tomorrow a 106 majority for the conservatives and UKIP losing Clacton.

Because of Brexit those things cost £8.99 each, you selfish leave voting cunts. You ruined this country just for selfish pleasure, and the old ones should've just been killed before the vote because they're not going to live to see its results anyway. So now I've got to pay £17.98 just for a Wham bar and some Astro Belts. Fuck you, fuck white people and FUCK YOUR BORDERS.




time machine me back the the 80s when things where simpler and i could get a bag of astro belts for 50p and still have money left to but me some double bubbles with the acid face lick on tattoos.

>as though an entire nation is worth the same as a city

Yer righ, they aren't worth the same. London is 10x as valuable as Jockland

Oh fuck off mate. I smoke in my spare time and I never smoke inside.

Nothing better than having a cigarette with a mug of coffee on a cool spring morning.


Get back in /meg/

I used to get a quid pocket money and buy ten packs of tangy toms

Highland Clearances 2.0 when lads?

I will give it a try sometime.

This guy understands the real issues involved, you can all learn a lesson or two from him. We can't even go on holiday anymore, you think I'm going to use Butlins with the rest of the lowlife racist scum? Yeah, fat chance.

Then let us cede jockland and give them zero MPs instead of preserving the abstraction of Britain that has such pakis in it.

got you lad

>Abusing Green party activists makes you a UKIP voter


35p Euroshopper Energy Drink

Literally YKTD: Left Edition

I know - damned hard to quit. I'm trying to keep below 10 p/day (rollies).

One day this spastic could be running Scotland. Just imagine it.

I live in the Highlands, my nearest neighbour is like 14 miles away.
North of Glasgow the population density becomes a oke.

The highlands are already clear as fuck is what im driving at.

I forgot about these, i was one of the fuckers that crunched them up in the bag one by one, like peasant bubble wrap, then mouthfulled the dust knowing i was going to cause horrific floaters into whatever i was drinking.

Does that mean I get my own Roblox shrine when randposter does pic-related to me?

I'll have 5 bags of space raiders please.

t. French Tourist Board

No opinions on Adnams then?

She was a pretty good surrealist, very under rated.

Getting real tired of my redditor English workmate shitting all over the UK and praising (modern) Germany constantly

Yeah but now i will be able to travel to a sunny holiday shithole in the sun using my uk passport in the airport and reap in the duty free prices again because now outside the eu

If you were given ultimate control of the country what would you change? I mean fundamental things like how Parliament operates or the '''''constitution''''', not just individual laws.

No, it means everyone has to bully you for lying about having a gf.



I recently quit, go see the doctor and get banged on the Champix diet.

3 month course, smoke away for the first month and then they kick in and you dont really want to smoke any more, after 2 months fags taste like that shite you put on your nails to stop you biting them and every toke leaves you feeling queasy as fuck from it.

Finaly just stop and dont notice the craving, only the habitual shit like wanting a smoke after dinner or the like.

Then its just down to combating the habit and not the withdrawl aspect.

Shit worked for me, not had a smoke in almost a year now and only miss it after my tea.


Are you mad?
What about all the bon bons sherbert, laces and other treats.
>You wasted your quid.

The vaginal Blairite will never take possession of my precious homunculus.



Who's this semen demon?

I'm on a pack a month. I keep them in the fridge so they don't go stale. Used to smoke more regulary years ago, but I just don't find the time anymore.

Anyone who always talks about politics at work is always a complete twat. Funnily enough it's always some lefty toss pot.

Got a story for you lads, it's a short one.

Went out with my mate driving today (he was driving) and he decided to go pay a visit to this lass while she was on dinner at work. She works in a nignog and paki area, it's disgusting. Anyway, while we were chatting conversation turned to the surrounding area and the demographics. This lass was all like "yeah, I like it I think it's nice" and I just told her bluntly that it was shite and wrong. She spent about 3 seconds refuting my point before just saying "yeah.... it is actually a bit shit when you think about it".

Think I might've given out a red pill in no more than about 6 words. Why do women seem to be so easily moulded?

Nice find.

>Funnily enough it's always some lefty toss pot.

Most of us here would get fired on the spot if we discussed politics at work.
>At the time, the government was leading a high-profile promotional campaign warning about the dangers of Aids and Sir Robert wrote back stating that Savile's acknowledged "sexual promiscuity" should not be encouraged.
>"The case of Jimmy Savile is difficult. Mr Savile is a strange and complex man. He deserves high praise for the lead he offers in giving quiet background help to the sick. But he has made no attempt to deny the accounts in the press about his private life."
>Sir Robert's successor, Sir Robin Butler, refused another request from No 10 in 1987, suggesting that to honour Savile would "not benefit the honours system in the eyes of the public".

