/afg/ Alt-Fem General - Kill The Shills Edition

This is a meme campaign to get young girls/women interested in traditional values and families.

A traditional alternative to (((feminism)))

These threads are about figuring out how to do this.

An /afg/ thread will be started at 7 PM EST every day

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Red-ice radio

Brittney Pettibone

Tara McCarthy

Blonde in the belly of the beast

Lauren Southern


Julie Boroski


White Rose-very good all round, especially on migrants, anti feminism, ect

Margaret-kekist, Trump memes ect

Roaming Millenial-anti feminist, anti PC, has wide reach. Not red pilled enough on race relations tho

Karen Straughan

Rightwing female twitter






Meme categories as I see them:
> Romanticized: fields, sun, gardens, crafts, natural environments, traditional.
> Satire/Humour: Feminists as punks, degenerate, screeching, slutty, nude, separated from normality/reality (need more)
> Motherhood: happy mums, families with husband, marriage, natural settings
> Career: stressful 9-5 career vs luxury of staying home with kids (need more)
> Contrast: modern women vs traditional. "Which way to happiness?" (need more)
> New Challenges: for those wanting to change/try new things e.g. "Fun, Career: done. What's next?" (need more)

Each of these work on different types of women. There is no one type of woman, there is no correct single type of meme.

Strategy as I see it:
> alt-fem is a internal term from the early days, not going to be used externally. Get over it.
> We aren't meme'ing women into tradition per se, we are adding memes to an existing movement away from feminists.
> This isn't religious but we recognize religion has a similar message. Religion narrows the effectiveness.
> This isn't a political meme war, it's a spontaneously occurring cultural change. We add energy to it.
> This isn't a fast change, it's very slow & quiet. Perhaps generational.
> This erodes feminists of membership as these women seek happier calmer alternatives.
> This is low energy, long lasting. (Normal memes wars burn fast, die fast.)
> There is no coup or immediate victory, it is a continuous trend away from lefty extremism, which will perpetuate for decades.
> Memes without hash tags avoid being associated with (political) movements. Celebrate women being women.
> Women are in charge of women's destiny, they aren't slaves / baby factories. Men can contribute to the discussion, make memes & add momentum & conviction to the cause.
> Promoting morality, babies & celebrating womanhood can't be argued against without that person looking ridiculous.
> This last point means we have already won, we just need to let them know :)


Ignore shills
Ignore (((mgtow))) cucks they all have obvious mental issues other than autism
>we know woman are degenerate
>we know they have no reason not to be
>we know woman are just conformist
This is a thread tying to turn that back around
>we know the best way to fix woman is to fix ourselves
>we know alt-fem is lame
>we know the memes are lame
>the idea is to make memes for woman
>or make hyper feminist memes and shill accounts
>or bot and shill pro traditional female figureheads

This is a subversion campaign if you think this is a shill or slide thread ask yourself; what the fuck would be the point?
>no one is trying to get females to this board
>no one is trying to meme red pilled wives for Sup Forums
Feminism is one of the strongest branches of cultural marxism if you think challenging that is a bad idea pls KYS!!



I suggest the best tag, if we do need one e.g. Twitter, is TruFem. It suggests, true female, true feminine and even true feminist which means a return to the original First Wave feminist values (rather than the over-extended form that exists now):

> First-wave feminism was a period of activity during the 19th century and early twentieth century. In the UK and US, it focused on the promotion of equal contract, marriage, parenting, and property rights for women. By the end of the 19th century, activism focused primarily on gaining political power, particularly the right of women's suffrage, though some feminists were active in campaigning for women's sexual, reproductive, and economic rights as well.

The main difference is that baby making is far more important than first envisioned. The promotion of condoms, though, does help stop the spread of sexual diseases which was and is a serious issue, so suppressing condoms would be a step backwards for human health. If we ally with First Wave feminism we can't be accused of anti-feminist as a bonus! First Wave feminism goes back to the French Revolution (1789) so it matches the ideals of traditional and Western as well. This also adds to a inherent division in feminist movements, which is highlighted by the failure of Second Wave feminism. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second-wave_feminism

I suggest this is not about re-suppressing women (Liberty is fundamental of being Western) but getting the social balance right.
Women's equality has become confused with women: acting like men, or being anti-feminine, or even replacing men (patriarchy!), rather than being naturally themselves but equal (voting, law, etc).

See pic related, where is the line that is reasonable to fall back to?


Social engineering through cultural Marxism

Ex-KGB defector

What is cultural Marxism

Frankfurt school


Sorry for major rants and blog posts. Ducks.


