Really fires up those neurons huh

Really fires up those neurons huh

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finally some right-wing representation in kids media, instead of normalizing fags

If she isn't a complete shitposter, I will be very disappointed.

>Faggots don't know who special Ed is lol

what exactly did Sesame Street mean by this?

Yes, Julia is so adorable tho :*(

>tfw Sup Forums isnt old enough to remember crank yankers

not really a surprise

Well, that's insulting



Pretty sure I already called them on that one it's still fucking hilarious

>cross eyed

More like the first mentally retarded muppet lmao

I loved that show. Had a bunch of good comics on it.

Why is that a lmao moment?

I honestly don't see a problem with this


just knock it off, you stopped being about a year ago

That's a crank yankers puppet, not a muppet(tm).


I would watch it.

As someone with autism, this is extremely offensive considering that is a stereotype of those that suffer from retardation - not autism.

And correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that image from an old show called Crank Yankers?


>implying they fire

Arthur did this like a decade ago

>implying this isn't the most autistic muppet ever

he reminds me of Sup Forums

reminder that Julia is /ourgirl


>tfw so autistic you think the pic in OP is Julia or that she is going to be as "retarded" as the goyim in OP pic

user pls, be less autismo ok?

internet autistic you mean
internet autistic = no fun allowed, feels emotions but is too insecure to express them especially happiness
real austitic = has no comprehension of emotions

This, can we meme Julia to spew redpills uncontrollably, and when normans call her out on it, we can counter it as an effect of her 'disability'?

We have ruined popular characters before and dammit we will again.

that's like so fucking offensive to males you know? such a small minority of autists are females, they're almost non-existent, and you make a female autist? way to alienate me. before sesame street my life was incomplete. now it's fucking finished.

kys it´s mainly the the mirror neurons don´t work! Ok I´m thinking about aspieism but tbqh this is what most of Sup Forums means when they say autism.

the goal is to make her a symbol of the alt-right

this is mine


>Not a Mac book

Fuck you Chad


This is why God doesnt talk to us anymore.



should be the count

>so autistic her swastika is backwards

Looks like she is /ourgirl/ afterall


gotta gas him before he directly attacks our credit scores with his vile jew sorcery

cant wait for the first airstrike led under her commandcentral in her moms basement

someone start putting "Make Sesame Street Great Again" hats on her please

>a girl with autism
this meme needs to die

Leave it to a leaf to add the trademark TM but not capitalize it.



Swastikas are her unique way of self expression.


wtf you can see the wires holding her hands up

Hello this is Ed

>wtf puppet strings on something we know is just a puppet.
Shut up.

>go to take that test
>majority of the questions that answer 0 were 2 when i was 10 or younger
Autism is a choice

Sesame Street is on HBO now you faggot. Public media is a waste. Kids watch YouTube videos now

Is feminine penis :^D

It's incredibly rare but girls can get autism. They just express it differently so it's hard to diagnose. They act so boyish they get mistaken for little boys.

anons now actively watch the sesame street to find possible material for memes. the marketing ploy came to success. the autistic puppet just catched a new target group


So Feminist are really just autistic women well I always had my suspicions


>they act boyish
>tfw have a somewhat softspot for autists
what the fuck now I actually wanna fuck autistic girls

The character hasn't debuted on TV yet, saving pics from Google image search isn't very time-consuming, Deitdrich. If you could stop watching Somalis gang-banging your wife and daughter for five minutes you'd know that.

>wears a helmet
>eating play dough

Im not sure this is what autism is but sure

fuck i thought the autism thing was just a meme


Thats because that character in OP's picture is Special Ed from Crank Yankers.


nut watching them is so relaxing. almost hypnotizing

if it be kek's will...

r8 me Sup Forums

Those fucking Mexicans at Sesame Street stole that puppet from Crank Yankers!

Wouldnt say its rare. Rather sperg grils are going to adapt easier because they are either socialized more easily than boy spergs or AS traits are seen as cute.
See: the manic pixie dream girl trope


Rather more effort is put into socializing them. Boys can just be ignored. [spoilers]Like I was.[/spoilers]

lol crank yankers

People with autism will be classified as a hate group in 2018.

>retard helmet

I'm going to be honest this made me tear up a bit

My sisters autistic and seasame street is her favorite show and this made me feel emotional

Is this what black people feel when they're featured in movies





o shit the r34 has already begun

why do I want to fuck this muppet?


but then they'll make her black
you're not alone

are you black?

that could explain it

Consider my almonds activated.

This, and it should be Ed doing spastic shit for laughs. Id probably start watching the show. *gasp* If we started obsessing over this shit and memeing it on all boards can we get /mlp/ delete and redubbed /ss/? For Seasame Street of courze!


My Little Pony did it first with Derpy

>has emotions besides anger
get out normie REEEEEE


Plus they're savage as fuck.

Looks like a scene from Crank Yankers the tv show.

I laughed

They will turn her black.