#BLM Protesters on Road Get Plowed Over by Vehicle and Shot

youtube.com/watch?v=oBeldXbSPxs - To any normal, reasonable or not borderline mentally handicapped individual one could argue that protesting on the road does carry the risk of someone running you over. With the BLM crowd however, foresight is only white man wizardry.

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So cars shouldn't have to stop for people? Why do white supremacists think a person will beat a car?

This pleases me.

>Cars shouldn't have to stop for people

No, if a crowd of black people stops me in a road, that is a threat to my life, which is a God-given right.

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roads are for cars, sidewalks are for people.

Man I came so hard.

When did this happen?

Man I came so hard.

When did this happen?

Did you cum hard, though?

It's amazing how fucked up the mind of the cuckservative is that he can justify attempted murder.

This wasn't an accident. The people who did it could serve life in prison. And they would deserve it.

Why the hell did they start shooting?

kys faggot
idk but its pretty god damn funny

this happened ages ago

Yes, yes I did.

ive seen the person get ran over before, but i have never seen the shooting part of this vid

the fuck did they think would happen playing in the road? i bet they won't be protesting anytime soon, lel, lessons need to be taught sometimes to put the uppity niggers in their place

10 Bucks says it Yung Queasy from the Bankhead Bloods Crew.

That's ok Chicago Antifa here. We thought about bringibg spike strips to road rallies but honestly we don't need them because we march on Lakeshore drive every major protest. And with the exception of angry old scumbags most people cheer us on

That's an old vid OP. Someone reuploaded for views. Probably you.

>In liberal nigger town
>Get shot at for ruining a niggas ride

Pretty sure everyone involved were of the liberal persuasion

>be american
>get run over
>30 seconds later gunfight ensues

america is a third world country. never visiting that shithole again

please let this be legal in Tennessee soon

I never understood you people calling conservatives cucks. It's the complete polar opposite of being a cuck. Second of all how many people have watch you fucking liberal morons vandalize shit during your "peaceful protests" then when a trump supporter protests he get jumped by your fucking flying monkey army? About time you retards start getting what you deserve.

Why do women always fucking yell? And they wonder why they weren't allowed to vote for so long. They're emotionally unstable.



Their right to vote will be taken away soon.

This video is 100% proof black "people" belong in a zoo exhibit.

>tfw you will never visit a pygmy exhibit at the zoo

The shooting 30 seconds later is what really makes it hilarious.


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Well this is fucking it. I have had it up to here with this world.

When will someone put Sam Hyde in timeout? I am sick and tired of watching him getting away with shit day after day!

hehe the video description is cute :3

Excuse me

>you'd be in the bahamas fucking babes

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You could have at least posted something believable.

You have zero self awareness huh huemonkey?

People do this kind of shit so vehicles stop. They then proceed to surround the vehicle, pull the driver out, beat/murder them then steal the vehicle.

Fuck these nigs

Dispersed that crowd.

Is there a buzzfeed article about this somewhere?

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What a fucking shithole, gringos are worse than animals.

Stop bullying them Hans that is mean of you.


Honestly I hope they all die of infection caused by vampire fish swimming up their pee hole.

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Those are niggers senpai, we're trying to build a wall to protect you too.



we miss you already

Wasn't it BLM nignogs firing the shots?

>White man wizardy


Fucking white people are too much...

This is what we should do to "refugees" so they stop getting on boats in the first place. Just place a good warning: "You try it, you might die. Want your pretty life, don't try it. If you die, we will not give a fuck.". CREDIBLE THREATS, GUYS!

I'll be in my clock tower doing my best Charles Whitman impersonation.

>when the shooting starts

just realized that's an upvote. i'm so fucking sorry.

Only conservatives that compromise their ideals to liberal whining and support immigration are cuckservatives. That guy is just retarded and doesn't know what it means.

you know what needs to be done user

>be black
>wander onto poorly lit street
>at night
>get hit by passing motorist
>crowd scream in disbelief
>remainder of group floods into street
>surrounds yet another motorist
>shooting start
>crowd screams in disbelief

This video is undeniable proof Darwin was right

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Oops, sorry buddy.

but murder is one human killing another with intent

black people aren't human thus you cannot murder them

Does anyone have a link to a similar video where you can clearly here a black guy go "ooooOOOH SHIIIIT!" before the car hits someone?

get surrounded by a bunch of niggers, have two licks of common sense and have seen what happens to people surrounded by black people before
>start shooting at them

This cop should be fired. He couldn't act professional for more than 2 minutes. He will not last long in that career.

That cop is a piece of shit too. Not saying the kid doesn't deserve a beating, but he got incredibly pissy when he mentioned his badge number. Then starts cussing and arguing with him.
Should have driven around the block pretending to look for the girl then gone home

This is almost a year old, but never gets old. How can that be?


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>post the same thread topic for a year
>one post by this id

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Top kek.

Should have just arrested that faggot on something like disorderly conduct.

That was awesome. Where are the riots against racist mexicans?

The shooting was from the nigs. Shocking I know.


Actually it was protesters who shot at the vechile when it pulled into a near by restaurant after stopping after the accident
Then then proceeded to drive off, their car was peppered with bullet holes

It was a fat black woman in that car, dumb fuck.

but considering the black on black murder rate is so high, you're probably right that it wasn't an accident

>looks at mexicos murder rate


Any reports on this? It sounds like its probably true butI'll believe it when I see proof.


>1 post by this ID

>be German
>get run over by truck
>30 seconds later "Allahu Akbar" ensues

There's another angle video somewhere
Where you see the crowd rush the vehicle and when it starts to drive off they open fire on it

I'm don't have a source either but I do specifically remember this when his video first dropped. The person in the car was some random white woman.

Who was driving?

I remember when this happened, but never got a full story.

>To any normal, reasonable or not borderline mentally handicapped individual one could argue that protesting on the road does carry the risk of someone running you over.
They were not protesting on the road, it was just one guy standing in the middle of the road like a dumbass and some faggot going full speed trying to hit him on purpose. I can understand a bunch of niggers protesting and blocking the road and some dude just mowing them down to get to work. But this guy some some black dude in the middle of the road and said fuck that nigga and sped up to hit him. In fact he was more than likely a nigger himself, as where the ones who started shooting out of no where. Pretty much this is niggers being niggers

what a shitty cop. the number one priority is to DIFFUSE a situation, and this mongoloid fucking creates one. what a shame.

Holy fuck! Just like a day in my neighborhood.

P-please don't meme the >get shot meme into reality Sup Forums

Yeah i agree it was nice to see him kick his ass..
But i was cringing hard with the way he lowered himself to the niglet's level.

A woman
I think she was black
>A witness said the shooter was targeting the vehicle whose female driver hit the man and tried to flee from an angry mob that chased after her.

Okay, I'll bite.

You realize that laying down spike strips as a civilian can get you charged with things like vandalism and various forms of assault, yes?

Jordan is that you?

It was a woman driver(I believe some nig)
She pulled into a McDonald's
They rushed her so she drove off
So niggers pulled out their guns they brought to a peaceful protest and dumped half a magazine into her car

g8 b8 m8

Based cop not putting up with nigger bullshit

They walked onto a road with high speed traffic, what the did they expect? It not like they were in a crosswalk. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.