Annoying germanbro's precious info

>modern feminism is based on lies; women don't earn less than men

>stay-at-home mothers are happier than "independent" girls obsessed with career

>parents live longer

>women become unhappier since the 70s, analogous to modern feminism

>women don't work IT jobs not because men tell them they can't (which this "Destiniy" cuck is asserting) but because they don't want to and it's mostly bullied boys prone to autonomy who want such jobs, meanwhile feminism propaganda is all over media and it's annoying and cringe-worthy

>Trump said dumb things but he was the only chance to stop Hillary who made fun of the traditional housewife

>as a lawyer, she literally defended a guy who raped a little girl and is married to a rapist herself - she literally finds rape funny

>she also killed countless innocent women and children being obsessed with war - she literally finds war funny


>A traditional alternative to (((feminism)))
so it's basically just feminism in sheep's clothing? sage


Good work, lads.


Keep up the good work ladies.



Go to images.google.com
Search for: I don't need feminism
Be overwhelmed with meme potential.
What they need is Sup Forums firepower.
Perhaps this meme war alone could use its own thread.

Some other things I have discovered:
womenagainstfeminism.com especially this:
The article still reads like modern feminism to me, but is the term 'equalist' useful?

There are multiple directions that being anti-modern-feminist can take:
Religion, Tradition, SAHM, nature, first wave feminist (1789), second wave feminist (1961).
Rather than argue, why not do them all against modern feminism?
Second wave is probably where the issues we are discussing start to occur but it also has some good things still. It's root is probably the social change that comes with The Pill. I would say second wave is the upper limit with qualifiers on some things. This needs discussion.


Liberty is inexorably entangled with first wave Feminism. You can't have Liberty and no Liberty for women. To do so ends the idea of being Western. Which then makes me realise that importing Islamic ideology is not just a return to pre-first wave feminism but is also pre-Western civilisation. Which in retrospect is obvious. If the immigration has the sinister strategy of ending feminism as a whole that necessarily includes ending Westernisation and Liberty. We need to focus on a return to, at the minimum, first wave feminism or we end up converted to Islam.

[Fixed a typo.]


fucking LOOSING


No woman is going to want to do it if it is affiliated with nazis.

Nearly perfect except for your atrocious spelling.


Most white women are a lost cause and the only thing that can fix them is Islam or a strong masculine government.

I'd prefer to just be myself instead having to TRY to be a woman.
Also if we look to hard to find a husband to soon your life will be shitty.



>find a husband to soon
>life will be shitty


Best of luck with this though I would advise you include some with a wedding so as not to imply single parentage

Repeating numerical digits would be good.

Any good news about the alt fem so far lads and ladies?

OP this is just feminism, re-branded, and wearing a different color. It'd be like the fuck'n crips and bloods. They're both niggers, they're both degenerate drug dealing ghetto scum, the only difference is they wear a different color and have different stupid hand signs.

your doing gods work user
keep it up

Because you will rush towards a man in hopes of only finding an obligatory partner. It isn't trying to find someone you actually want to spend your life with but just an obligatory social milestone.

Just a thought but rather than only encouraging a return to traditional values, what if we encourage them to actively attack sjw culture? Europe is a particularly good target because whenever a refugee rapes or assaults a woman, he gets off with little to no consequence. Convince them that sjw's would gladly throw women under a bus if it would benefit refugees.
Use stories like these for example:

just burnt my toast roll

You guys have to address one of the main issues: A family cannot be raised on one income.

I doubt most mothers want to leave their kids as some tacky daycare for 9 hours a day, but they have to cause it's not financially doable to only have one source of income.

>traditional family values is feminism

really made me ponder

phase 2

my wife is from taiwan. in taiwan the entire extended family extremely active in raising their grandchildren. the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the aunts and uncles of you and your wife. no one sends their kids to day care.

This should have been phase 1 though

There's a lot of jobs you can do now from home, especially if you're crafty.
Also, the amount of money a dual income family would spend on childcare and so on, would pretty much offset this. You have no idea how expensive it is to get someone to take care of your young child/children.

>Annoying germanbro's precious info
kek, nice


>Roaming Millennial

She said in a debate with a MGTOW guy that she is a "2nd wave feminist".

Why do you keep forcing this "alt-fem" stuff on Sup Forums? You keep shilling this non-stop and then you make another thread where you specifically promote one blonde woman's videos.

Do you honestly think that Sup Forums is so desperate that they will grovel for a bunch of women that are pretending to be conservative now that the wall is approaching?

In Texas you can

theadly reminder

if she's not a virgin she's compromised genetic goods,

non-virgins are literal human garbage
pic related

How long would you say that takes

About late 20's to mid 30s is a good searching range.

>Why do you keep forcing this "alt-fem" stuff on Sup Forums? You keep shilling this non-stop and then you make another thread where you specifically promote one blonde woman's videos.
This is been on 8 Sup Forums for a long time. Lurk more.




