Why do so many people hate Serbs?


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Remove Libab


I'm not quite sure what they're trying to say...

muds aren't people

Serbs are pretty cool ey

They're nigger tier.

Also, they caused too much drama in 90s.

Because they're bloodthirsty and sneaky?

Don't be too worried, nobody has been able to translate sand ape.



> Tfw you guys are being incredibly intolerant. This is OKAY, they are OPPRESSED

I bombed the Serbs in 1999. Ask me anything.

but did they

They were in the same position as the Union. They lost to the Confederates.

they are impulsive savages. Its no surprise that their social media accounts reflect that

That's good. If parts of a federation want to leave, they should be allowed to.

I'm honestly not sure that the Confederates were in the wrong in the civil war anyways.

rude desu.

>serbs creating drama
Nigga we were killing muslims and minded our own business. Clinton started tht shit

The rapublikas should've been able to leave then too.


Fuck off, hillary.

How do you feel about partaking in destruction of white europe?

I love serbs, and i am fucking a serb girl.

Bosnians are Slavic and native to Europe. Just because they picked a different sand-religion doesn't make them outsiders.

Isn't melania supposed to be of Slovenian descent? Serbs hardly have anything in common with Slovenians.


I`m talking about building the way for current shitflow.
There is no doubt, that all the NATO "conflicts" in last 28 years where about allowing niggers and arabs to flood central europe.

Sub-Human pig fuckers hate Serbs.

they hate muslims and that's problematic

Why the fuck serbian film is so sick, why? fuck somebody just fucked yours PR to hell