Marital Rape

Marital rape is still basically legal in 8 states, Ohio is now pushing to make Raping your wife illegal. What are your thoughts Sup Forums?
I personally believe a Man should be able to rape his bottom bitch whenever he wants.

>to have and to hold as long as ye both shall live
marriage implies consent. marital rape does not exist.

>tfw no wife to rape me

if you have a good marriage you wife should never deny you sex without reason

This. I don't actually mean to straight up beat and rape the wife. But she agreed to marriage therefore you should be allowed to fuck her whenever you want.

>Being this much of a Beta

Wife should obey Hubbys orders.

The best means to judge is to use moral equivalency: Do you think it is OK for a woman to rape her husband?

"Marital rape" is illogical. You can't any more than you can you steal your own stuff. Rape is sex with a cunt who belongs to somebody else, you can not rape a cunt who belongs go you.

>phone posting

>can't rape your own wife
Damn, typing is hard.

If they want to make "marital rape" a thing then they should just abolish marriage altogether. Traditionally marriage was understood as perpetual contractal consent by the wife.

>get married
>can't get sex whenever you want
What's the point then?

No such thing as rape in a relation, if someone on the couple is upset, he leaves.

How did you know?

What are the states? No reason...

Hmmm consenting to get rape
Soumds like the next 50 shades movie

If the marriage was an actual marriage, meaning it actually has meaning to it not just "hurr durr we had an accident baby therefore here's a ring" , then you can't "rape" your wife because you wouldn't want to. If it was a stupid meaningless marriage then yes, you can "rape" your wife as the marriage falls apart. I personally would like to see that in cases of marriage rape, there should be a special prosecutor to evaluate the family life and determine the incident as legal or unlawful depending on the reasons for marriage. Either that, or add an addendum to the marriage license.

He is watching you jacking off rigth now.

If your wife won't fuck you and you can't cheat on her, that should be grounds for a divorce where she gets nothing out of the deal. Marriage is literally meaningless if there is no sex or not enough of it. At that point, you're not really married, you're just supporting some woman for no reason.

That doesn't mean you should be able to assault your wife and physically force her. It does mean that you should be able to kick her to the curb for not putting out.

It should be legal to rape your wife

...aaand this is why feminism still exists

Just look up "States where marital rape is legal"

I'm CIA.

But feminsts are doing around dressed like massive vaginas screeching about how air conditioning is sexist. How does this help marital rape?

That's pretty pathetic, I wouldn't care if he's watching me, just sad.

That and Sup Forums will get you on a list

No, it goes both ways. Traditionally, husbands are expected to put out for their wives.

It doesn't, chad abuse it's just going to marry the girl that doesn't complain like the abuse family has always done.

No it won't. You're paranoid as fuck dude. They don't give a fuck about a couple Male Chauvinists posting on a Georgian Basket Weaving board.
In fact. The dudes that run the CIA and NSA are Male Chauvinists themselves.

Like women need a reason for anything they do

>Charging his phone too
>Clearly has notifications
DUDE WEED in his photos

The first letter of your greentext was capitalized along with the word beta. Now you too can spot phonefags.


>I can take good guesses like those faggots "communicating" with people's dead relatives.
Neck yourself, larpfag.

>He doesn't capitalise sentences.
What's it like, living with a double digit IQ?

>his bottom bitch
Is that your pet name for your wife ? she must have low standards.

Typical greentext format uses lower case on the first word. That alone is only a possible indicator of phonefaggotry. The capitalization of the word beta was a dead giveaway.

I'm at 9% with no charger

That was the joke. Curious to see how correct I am though.

Feminism exists because men stopped properly controlling cunts.
We need to go back to treating them as what they are, non-person things made to be owned by men.

Charge your fucking phone for christ's sake

There's nothing that says wives should HAVE to consent to sex at all. That said a good girl wouldn't ever want to deny her man

Who the fuck cares whether it's on a phone or desktop?
I could easily hop on my PC and browse Sup Forums but it's not as convenient or comfy. I can browse Sup Forums while on the move instead of sitting in front of my pc.

Uh oh!
He better turn himself in now or make a run for México before the borders close.

>having the swedish word for cock in ID
anyways marriages nowadays are just licenses for gubernment gibs, they used to be a real commitment back in the day and marrying away your daughter had to be done carefully.

>is rape wrong

If they like it it's not rape, but that requires you to be an atractive man who women actually enjoy having sex with. Also too many guys go overboard with the sadism stuff and it ends up raping their lives. Being a registered sex offender is no joke. Be smart.

>ywn have someone want you so much they are willing to break the law to have you
why even live

What the fuck happened in the other 42 states? If you won't have sex with someone, don't marry them.

Then I believe a woman should be able to shove a dildo up her husbands ass whenever she wants.

pick one

Yeah but you know woman are alwways changing their mind. If you're a provider they don't even give it up like they used to. That's the original deal, husband wins bread, female gives mating rights. Now woman want the bread without giving up the goods.

I don't care and use my phone all the time. Calm down.

Lol thinking rape is okay but wondering why women wont fuck them


why is this so hard

>caring what women want

not even once

based Timothy

This. First post, best post.

If she gets unlimited access to his bank account, then he gets unlimited access to her body. That is the deal.

>woman with reason.

There have been women fucking the neighbor, because her man wanted to go to a football game. Women have cut off sex as a punishment without telling the man what the issue was. Women with reason is a myth.

If a mans wife isn't putting out then clearly something is wrong with the marriage. Your wife should adore you and love you, and view sex not as a chore but as something she enjoys just as much as you. Anyone that thinks its ok to rape your wife is no different to the muslim cunts who do the same.

Fuck off straya, not all of us have 8in long cocks


Asking for a friend

It was Paul technically.

Men shouldn't be able to deny their wives sex either. It goes both ways.
Being committed to someone and having 0 sex life grinds on me every day, it's one of the worst feelings yet you are expected to stay faithful to a man or woman with a non-existent sex drive.

Everyone point at the Manlet and Laugh.

If your woman isn't addicted to your cock its your problem

Its not enough to lose half your income and children, now the cunts are gonna have you thrown in prison.

"To have and to hold as long as both shall live"
When I got married I consented to a lifetime of sex.

You need to actually communicate and/or get counseling. Been in that spot before. People with no sex drive need to wear a badge on their clothing or something.

This is how easy it is to spot a virgin

Marriage is so worthless as an institution in the West right now.

Don't get married