You have been redpilled. If you refuse to accept this redpill it will self destruct in you brain at a later time.


I'm terrified now....

Stop LARPing as kikes you faggots can't subvert for shit, even normies see through it.

It's still sickening. Women should just stay out of politics all together. The geopolitical front is a battle men must face, the women must stick to the petty yet still important front of social politics. (*i.e. propagating and trend setting what they and their male counterparts believe to be socially acceptable.*) It's the natural order of society.

Why would you wait until the mid thirties when (if you're working) that is when you should be moving up and progressing. All my grandparent were together until death and the oldest they got married at was 21.

>loving someone
>just an obligatory social milestone.
Kill yourself whore. Also this "milestone" is a product of social conditioning (aka: Cultural Marxism). That's the whole fucking point of Alt-Fem, no?

"alt-fem" is really just
>pic related
Feminist in right wing clothing


Don't you get? "Politics" is just theater of the corrupt. So women are corrupted by politics. Protecting our race and Nation and their own futures isn't something they should NOT stay out of.

wasn't Sup Forums saying just a few months back that evalion is a fraud because there's no such thing as redpilled women?

Good for them. But most white adults right now grew up in a dysfunctional family. It's a trend to not want to spend time with your own grandchildren.

Lets be honest, most women aren't crafty and even so jobs from home are difficult to attain.

I'm sure some states are easier to do this in but most people aren't uncomfortable moving to some obsure state like Arkansas or Idaho. Not including Texas cause we don't need any more possible* liberals there.

Exactly. You are finally mature enough and have enough experience to know what you want. Even if you don't want to get married that's okay because it isn't for everyone but most people are happier when married.


buy silver as much as you can when the economy crashes and the price spikes into the thousands buy bitcoin

be one of the few not poor as fuck guys
basically buy tight teen wife, don't chase your dick choose wisely though

Your meme is weak, brah. Tell your boss you need a transfer to the wiretapping division.

>that fucking post

>right at the Wall

kek. roasties can't even help themselves can they?

good luck boys, you're gonna need it.

No she was a fraud because she was a degenerate herself and a sick psychopath. She was not a model for a how woman should be and she was an awful spokesperson for the right.

white women are too busy getting BLACKED by Lamarius Jackson and his gay nigger homies to be part of your alt cuckery

Even as that is so, it's still not their god damn fight. Their fight is to protect the children, the meek, the sickly and the elderly. Men must fight the vicious beasts of globalism and communism at the gates. To put on the uniform of your nation's fighting force is to know what it means to protect the race, land, and ideologies you hold so dear.

Fuck off shills, your threads are slide threads

>opinionated woman
I can't wait for all those so called "traditional", "redpilled" girls to start sucking mean "redpilled", "altright" nigger and jew cock

I can guarantee that none of the bitches above can cook nor clean.

>Fuck off shills, your threads are slide threads

Your pink id is way too fitting for a cuck like you. Also to imply that I'm the shill is hilarious. I tell the truth. All you do is lie. In the name of all that is holy Satan be gone!
>Deus motherfucking Vault!

This is why slavs are so based. It's a shame Constantinople fell, my eastern brother.

You are going to get baby rabies by 35 latest

any man of worth will care that he's sharing used goods seenot only that but increased sexuall partners for women stastically increase the chance of divorce and an unhappy marriage, statisically

not only that but by delaying having children you are letting your eggs degrade risking birth defects,
that makes you an uncaring bad mother to have carelessly endangered a child if you do

I could add a bunch more by the way

>d-d-do I f-fit in now g-goy I mean guys

Shills have been sliding Aman Brother threads since day one. Big no no the democrats did.
AMAN BROTHERS were paid by the democrats $4 million for IT and ended up hacking the government servers and DWS iPad, wont prosecute because politicians are afraid of the islamaphobia tag, as they have ties to the Muslim brotherhood and Pakistan

>inb4 crusaders sacked Constantinople
Those weren't real crusaders, they were bandits that were naively trusted to fight in the name of Jesus Christ.

Yup, keep posting fag. You're the real fake here.

Horseshoe theory fags are clinically retarded.


c'mon 5


Its clear that you are someone who does not belong here you are either from reddit or some other shithole and you should fuck off back there
And its Deus Vult you dumb faggot

A more effective campaign would be to get guys to make a bunch of right wing dating profiles. Women are easy to manipulate socially, it they see lots of right wing guys they will become right wing themselves.

Just to be clear by right wing I don't mean autistic 1488 race war now! I mean "I am a male with X traditional values and I am seeking a woman with X traditional values.

Yeah, taking pride in your race, country, and your fellow man is autistic.