Is he, dare to say, /ourguy/?

Is he, dare to say, /ourguy/?

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damn right he is!


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Looks like my physics teacher.


Giant pencil is removed from the background.

He stuffed the French, where is his statue?

How did he get away with that tho ?

Looks like everyone's physics teacher.

He believes the Holocaust is real, also
>that nose

Of course he is

Lloyd is a funny guy, but most likely to go unabomber than becoming a racist libertarian

Is that lindybeige?


>this triggers the britbong

I don't get this, why would he be Sup Forums's guy exactly?

He's pretty knowledgeable about medieval combat... and less so about some of the other things he talks about but I wouldn't exactly say he was the flag bearer of Sup Forums.


Lindy is a living god.

he sure is!

dont start

every fucking time i see the Ifunny logo i kek

>He's pretty knowledgeable about medieval combat

Closet anti immigration. Does not believe in climate change. Wants to make britannia great again

Where is the proof of this, I've only watchrd a few videos

My first major redpill came from that dude

Most historians are right-wing marketeers, most scientists are left-wing commies.

He said only 1 mil died in the showh

He has a few videos talking about IQ differences and that he believes they're genetic, so he's pretty redpilled.

He's anti-gun tho but as a bong i won't hold it against him



waiting for the day lindybeige discovers a white hating crash course history video and goes full "RESTORE THE BRITISH EMPIRE" mode.

because he hates the French and thinks colonialism was the greatest thing that ever happened.

his anti holocaust denial video was pretty stupid

His videos are great but this one makes me say no

No, he is a proponent of BMI. Which doesn't work without price controls. Which doesn't work without slavery or asset seizure.

He is an autistic sperg.

So, yeah


He's also pretty lefty when he occasionally talks politics.

Sup Forums focuses too much on gassing the kikes. think of all the other groups Sup Forums could gas. never forget.

>Closet anti immigration
dude no, he's a fucking cuck. his argument about immigration is that nobody knows what the right answer is, but it's not zero and it's not infinity so let's find out the REAL MAGICAL NUMBER that's correct. completely ignoring WHO THE IMMIGRANTS SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT BE. he's like a parody of 'le radical centrist' who doesn't actually stand for anything except trying to appear superior to both sides.

We wouldn't have to gas them if kikes didn't bring them in.