Post them

post them

Typical mainline GOP voter

hoo woo


Also this





That's liberal lol


Also post your ideology or some of your views, especially if you're in green or red.
Those two seem to be the most misunderstood.



Am I ok?
Closest guy I can find to myself on the political map from google images is Dennis Kucinich. Is he a good guy?

Best quadrant




Thanks for doing it for me so I don't have to. This goes in all of these shitstain "political compass" threads.

Every year I keep leaning more and more right-wing. The first political compass I have saved from 2014 has the ball somewhere on the lower middle green. This one I did earlier this year.



i'm just against muslims and gays


This is my actual position.

I still consider myself a liberal oddly enough. It helps that progressives and socialists are using liberal as an insult now so I still call myself a liberal to annoy them.

I'm big on the free-market in most cases but make a significant amount of exceptions such as for climate change, monopolies, and I like canada's health care the way it is.

good enough

>tfw we'll probably never go back to late 18th-century style American politics

>inb4 libcuck

Fucking cucks in this thread



I suffer from the radical idea that people should be free to choose what they do with their money.

>"duur everyone is dum but me"

no one has claimed that. i haven't seen anyone claim these are infallible. they provide a simple vauge spot to label yourself with. but I'm a retard who just took bait, so I hope your happy

>being this close to red

blue > red > purple >>>>> green

If you're purple you have an autism problem that needs managed and if you're green you should kill yourself.

>statist needs a big daddy government to look after them
what a cuck

Fuck off. Liberal is like OP, I know cause I'm in the same area.

Get the fuck off my board.


>muh echo-chamber

Or you'll what?

shilling is my hobby :)


go fuck yourself you lil bitch. too dependent on sucking uncle sam's dick to eke for yourself, huh, little bitch? suckling on the state's tits is comfy I know baby bitch but it's time to grow up inter/pol/

what fucking sire do you use to make this shit i only found this shit



>MY man
Joe Biden is the closest I could find
Apparently we're "national liberals"

Joe Biden is the closest I could find
Apparently we're "faggots"



I consider myself a lite Traditionalist

I smell plebbit on you


nope, try again, this time with an argument

you're pretty redpilled for a frenchbro.

I always end up in deep red even though I say fuck the jews and blacks and also third worlders are worthless savages, also nationalism is extremely important. I don't understand how hitler can be that far right, fuck corporations


>someone on Sup Forums is redpilled
why is this worth noting?


have you taken a look at this thread?


>fuck corporations, those evil devils who can barge into my house and kill me whenever they please
>government is obviously better

Yeah I'd really like to see a candidate at least in the purple square, but it's like it'll never happen in France, (((socialist heritage))) being too strongly rooted. Also de Gaulle strong vision of the state and of the President still holds, so I guess I'll be politically frustrated at all the elections I'll vote in my life.

yes what's your point?

>posts no argument at all
>"Y u post no argument?"
Dad says it's past your bedtime


>End the Federal Reserve system.
>Raise the minimum wage for full-time work and tie it to inflation. End poverty wages for those working at least 40 hours a week.
>Call for universal healthcare and end the tyranny of private insurance companies.
>Provide a generous welfare system for the poor, covering basic necessities.
>Implement a simple, flat income tax for all wealth brackets.
>Allow taxpayers to choose which public services their tax dollars will fund (ex. if a person does not want their money to go toward
food stamps and Planned Parenthood, they have that choice). If a service is under-funded, let the people know so they can have the discussion over whether it should be privatized. Government should not spend more than what the people give it.
>Implement protectionist trade policies that benefit Americans. No more NAFTA/TPP-style regulations.


>End affirmative action.
>Private businesses can discriminate for any reason they want (don't have to bake the cake).
>Strongly pro-gun. Background checks at the most.
>Decriminalize drug usage and end the War on Drugs.
>Against NSA Spying/mass surveilance policies like the Patriot Act and NDAA.
>Pardon and honor Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and other whistleblowers.
>Keep net neutrality.


>Keep abortion legal, but make contraceptives like birth control more accessible to lower the number of abortions.
>Let LGBT people marry, or at least get the government out of it. Churches can be allowed to deny a gay couple from marriage if they

>Remove the death penalty. Too many innocent executed.
>Repeal hate speech laws.
>Businesses shouldn't be required to "diversify" employees or make quotas.
>3rd wave feminism/SJWs are toxic to society.


>Bring troops home from across the world.
>Massively lower the need for military spending.
>End all aggressive wars and defend our borders.

Don't worry you still have le pen


>not using the o'brien pic for auth right

i may weaponize my autism for trump but deep down i'm a huge lefty who rooted for bernie.

fine, you're right there was adhom on both sides. however I do not go to reddit. so fuck you

>generous welfare
>minimum wage
>universal healthcare
>allow people to choose what they're taxed on
>flat income tax
I'll give you some leeway since you probably have been indoctrinated by government schools since your birth, but you're retarded.


what's your flat income tax going to be? 95%?

Tbh she won't win. Like she stands absolutely no chance against (((liberal))) Macron, which is right now extremely hardly pushed by the media. Sad to say it but I guess I'll vote Fillon 1st round hoping he will be 2nd to Le Pen with Macron ending up third. This is the one and only >1% probability of happening scenario in which Le Pen can win.

If Nappy came back, would you take him?

Keep in mind Hillary has overwhelming media support as well. I think she has a solid chance. I'm not sure how the french voting system works though

what the fuck is wrong with you, libcuck? get the FUCK off
and if i catch you here again, ill stick a knife into your eye

>I'll give you some leeway since you probably have been indoctrinated by government schools since your birth

I was actually homeschooled and cyber-schooled throughout grade school.



I did it but it's pretty silly, the questions are pretty loaded with your answer in most cases assumed to be what they want it to be instead of what you mean.

Example: Women are homemakers before career junkies. Agree but I expect the Father to also be just as much of a home maker for his own fucking child. but you cant say that and that skews the results.



>thinking universal healthcare, minimum wage, or welfare is good at all
nigger, look at any poverty or crime statistics before and after the welfare state.
or any economics book for that matter.
Poverty rapidly declines under very little government intervention, and suddenly it stagnates after trillions of dollars are used to "combat" it.
really makes you think.

Nappy? Quite new here I don't know all the alternative names.
It's really not the same. First round we can vote for all candidates, the two best ranked go on for the second leg, where you vote X or Y and the higher percentage wins. Because of that fucking dumb system, all parties usually gather against the extreme if it's selected for the second leg. Le Pen father lost to Chirac in 2002 with less than 20% for him and aournd 80% for Chirac.
If it's Macron / Le Pen, all the left + centrists + neo-liberals will vote Macron, conservatives (for fillon) will split evenly between the two and far-right will vote Le Pen. That's a 35/65 loss for her.
Against Fillon, the left will be more reluctant to call to vote for him, and recent affairs he got can lead to a low turnout, which is good for Le Pen.


>illegitimacy rates rapidly increase after welfare


Were like political fag brothers


The poverty statistics don't go down because the Federal Reserve has been inflating the currency every year since 1913. Until we end the Fed, it doesn't matter what we do.


Standard run-of-the-mill Nationalist GOP voter

oh look it's this thread again



>companies fuck you in the ass
Can someone on the left explain how that's possible? As far as the debate of whether it's the government or the corporations that control people, clearly it's the government. The government can pass laws that actually affect your life. A company can't do anything to fuck you over. Just don't give them money if you don't like them.

the only reason they say that is because they're envious of the CEO's achievements and want him gone.

sounds like you have a worse system then us. I hope for your sake the french people make the right decision regardless of the media's influence