>Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader and Kremlin critic, was doused with green dye as he campaigned in Siberia on Monday.

>“It burnt a lot, and I had a horrible thought that it was acid,” Mr Navalny said in a blog post shortly after the incident.

>To his relief, he joked, he has been left unharmed but looking like “either Avatar, or the Mask, or Shrek.”

>“This is a strange presumption on the Kremlin's part: if they pour zelyonka over me, I will stop campaigning and organising rallies," he added.

>“Maybe they thought I would stop recording video’s with a green face. But I’ll do more, because more people will watch,” he said in a video statement.

Will he really be Russia's next president?

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Putin has a 112% lead

>mfw I will bet on Putin again
>shitty odds but safe money

what a bunch of vile pigs.

>green dye
Wrong, it be Brilliant green (Viride nitens)".
>Will he really be Russia's next president?
Nope, kremlin just kill him soon as it was with others.

Also. March 26 will be a series of rallies against corruption. As a result of these rallies, it will be clear what will happen next.

It is a fucking green dye. Only your soviet doctors used it god knows why.

How can he be 'blessed by Kek' if Kek was invented by the KGB?

Nice try Nikolai, but you cant get me that easy!

>used it god knows why
Lmao, you fkn right. But feel the difference between green and luxery BRILLIANT GREEN.

Praise Kek anyway.

>god knows why
very cheap and useful antiseptic for small wounds

Navalny is blaspheming against Kek by adopting Kek's colour. He needs to pay the price.

plz go away from my board jew

only a matter of time before Kremlin has him assassinated

this 'attack' i just a warning of what they will do if he doesn't stop


>implying the KGB/Putin/Russian Orthodox Church isn't part of the grand jewish goympire.

> KGB/Putin/Russian Orthodox Church is part of the grand jewish goympire.
Confirm dat, dat 100% true.

>>Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader

Last time I checked zyuganov was the opposition leader coming second at last presidentials with twelve million votes.

His a putins spoiler, he does not represent any opposition.

Lol, I like hov libshits desperatly trying to meme Sup Forums into support of Navalny.
In their echochamber they're LITERALLY trying to force some memes, some shit like "Dude, hacker known as Sup Forums loves green smug rogs, lol :-DDD"
"If we meme about KEK, americans will love us :-D"

Truly pathetic

I don't see how a guy who paints himself green can have any serious expectation of defeating Putin and running one of the Great Powers in the world.

Ti dumaesh shto komuto ne pohui shto proishodit na 4chane? Ty kakih budesh, kommiblyadok nebos'?

That`s Allah blessings.