>He wrote: "My committee and I still fear that his manner of life - on his own confession - has been such that a high award for him would be an unhelpful signal when we are still grappling with an Aids problem which threatens to intensify."
>The documents released cover all correspondence between ministers and civil servants on the issue.
>They do not shed any light on why, after repeated refusals, Savile was finally awarded a knighthood in 1990 - weeks after Lady Thatcher stood down as PM.

Doesn't change the fact that Mc Guinness was an unrepentant terrorist and had no problem with the actions of those who paralysed his wife.


they literally all knew and yet they let it happen kek

Scallywag Magazine. Look it up and read the horror.
>Lord McApline.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with ecofascism.

>Thatcher nearly died.

The problem isn't the introduction of something similar to the senate, you just have to fix the voting system.
Ironically, this is never going to happen tho because while SNP whines on about it, UKIP is actually underrepresented the most.

She could have been trying to be positive for the sake of it. It's a defect all of British people have. She probably always believed like you the area was shite, but in polite conversation just put her postive foot forward for the sake of it.

The right really ought to have their own serious ecological wing.
The environment is much too serious a topic to leave in the hands of fucking hippies, and even if we put the cunt off over climate science to one side there are still undeniable hotspots of pollution elsewhere.

Oh God, did you finally succumb and visit his shrine?

What's it like, beyond the images others have leaked previously?

>Is lesbian love still shocking? Attractive same-sex couple engage in some passionate PDA around London as hidden cameras record the reaction of bystanders

Couldn't even tell they were both girls without the title ffs.

Dali ripoff

Cheers m8 - I once gave up for ten years, but started a stressful job and ended up back on the fags again. I'll look into that.

Maybe that is the case, you could be right. It just seemed so odd that she just acted like that to me.


Not really, the styles are similar but it's not like she is just copying.

SNP policy is for a move towards a PR voting system iirc.

A PR system does nothing to fix the balance between nations of the UK though (as Scotland's previous over representation before devolution notionally did.), it just fixes the situation at present where "one man one vote" is true in technicality only.
I visited a bit yesterday, then my internet connection died and I fell asleep.
It's honestly half impressive in full 3D. Would suggest taking a gander, you don't have to register and Roblox downloads quickly.
(though alas there seems to be no way to chat with fellow visitors.)


That's some hard-core self control you have there - oddly enough, it's probably not that harmful given the average fag p/day consumption.

Reaction when I see twats in my pastry establishment.
>Fuck up everyone in Greggs.

It's all about framing. So long as it isn't over-the-top bureaucracy, there is nothing wrong with a right-winger wanting to uphold his ecological heritage.

>So what if he preyed on innocent children and boys using his status as a family-friendly icon? SO WHAT if he went into morgues and fucked with dead bodies? So what if he was a known pedo who mingled with high-class snobs who are likely pedos too? So what if he got up to evil, unspeakable SHIT behind closed doors? SO WHAT, BIGOT? He did good too. He donated money to charity lol! You have to keep an open mind lol!!!!

I want off this fucking ride

We're a very ugly people, aren't we?

>going back home (rent a room) in East London
>on Tube at 2100 after a good 11 hours of wageslaving
>only white guy bar one ginger hipster in my carriage
>random 'asian' chap starts badly playing the accordian
>its in the distance, big black guys next to me kept stating
>he starts up again but closer
>every fucking note is off
>literally no tune at all
>he's asking for money
>burst out laughing
>middle class Shires white boy laugh.mp3
Luckily I had only two more stops. Had to bite my tongue.

Couldn't really see facial reactions. Glasses were off.

Tiocfaidh ar la, you think that's the most probable result right now? Bollocks

Do you think that the UK should adopt a electoral college style system?

Everyone should make a pilgrimage to the Ayn Rand shrine.

Anyone listen to Clive Bulls show on LBC?

I always listen when i'm in the bath and can't help but notice is always foreigners phoning into the helpline show, whether it be the property hour, doctors advice or whatever.

We should federalise to be honest friend

Left or right this fat bitch is some greasy bacon chin shite.


Just noticed that on the left there's another guy standing on the statue.
Wonder if that's the other guest who visited at stupid'o'clock yesterday.

it will inherently by removing power from the top parties.
If you look at any nation that has PR it makes it easier for the smaller parties to become part of the coalition governments.

I've decided to pay it a visit.