Communist AMA

Ask me anything about communism and revolutionary socialism. I won't be answering inane questions.

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Why do you deserve other people's money?

Does your mother know you are on the internet?

What do you think about Maoist-Third Worldists?

I don't. The workers do. The workers create that money so they should get it.

Why do you think revolution is still a relevant concept now that it's clear that capitalism will self-destruct anyway through AI? (Total automation >>> no work >>> no consumers)

Why are you guys such cucks now?

Are you autistic; and do you like sonic?

Hows it feel to be a born loser

What did Kek mean by this?

Unhure is a meme and a tankie. A bad combination. I haven't seen any other 3rd worldists but based on him they are pretty awful.

The workers deserve money but don't get any.

Their is going to have to be some sort of revolution even if capitalism just collapses which most Marxists think it will.


Unruhe affiliates with the Leading Light Communist Party, whose leader ("Prairie Fire" or Luz Guiadora on goybook) is obviously a cop.

>Their is going to have to be some sort of revolution
You didn't explain why. You just stated it as fact. Sad!

As far as I know I am in good mental health. I don't really play video games anymore.

Capitalism has internal contradictions which make it a fucky system, that's why.

The current government will stay in power unless it is overthrown. The current government isn't a dictatorship of the proletariat.

why can't each individual worker get what money he creates, why does it have to go through the state to get redistributed or whatever you want to call it?

>I'm a commie, I buy tshirts caps and flags with Che, the red star and the commie sign, go around preaching while living 100 capitalist listening to the workers march in my iphone and trolling on internet with my mac

Hey fraudulent hypocrite commie why are you retarded?
If you are not, then move to a propper comunist country or STFU

Do you really believe communism is the best answer? Especially when it has never worked?

On paper, it sounds like a great idea. But unfortunately, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Oh God.

Some of it will go to society as a whole to build things like roads and schools but most of it will go to each worker individual.

>"I won't be answering inane questions."
Posts on / Pol anyway
> the direct path to irrelevence

I try not to buy communist stuff because its just too ironic. I also use GNU/Linux on a thinkpad X60.

Have you considered seeing a physician for this disorder? I don't mean to poke fun and be insensitive, but help is out there.

Who the fuck are you, and why should we care about your opinion regarding communism and revolution socialism?

Fuck man you just solved all the problems, why aren't you a president or something man.

People sure aren't corrupt when there is communism, no that's only for capitalism.

You won't mind when working class RWDS kills all the communists, will you?

Why do you keep preaching the word of a 19th century NEET, and pretending that people who actually tried and failed didn't know what they were doing, when nor you or even Marx really even tried?

The working class will become the new ruling class through direct democracy. No rulers no corruption.

Why do you support revolution, which alienates a large section of the population, rather than evolution which can work for everyone?

What exactly do you mean by "socialism"?

Care to elaborate?

>workers are the perfect, complete non corrupt class that has no powerhungry individuals

Because it has worked many times and the times it didn't looks more like a failure of dictatorship.

Okay I'll bite, serious question. What's you're opinion on anti-semitic memes?

>Thesis: Capitalism
>Antithesis: Socialism
>Synthesis: Fascism

No one can corrupt like 9 billion people especially when no one has a huge amount of money.

What actions do you plan to take to achieve power? Do you count on the military?

Don't care about them.

why are you retarded enough to believe in a system that can never come into fruition and when it does, it can't even be applied properly and ends up making the country worse?

're a fucking idiot, and probably 14.

how do you solve the problem of human nature making it non-viable in all cases tried in history?

Why did you direct that to me?

Pol Pot is the best example of a sudden revolution.

>Because it has worked many times [...]

Citation needed

>money is the only thing that can corrupt a man

How can you justify communism when millions of people have starved to death under communist regimes?

>inb4 not true communism

>Because it has worked many times