WHITE agnostic Europe OR BROWN/BLACK Christian Europe ?

Which will you choose?

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white christian europe
settle for nothing less

An Europe made of aryan women and black bulls.

>import all the niggers.

>they are already niggers.

>le Sup Forums is christian meme

We just had this thread yesterday.

White nationalistic agnostics = best


how is it even a question?

"non-european christians" basically means latin america niggers

white agnostic

white agnostic

>which is more important:superstition or blood?
Get ready for the christcucks to come in here saying the wrong answer.


Pointless thread is pointless - it will all be arab and mix-breed muslims in Europe, in 20-30 years.

Fantasizing too much is unhealthy for the mind.

this, you want Mexicans in Europe OP?

i think not

White nationalist deists.

And asians.

>Which will you choose?

One of them is inevitable and it's doesn't appear to be up to us.


Dumb question. Non-christian europe would be a hell on earth.

Agnostics are the worst - they're either too stupid or too spineless to decide on what they actually believe, it's pathetic.

Either call yourself an atheist, or pick a religion, son. History isn't kind to people who don't pick a side.

Europeans always.

Guilty as charged, my Christianity comes first

Hey now that's a horrible thing to say

non-European Christians

Why so judgemental? I'm an agnostic theist.


The right boob leads to the left boob, there is no choice here

European agnostics.


From a pragmatic point of view, he is giving you good advice. Humans are still pretty tribal and you're presently rolling without a tribe, which is fine in this age of peace and prosperity, but...you know.

Out of curiousity, how did you get to agnostic theism?

Had this thread yesterday didn't we?

Mein neiger

it's harder to rally agnostics against real threats like the mudslime hordes.
it's a choice between believing in christian fantasies, or jewish propaganda. The former is much safer.

Easy - All white agnostics
Was this supposed to be a hard question Sheckleburg? Your christcuck tricks don't work

Christianity has run out of it's usefulness centuries ago, so who gives a fuck

I know enough to know that I'll never know barring perhaps some direct communication from a higher power. That said, I recognize true faith as a source of strength and comfort, so really I'm envious of those who believe.


worst meme of all

White people have run out of their usefulness centuries ago, so who gives a fuck

A Europe made up of European Christians. (Cropped out of the picture)


Fucking this. Faggots in this board should liten to some Common Filth.

European agnostic.

Most of our niggers are Christian. Have you seen them?

>my Christianity comes first
Why would you put superstirion over your own blood?
I don't how a person could be so retarded as to think that way.

Oh, wow, you showed me.

>non-white christians or white agnostics
The latter will lead to the former.


you have shitskins either way what's the point?

That's what i want to understand, are Black Muslims better? Do they work?


I'm with you mane

Why would you think that religion affects nigger behaviour

They're always violent, lazy and retarded, doesn't matter what they believe in

>your own blood?

Nigger the fact that we share a great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparent doesn't mean shit.

Remember tad/pol/es, don't reply in earnest to a 1 post by this ID user with an OP and pic that you can search the archives to find before. :^)


Yeah, or we are just smart enough to know we cant know for sure whats going on.

I'm scared shitless of death too, but that didn't prevent me from stopping believing in fairy tales

Hey goy
see your genetic white brother over there?
hes not following the semitic deity we've
given you.
Hes thinking of getting back to his peoples roots
and focusing on his genetic people.
That's bad goy , we need to import more niggers to top up the faith in Jew deity.
And make sure you socially ostracise him and
side with the niggers , because , yknow , you and
the niggers have more in common , your Jew masters.

Yes goyim, worship your "old gods". Jesus is so lame!

Race before everything.

Whites should be able to choose whether they want to be Christians, Pagans or Fedoras.

Freedom of religion came from Europe and is redpilled.

>Implying the depictions of Lucifer as such didn't come after the creation of those statues
Are you historically inept?

He's polish

Non-white Christian Europe. I don't care about race; I care about ideas.

White is right.

this, oh wait we already got that well welcome to negrotopia my niggas


>sand religion or sand people

wow rlly makd me thunk

If the agnostics are white nationalists then them, obviously.

>get rid of two problems
>or have two problems

gee i wonder

>History isn't kind to people who don't pick a side.

What is Switzerland?

White christian europe> white pagan europe>white agnostic europe>non white any religion europe

True white pagans>>>brown/black anything, but what about a white muslim? Like an English convert or Bosnian mujahadean type?

What about a devout American Christian negro vs a white muslim?

>History isn't kind to people who don't pick a side.

You should study history more then. Neutral nations were the less harmed ones.

>good country


This. It's whites who are behind most of the degeneracy going around.

I choose the white agnostics



Nice bait

Would you like to live in a country with poeple without any sort of morals?

Shitskinned Christians cannot be trusted. Just look at Mexico, Brazil, and the Philippines

And what exacly is wrong there aside of america shitting them up?

>all Catholic
Really made me think.

True Christians, like in good old Middle Ages? I pick them. Any black Christian is million times better, smarter and more productive than white SJW. SJW can only destroy and corrupt.

White agnostic, definitely. Anyone who thinks we need Christianity seems to forget that the forerunners of western civilization were pagans.

>I don't care about race; I care about ideas.
Start caring about both.

>History isn't kind to people who don't pick a side.
>caring about what people think of you
>being a mindless drone
>letting the jew control you through Richard Dawkins, Black spaceman and edgy magic man
>letting the jews control you through religion (they control all of them)
sorry, user. Don't feel like being a retard today.


Thoughts can go and come back but spilled blood can never be recovered.


Pick one.

Christian Europe. White atheists are the reason for their fallen birthrates and their embrace of Muslim degeneracy.

>muh civic nationalism

no user, you are the cuck

If it ain't white it ain't right.

as long as they are white I don't care.

>leaves rustle
>hey. HEY!
>stop watching porn

White atheist/deist Europe.
Why cant you fuckheads see that Christians are just as cucked as any of your run of the mill leftist shithead.
They dont give a shit about European culture or heritage, just making sure their stupid religion gets passed on, even if its passed on to subhuman shitskins.

right titty

>on what they believe
Fuck what you believe, I only care about what you know, which is apparently nothing because you operate on whims of authority, not insight and intellect.

I choose tits

What exactly is the problem supposed to be with a Europe full of agnostic Christians? That's basically just Protestants.

Easy choice.

I wouldn't import WTF

How is this even a question. European Agnostics. End of story. Anyone who would choose non-Europeans is a kike loving nigger dick sucking cuck faggot who should kys.

The morons in this thread

Agnostic doesn't = Communism/Left

Communism is a cult.