Trump BTFO "Get ready for impeachment"

Maxine Waters To Trump: "Get Ready For Impeachment"

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get ready to be fatherless

she went there
That's the Korea nog with sub-saharan iq

who cares about this nobody nigger that called for a civil war?

Wasn't she a movie star?

for what, exactly?

Kike pet

For muh russia boogeyman, they are not tired of it yet

for Trump supporting "Korea-invading Putin;"

More baseless nigger words.

How the fuck did this cunt even get voted in?

Stfu anti-semite. All those people in your pic earned their position. Go back to your moms basement while she gets fucked from behind by your black stepdad of the week.



>spotted the jew

If Trump actually is impeached for this, when the right was unable to get Obama impeached, it will provoke a civil war.

>"Wrappin' his arms around Putin'"

Does anyone remember that thing Micheal Savage says about Maxine Waters?

Her "disconcerted look" or something

You tell me's_43rd_congressional_district

Let's have a moment of silence, to honor all of the horses that had to die to create this nigger's knappy ass weave.


I wouldn't worry about it, seriously it isnt gonna happen.


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OH wow this nigger again. Everytime she gets on. She repeats Muh IMPEACHMENT

You lost Jew.

Go back to the shadows from whence you came!!!

I never imagined one man could be hated by so many stupid people. The jews must really have a grip on the coastal plebs.

>when the right was unable to get Obama impeached

For what? Being black?

That's literally all they ever had against him.

Not even taking into account the statements that Putin "leading an advance in Korea" (he isn't as far as I've heard) and "Trump supplied bombs that killed children in Aleppo" (Obama did the same shit) this baboon is literally spewing DNC talking points because they LITERALLY HAVE NO FUCKING MESSAGE FOR THE TIME BEING (apparently calling everyone you don't like a racist is getting old) AND HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING TO STAY RELEVANT.

>Oooh look at me I'm a big mean tough Internet Nazi. You better be afraid of me!
>What? I'm not crying. Those aren't tears! I'M NOT LOSING ALONG WITH KUCKTRUMP!



>Maxine Waters
>ever correct about anything

She is the personification of when niggers elect even more retarded niggers to represent them in Washington. Basically, a sub-human dumbfuck who got lucky with a cushy job and no intelligence whatsoever, but has that ever been a requirement for her position?

>anyone that disagrees with me is just FUCKIN STUPID, DUDE



Ass-blasted jew confirmed, it's really cute when a nebbish kike gets riled up like you just did.

Meanwhile, Trump moves on and gets shit done while Libtsrds distract themselves with 'muh Russian boogieman' and 'impeachment nao!'.

Yeeea, Finally.

Which Korea was Putin invading again?. Maxine-dude should know by now.

Someone should tell that nigger to get ready to be turned into a leather jacket and gloves.

They will still perceive it as unfair.

Is she part of the bogdanov family?

>House votes to impeach. Simple majority.
>Senate votes to convict, or uphold, the impeachment. 2/3's majority is required.

Aint gonna happen.

Good goy with you shills. Nobody's losing, besides Brock's bank account. Granted, that doesn't empty quick enough.

Let us know when someone with atleast half a brain calls for impeachment. Until then, were gonna enjoy the destruction of the democrats and MSM.

She retweets Shareblue...

She has Putin/Trump Propaganda pinned to the top of her Twitter feed...

She is the wealthiest person from her "District"

She's right we must stop the Russian Invasion of Korea

>She retweets Shareblue...
I saw that earlier. How fucking shit tier is she that she literally retweets Sharblue!!!! She is a fucking disgrace!!!

going straight to jail

you dont sell the alien information to russia and get away with it,drumpf

>Dems say Trump colluded with Russia
>Dems say Trump and Putin are bffs
>Dems say Trump will be impeached
>Dems say Trump will harm the economy
>Dems say Trump will start a trade war
>Dems say Trump will start a nuclear war

They're literally setting up their supporters for disappointment and it's beautiful. By 2018 and 2020, voters will be so disillusioned with Dems that Trump could lie to their faces and still come out ahead.

She's a noted crazy person though.

Nigger who? Said what to the President? Irrelevant nigger opinions are irrelevant.


This is what the idiots on the left do not understand. They are making everyone believe that their own vote was rigged.

The Dems are doing more damage than Russians could ever do.

>Did the voting machines get hacked?
>Did people get exposed to Dem bullshit via leaked/hacked emails?
>Are Dems willing to risk the creditability of the vote because they are butthurt?

Then another vote to remove from office

Then it's pence and they need to that over and over again 13 times until Nancy pelosi becomes president

Fucking retarded

>She's a noted crazy person though.

but (((they))) use the "Black Don't Crack" Logic...

If you say anything negative against a (((token))), then your a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, Russian Puppet!

I am sick of this Russia bullshit. When will liberals give it a rest?

Yep I'm happy to see that the democrats are fully insane


All Trump wants is better relationship with Russia, instead of pointless warmongering. Liberals call him puppet for that.

>nigger nancy pelosi


This makes me fucking rage. How do people not see that Jews are at the very least in far more control than regular people solely by looking at their statistically shocking over prevalence in high society.

The one thing they REALLY don't seem to want is good Russian relations. They have poisoned the well for the future.

Is it the Soros connection?

>earned their position
>They get their position with environment advantage

>want someone white mom get blacked
>either black cock sucking faggot or degenerate "Robin hood syndrome" commie

Can't fix economy , can't fix education
because too busy to being degenerate

Yeah... a typical "nigger worship" American

gas this nigger

>complain about racism
>wear white people hair


Is that bill cosby?

trump is the president of the united states tho, he won

>a nigger
>and a woman

That's a double whammy of stupid

Your autism is showing

White guilt and virtue signaling.

Obama, literally the Dindu Nuffin president.

I think starting the libyan war after congress voted no counts.

holy shit you really triggered the wife's sons

Copypasta but 200 pounds isn't obese unless you're a manlet.

Talk about impeachment? Didn't she do much worse than Flynn??? Oh heres the pr00fs...

It writes itself. We don't even need to meme anymore.

>"Get Ready For Impeachment"
On what charde?

if you see even a handful of niggers in your college classes, you should really rethink your major and the money you're fucking away on it.

Baseless opiniated advice

D-dat's antisemitic goy!

wow chill dude Sup Forums is a board of peace


too far man, this is a board of peace

If you're into year 3 of your degree, all gen eds done, and your class is 20%+ nigger, you should really think about what kind of a job you're going to have in 24 months, and that's assuming you can even get a job with toilet paper for a degree.

Do they keep zooming out for the next shot?
Are they trying to save money on printing?

IRS Scandal, 4th Ammendment breaching with mass surveillance of U.S. Citizens without probable cause or warrants.

They are scared. A podcast i watch keeps getting callers that are kikes.
>Whoa whoa im not like those other jews. Im right wing go- i mean guys.
One every episode will admit they're chosenite others just say cut out antisemitism