Takes America out of TPP

>Takes America out of TPP
>Cutting corners on government funded programs (gibmedats&muh climate change)
>Increase NASA budget
>Renegotiating NAFTA and trade deficits
>Actually gonna enforce border security

Why aren't you Americans satisfied?
This is the first president since JFK that isn't a copy-paste establishment shill

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I'm quite pleased, except for the Obamacare-lite thing

The only people that aren't happy are the ones that are paid to.

We are satisfied. It's all these fake Americans concerned about fake issues like trannies & bathrooms or pretending like illegal immigration is a human rights issue, or anyone that thinks anyone who makes money is bad. I.e. feminist cunts and failed households.

I'm happy with a lot of things. Here are a few things I'd change:
>Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iraq should all be on the "Muslim ban" list
>Fuck Paul Ryan-care
>Kick all illegal immigrants out, not just "violent criminals". If they are here illegally, they are breaking the law and hurting legal, upstanding and law abiding immigrants

Yeah desu I hope he fixes ryancare

Trump wasn't the health care candidate

>Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iraq should all be on the "Muslim ban" list
Saudi Arabia holds over a hundred billion dollars of American debt which they can recall at any time
Why do you think they weren't attacked after 9/11?
>Fuck Paul Ryan-care
Hopefully it'll go through many changes
>Kick all illegal immigrants out, not just "violent criminals"
He's hiring more ICE agents and cracking down harder on illegals. Hopefully he cuts off funding for sanctuary cities

user, have you looked at the people who appose Trump? Literal walking dead. Real Americans know what's good.

shareblue are just very outspoken. we love trump.

Retards and shills

Um.. The bill isn't even finished being written, let alone signed. Trump just announced that Rand Paul will essentially be calling the shots on the healthcare bill. That is huge.

Remember these Canadians don't represent most Canadians. The majority of us proudly hate Trump


>B-but you should be forced to take care of people you have no blood relation to!

When did this become a thing, let alone people that aren't even citizens that pay taxes or make worthwhile contributions.

We are satisfied. Just because the MSM focuses their programming on the few outspoken leftists does not mean that Trump is crashing and burning. Liberals are STILL ranting about Russia and STILL can't provide any evidence, which means they have NOTHING.

Don't ask for a timestamp, I don't feel like searching.

Please tell me there is a source for this, because Rand would likely come up with a decent bill.

>Increase NASA budget
sad boosh

The only thing I don't like is his policy on trade, but everything else is pretty damn good. He really needs to get around to purging the CIA at some point though.

Paul tweeted this afterwards:

I love what Trump has done so far, just a bit upset that stupid fucking libs stopped the Muslim ban.

I just want this shit to hurry up and end so we can get to taxes and trade deals

One more thing, Trump must rescue the Afrikaner!


Reminder that you're a faggot and don't speak for most Canadians.

Can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that we actually have things to look forward to, unlike with Obama? feelsgoodman

>hope for the future
it's an abstract kind of feel
took me a while to remember what it was
had to be sure I wasn't just feeling nostalgic over something else

Lol no

>Trump is responsible for taking America out of TPP

This is one of the most stupid popular ideas on Sup Forums. Thank Duterte for the fall of TPP, not Trump. Duterte got America out of TPP while Obama was still in office.

Still waiting on the death of the NFA and the Hughes Amendment.

They only wanna hear that he's cut Meals on Wheels funding by 3% even though its mostly charity-driven

I don't think we've cut nearly enough govt funded programs and agencies yet. Altho this has been a nice start. Our govt is way too fucking big and inefficient.

Love what he's done with NASA. Even tho funding is largely unchanged, he's integrating much more with the private sector which will bring in lots of money. But the biggest thing he's done is let them free to be explorers. 90% of NASA for the last few decades has been pointing shit back at Earth. Mostly defense and shit. Trump will allow them to use their resources to point stuff away from Earth a lot more.

I do not like this healthcare bill but I do believe Trump is working as a negotiator and has yet to tip his hand.

Trade deals need reworked but we'll see how that goes.

Strong start. He's made some mistakes but that's to be expected. He just needs to keep his eyes on the agenda and stop paying attn to democrat's autistic screeching. They just want to distract him.

>he still trusts the polls
>""random"" samples
Reminder that 20% of our population aren't Canadians.

I'm pretty happy with Trump so far.


>Why aren't you Americans satisfied?

>kick out all illegals
Obviously, but I think it's reasonable to deport the immediate safety threats earlier than the less dangerous illegals
Get them all out ASAP, of course

Most of us are quite happy with the new President. Some of us, like me, think he's awesome.

The media, globalist billionaires, SJWs and immigrants who hate middle America (i.e. white people) do not represent this country.

What an awful meme!
Here, take notes!

I'm totally happy with him.

Only shills and demoralization CTRfags aren't.

I get the impression he realises he won't be able to win if he takes the lead on healthcare because the outcome is lose lose for him. He may come in with his own plan once the other republicans fail to pass anything.

I'm pretty happy with him