Adriend Brody: Trump attacking Arts is a shame

Hollywood Actor Adrien Brody is sick over President Trump's proposal to eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.We got the actor at LAX Thursday, where he broke his usual silence by telling our photog funding the arts is vital and doesn't really have an impact on the national budget.The program currently gets $148 million in federal funds. Trump wants to cut all of it.

Just look at that fucking (((nose))).

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(((Liberal arts))) aka. Degeneracy

Prove me wrong.


Am I the only one who wants a reset on the whole arts thing?

I mean, just fuck up the arts in the US, pull the plug completely, let the artists starve and let all the (((modern))) art exhibits close down and crumble away

And then, lets see what arises from the ashes of it all

Jesus Christ his nose is half his face.

care why?

I thought that was Furio at first

this desu
modern (((art))) isn't art at all
before all this government free handout to retards, artists created stuff because there was demand, rich people would pay good money for high quality paintings and shit

Dat schnozz holy fuck

He's right honestly

He's the most unconventionally attractive person ever. I don't know how.

Arts funding is cancer on real culture
Look at this idiot Lyn WIlliams
Our goal is to reflect and promote the ((diversity)), excellence and energy of contemporary Australian musical culture.


throughout the ages the greatest artwork has been created through and despite impoverishment, almost all filmmakers best works were created while they had nothing because art is an expression of hardship

thats why almost all art these days, film, painting, sculpture whathaveyou is fucking garbage, there is too much money to make off of it and folks arent doing it for the right reasons

Oy vey this gives me an idea for a new holocaust movie!
Let's call it The Artist.
This Brody guy would be perfect.

Cry about it.


It's because all the rest of his features are attractive. The nose is his one major flaw, but because he looks good otherwise it serves to add character instead of making him ugly.

Is this the pianist guy?


"Why the government is involved in an art show, is beyond me"

I play music, I love museums and all that crap; but really, in a recovering economy with massive debt, I think spending cuts to the arts are a necessary sacrifice.

You know how some goys try to touch their nose with their tongue...

Because no one really wants to pay for this horse shit "art" they need hand outs from the gubberment fo dem programs n shiieeet.

This guy claimed not be Jewish for a long time, now look at his wiki - father and mother, both Jewish.

Talk about someone who started their career strong and is finishing in total irrelevancy.

This is modern ''Artists''

>that pic


Agreed. He's also tall and thin

Athletic is better then thin.

$148 million per year...

How much does Hollywood + Music Industry make in a year?

Think maybe they can help out?

He's athletic and thin, but I'm going to stop complementing him there.

Holy hell that nose
If corse he is

Noone is dying if the government does not fund it, Let Hollywood give 1% of all earnings towards it... but we know why (((they))) wouldn't.

yeah the director of that is a pedophile who's been running from the law for 30 years

my "local" public broadcasting system (pbs tv/radio) is a continental syndicate. they play british and canadian documentaries and target that audience.

burn it all. god kill the queen.

potus ftw

>"why the goverment is involved in an art show, is beyond me"
isnt (((it))) obvious?

>shill for hill for an entire year
>drumpf wins
>get mad when drumpf doesn't want to pay you for trash talking him

this disgusting sense of entitlement to other peoples money is fucking cancer
let all these "artists" starve in the streets for all i care

“A man who is worn out by a hard day’s work or by a load of care is not always capable of dealing with difficult artistic problems in the evening, or of making them his companions.” – Adolf Hitler


(((Artists))) need you money,goyim!


Wyatt Mann was right

>dat (((((((((((((((((((nose))))))))))))))))))))))



He's cutting it not because of the expense, but because it's created a generation of pussy limpwristed low-test cock gobblers that are a disgrace to their forefathers and ignorant of their duties as Americans.


I am jealous as fuck of your budget right now. Sure, more money to the military is a waste but at least there's a point to it. They might do something at some point. Taxpayer dollars for the fucking arts? Have we lost our minds or is the government just daddy at this point and he needs to dole out the funds for literally everything?

booga ooga! braaap! its trying to communicate!

I wouldn't mind funding pro america art

inbred mountain folk


Isn't this guy known for being a huge asshole?

>not giving gibs is attacking
>not liking our product is attacking

I'm so sick of the idiocy of it all

That's a hell of a beak...

I think it's seriously retarded to find "the arts", good art comes from the broken, the poor and the well disciplined. It's not something you can teach at Jew indoctrination camp i.e.: highschool

god i want radio and cable television to die


Why do people insist the government funds art? They have no place in arts, it's ludicrous.


(((ARTS))) and (((CULTURE))) have become LIES used to manipulate and enslave the populace.

Liberty and self-autonomy is the true core of a culture, with artistry being a way to express said culture.

This is a war not on arts, but a war of minds.

The average American, the average Westerner, and those countries who follow suit, live a comfortable lie.

What has Hollywood ever done for the arts? They make billions everyday and donate what, 5 bucks to Will Smith's son? Why do American people need to pay for it?

art does not need fucking government funding, period