25 years old

>25 years old
>made 40k last year(30k USD)
>most other people and most Sup Forums members are making 60-100k at age 25

Who else /poor loser/ here?

Most people lie, user.

Poor as fuck American reporting in.

>most other people and most Sup Forums members are making 60-100k at age 25

Try living on 13k.

40k is just fine where I live as a loner.

me but I'm stacking up silver have a couple thousand worth ill buy bitcoin when the price of silver rise
1/4 of my stash at 600 the rest in the thousands

pic related this year into the next one

I basically make the Australian minimum wage

Making 140k at 25 because of STEM degree you dumb /poor loser/

~30k i meant

average pol user

>100% pure aryan blood
>6'4 blond hair blue eyed ripped
>wife with 4 white kids
>9 inch penis
>makes upwards of 125k/year

I remembering watching an episode of Stienfield, where George says he makes "$30k/year'. I was 14 at the time, and that number was the loser mark. George had firmly given me a high water mark to always be above.

I make $65k/year, I am 38. I feel like I should have gone into a trade and worked hard, I could have easily made $120k/year if I would have put in the extra hours.

lol nobody on this Mongolian knitting enthusiast forum makes more than 80k

You'd be surprised how comfortable you can live in the South on 30k.
















>shit office job
>made ~37k last yr
astleast i don't have any debt, i guess i got that going for me...

Ditch your car and cell phone. Live smaller consume less. Grow something, anything for your consumption. Hunt or fish. Get a e bike with solar charger. Raise chickens. Clear your mind. Smoke cannabis drink coffee tea and water only.

Implying anyone here makes 80k at all.
Only people who have nothing better to do waste their time here

I live in a """cheap""" city in Canada and a house is still 450k, entry level pleb house in the ghetto is 300k, a decent house is probably 600k

>>most other people and most Sup Forums members are making 60-100k at age 25
Yeah and they all have 160 IQs.

You're an idiot is you believe 1% of Sup Forums is above poverty level and not clinically retarded.

a few not couple sorry,

oh be on the look out for a Canadian mining company they have announced yet I just know that it's coming they'll be mining a new "flexible" mineral that will have electronic use just google for it every month or so until some press release then get some of their shares (only directly from the company issued certificates do NOT go through a broker)

I'm 29 and I make £80-100k.

Suck it, poorfags.

I am also a shitposting loser with no gf. If you are poor but have a QT white gf I'd be happy to swap lives. I can use all my money to buy a cursed arcade machine or magic lamp to facilitate the swap.


I made 95k working a blue collar job in jew york last year.

Uhm... fresh college graduates here make between 20k and 30k a year, after taxes...

most Sup Forums users are diverse and there is no majority income level. fuck you op.

It's true

23 year old here, I make about 80K before taxes. You all should have fallen for the STEM meme.


But seriously i made $279k last year as the oil guy for a famous strip club.
>All i do is oil up naked women, but it pays $250 an hour

Ain't that right boo, truuuuuu.

> be 20 years old
>make 40k
>want to kill myself everyday

>is a frycook at Wendy's

Is that what you tell yourself?
Money is easy to make, stop being a wage cuck and build a business.
Pay myself 350k annual plus bonus, never worked for anyone in my life. Spend most of my day in the office on pol.

Tfw i make 59k and i start my job this year... 23 though.

dumb wagecucks, why would you work when you can survive just fine on gibs

found the banklet.

this, except i have a 10 inch penis

>making 60-100k

How much is it for western Europeans?
I mean $ is a weak currency and we don't have to pay that much to have decent health and such.

You understand outliers are much, much more likely to post right? And a good portion of them are lying or embellishing. Someone making $125k/year is much more likely to brag about it, that's half the reason you you make it in the first place.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice your morals to make more money. I enable immigrants but I make quite a sum of money off of their backs without doing anything at all but moving money around.

I only made $9000. I'm fucked. Age 48.

39, took a break for a year, so no income. Job offer currently for $150k

Atleast you're not on minimum wage.


>made 40k last year
Try 14k. Somebody please come to my house and end my life.

tell me more about this

Anyone making under 250k shouldn't brag in today's world. 100k was good money in the 70s & 80s. 100k is roughly 63k bring home, it's trash imho. Gotta break the 444k mark today.

>Always concentrating on negative aspects instead of looking at the positive
Lack of common sense is a powerful enemy.

Sup Wayne?


Kill me

I make about 100k a year

i make less than 25 000 a year but here all national products are very cheap so i can pay the education for my sister (veterinary), and support my mom and dad in their old age.

I'm a 24 year old legitimate alcoholic college dropoutfag. Make $18 an hr and most of my friends make over 60 grand and are getting married or buying houses. Life sucks senpai

If you live outside of a city that's a decent wage. Here I make 73k a year and rent is 1800 for a 1 bedroom. It's pointless

This. Fucking manlet/neet/faggots.

I make 3 million a year, I'm 69 feet tall and my dick is the size of an ancient redwood and harder than diamond.

What about self taught programming ? What did Jew major in?

Come to America you ugly brit fuck. You'll get some pussy. Unless your super fat.

never had a job, hope to never do

I'm surviving on 20k,
>don't drive, bus
>live in RV
>only eat when I'm hungry, don't buy a lot of food
>don't have cable (becuse it's expensive, and also where I am has shit reception)
Only expensive things I have are my coumpter and my phone,
Used to hscs rats but they froze to death, I ran out of gas in the middle of the night at a very bad time, when it was below freezing outside.
Poor, but comfortable enough

i make about 30k. it's easy to live cheaply if you're a single man.

My wife and I make around 50,000 - 60,000 before taxes. We married young and we're getting a house in a few months. It's in a good, white neighborhood. We live in the South so it's cheaper.

It's chef you fucking newfag.

I made 75k last year and I drilled like 50 18-27 year old girls via tinder as well. PS Canadian girls are the sluttiest..
Not bad for being a 39 year old

also if you make less than 60k and are 25 you should off yourself

Not lies at all. Started out mowing lawns as a teen, got into invisible fence market in the 90s, went into brick paver installation during the housing boom. Now I own one of the largest exterior cleaning services in North Florida.
It's honestly not hard, just have to have some balls.

there are some pros to living in mexico i suppose

what is your job?

also, is it just food that's cheap or is it everything like from toilet paper to cars?

how is the canadian job market?
not thinkin of moving just wondering
>new york
equivalent of making 26k in texas

Heh, that's what I did last year. Don't understand why this isn't a thing more with people who do well for themselves..

>tfw 23
>tfw sell my poetry and art on the streets only making 70$ a day


Just finally hitting 36k and I'm 29. No degree :/ but fuck it I'm close to buying my own house.

24. Never earned a single euro

I don't know that much I just remember a science team I think russians developed a sythetic mineral that was flexible and then it was found latter or rather something very similar actually existed, it's not going to be mined until the electronic devices are conceived to make mining the mineral cost effective

it's in one of the webbot reports (not the synthetic version or the find of the natural one that was actually already in the news a year or two back) just waiting on tech uses

First, they're probably lying to you. 40K at 25 is reasonable in the US, at least as a loner who doesn't live above their means.

Most of what you learn about incomes and economics is meant to give you green eyes, man.

I was so angry at the world when I was in your shoes at 25, making about 40K myself.

Now I'm 30 and make only 55K. It's not much better, but I'm such a better place.

Just be smart and not retarded with your finances. Find a good partner who will support you, stop living on your parents' dime, and just bust your ass at work. And if you hate your job, change it.

Nobody is supposed to be a millionaire in their 20's. The vast majority of us aren't.

>Who else /poor loser/ here? I make like 24k a year in usd but thats a lot of money here in Mexico. Thats 2k a month and only use like 600 to pay bills and eat out at nice restaurants. Also own 2 bikes (vfr800 and cbr250) because i dont like cars and a live in a house that my parets letf me that has 5 rooms and bathsrooms, back yard and garage for 2 cars. So im basicly poor by international stardarts.

It's simple.

Fuck college, learn a trade! You'll make much more money!


>how is the canadian job market?

Most jobs created are part time minimum wage. The unemployment rate is decreasing but only because people stop looking for work. Only 30% or engineering graduates can find jobs in their field. Entry level jobs require 5 years experience.

try 10k a year ;((((

I own farm land in the Red River valley (most arable land in NA) that I inherited at 18, rent it out to farmers for 6k an acre.
Having money isn't everything, but it's nice. Just means i can never get married.

Saw a news story lately where they say it's becoming popular. I can see why. Sress dropped like crazy. Got to work on my house. Shitposted for Trump. Life's good.

they dont give white people free shit where I live.

Making more than your age is good. Go buy a truck and a pressure washer, you can moonlight your off time into a six figure second income stream.

Yaay Poordom!!


Noice, that is how I would like to retire. Thinking of doing a 10-20 acre blueberry farm.

I make about 8000$ per year net,and here that is pretty good,5 years of uni in computer science.
The next thing you will say is but the prices are lower,no faggot they are the same as western europe only the pay is 5 times smaller.

I will probably live with my grandma and mother till i am 40 and finally i can take a loan to buy an appartement in a filthy commie block
or i can live with rent my whole life.

So if you think you have it rough...

Hate to be that guy but one night stands are way less satisfying than sex within a relationship. Also being near 40 and not having started a family puts you into weirdo territory among your peers just saying

I'm a 6'4" chef at Wendy's with a nine inch dick making 140k a year

I made 5k last year, 6k the year before, and I'm 23.
What are you guys complaining about?

Hopefully it doesent shatter, I got to be a guest speaker at a local college in some english class because an english professor like my writing that didnt go anywhere

lmao I wish

I went to trade school and graduated during the oil crash, 2 years later and still can't even find an apprenticeship

I beat 200 other applicants just to get my pleb tier 40k/year job

Doing what? College degree

>26 years old
>no job
>last had a relationship at 15
>fucked up school, didn't take it seriously
>depression and anxiety damages effort to rebuild education and CV in teenage years
>become more or less a full recluse
>lost virginity to a prostitute at 21
>have sex a couple more times with prostitutes
>too shy/self conscious/low confidence to approach to be outgoing or approach women
>depression and OCD holding back life
>trying to address it now with therapy
>tfw wished had killed self at 21, but too scared of death cause I don't believe in God

Just fuck my shit up senpai.

Poor Canadian, rich Australian here.

>6k an acre

that seems really expensive to me. well, i guess if it's the most arable land in NA it makes sense.

buy silver hold on to your seat it's gonna be a bumpy 2 years, wait until the Antarctica stuff comes out to the public

I'm 24, I only work 2 days a week making minimum wage lol.

not entirely true.. at least not true in the prairies.

Millwrights are in high demand. I went to a friends grad convocation at a technical college and none of the millwright program graduates actually showed up (likely because they were already working)

You can easily expect job offers and 25-30+ bucks an hour right out of school if you go for a millwright certificate.

Things are still pretty decent for vocational careers.

It's the University meme that is ruining peoples shit right now.

Begging from millionaires online, and then I was an electrician for 2 months but I quit because they wanted me to drive around a bunch of drunk illegals.

> make almost 100k a yr. bartending
> quit to "improve life"
> poor af now

Kill me