Just admit it

Just admit it

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White America led to this, though, so it by definition cannot be better. That is like saying the cause of the car accident is better than the effect. They are one and the same.

Foolish children. You should not have abandoned your God.

I thought the jews did this

I can't believe people really think life was better in the 1950s based on a bunch of staged photographs. It's like looking at someone's facebook timeline and assuming all they do is have fun with friends and vacation.

Maybe they did. White America let it happen. Tells you how much they gave a shit.

Stop pining for a return to a dead past and try to fix the future while you still can.


And.. you know.. objective statistics

Acting like White America doesn't exist once you leave the urban pens we keep the niggers in.

Only a delusional piece of shit would deny this.

How many nations have seen traitors in their midst before the damage was done?

too few have awoken to juden poison. they continue to drink it.

Of course it was.


Shit, according to grandpa it was even better for minorities

>mfw it was no where near as bad as libtards make it seem to be
>mfw even as a bean, I'll never grow up in the America gramps grew up in

You whites weren't the only ones cheated out of the dream too you know

White America destroyed Europe in service of their Zionist masters. Thanks, white America!

Like what? The average American's IQ in the 1950s was lower despite a higher proportion of white people, the technology was objectively shit-tier, women didn't shave their pussies, and everyone was shorter.

Am I the only only one who prefers bush?

>White America led to this
t. anglo blames it`s victims

Maybe if you were white lel

Otherwise this country was a monument to the emptiness of mere ideals, a hypocritical shithole in many ways, of a place to live.

>Just admit it

Oh, but it was! It was absolutely MUCH better. I know,....I was there.

Yes. Hair below the eyelashes is revolting.

with god they ((((((jews)))))) control you.

Twas the Jews.

it depends, better for who? rich white anglos?


t. Typical Millennial Nu-Males Who Can't Think or Even Take Responsibility for Themselves

We were white,..but not rich. Dad had his own service station. Mom only worked part-time for awhile (which was unusual at the time). We did very well. Nice car,..good food,..etc. etc

>it was the previous generation of white people that led to this
>haha typical idiots can't even take responsibility for this mess

Unchecked digits are an affront to Kek. It's no wonder this place is so stale and full of shills, you have turned away from your god so he has turned from you.

> not realising iq grows by generation in the west and its niw on the way back for the first time
> caring more about 'getting ma pussy' than your civilisation

Kindly kill self.

Statistically, yes.
Civil cohesiveness, yes.
Violent crime, yes.
29% of global GDP because everyone else was in ruins, yes.
Bunch of hard asses who had seen war, or lived on rationing, or lived through Great Depression, yes.
Half of adults were not forced into labor market, yes. ( females )
Went to speed of sound, space, moon, yes, yes, yes.
So, kinda?
What is the real question is, does current demographic changes doom both the collective IQ and the civic community as a whole? And will a space for innovation and wealth be constricted down to a high IQ elite as brain power become the determine factor for success, and physicality diminishes in importance?
> what to do with 1/2 the population and does 85 IQ really mean you can make decisions fir a nation?
T. Teacher

>Claims Jews did it.
>Admits whites did it.
>Will go back to claiming Jews did it once he realizes what he just did.

You're dumb.

The important thing here is you found a way to be morally and intellectually superior to everyone else.

Indeed, I did. Pretty easy too. All I had to do was read a little bit and question shit.

Of course it was better.

I genuinely dream of living in 19th-early 20th century America often.

post the video of the americans trolling in a minimarket and everyone is friendly and white, and everyone talks to each other and are good people.

jews changed immigration policy and white america let it happen so you're both correct. fuck this world man.

white america was only better for white males you dipshit fuck off with your divide and conquer

You did well.



Whites changed immigration policy. Jews shilled for it, but it was Whites who listened.


good point. kind of gives me hope. if we can cut off their propaganda arm, we may have a real shot.

Sure, because the current state of affairs is so much better for minorities.

Perhaps you should do a bit of research, fuckstick.

>Just admit it
Umm you are on Sup Forums. Of course we will admit it. Now try going to leddit and getting some liberal SJW to admit it. Keep inmind they won't even admit South Africa was better off when ruled by whites, so that should tell you how much worse things here can get before they start pulling their heads out of their asses.

Sure, because hordes of economically depressed niggers and spics living in a culture of crime and violence is so much better for them.

>Jews shilled for it, but it was Whites who listened.
This is the pattern we see everywhere. Gentiles voluntarily swallowed the leftism cum. Same thing as when Western men listened to a bunch of holes and banned liquor, then because that was working so well, listened to THE EXACT SAME HOLES* and gave holes the right to vote. Is it the fault of the holes for doing what they do naturally? Or is it the fault of White men you were fucking soft-headed and dumb enough to give in to the holes?

*All suffragettes, without exception, cut their campaigning teeth in the temperance movement.

naw, it prevents stds and looks nice too

Moar like this!

tell me more stories grandpa

>reee no one was happy in the 50s they're all staged everyone was miserable and repressed

muh dick

is this the latest meme ?

Fucking This. There's no future for whites if we aren't honest with ourselves and admit we let the jews do this do us.

Don't blame the Zionist, it's the leftist kikes. Brown countries hate Israel so flooding our only allies with people who hate Jews doesn't benefit us.

Me personally, id love white america or Europe. Whites are best, better then Jews by far. Well real whites, none of that Romania shit.

Thats why we should drown all of the west with kike hating muslims, so get fucked

Hey,...not grandpa. (Granma). Sorry,..couldn't follow this thread for awhile,...had to go try and work on my grandson's cell phone. He dropped it in the toilet. Wish I was kidding.

i am intrigued, based granma please tell us what went wrong

Can't wait for South Africa 2.0,
Maybe they can turn us into Venezuela 2.0 with some Zimbabwe 2.0 tossed in for good measure!

With the '50s,..or the phone? 50's went bye, bye. Phone got soaked.

Liberalism and cultural Marxism led to the current state of the culture in America.

when was the last time you had sex?


The communists have been trying to take over for decades. In the 50's they tried. Then Kennedy got shot,...the Hippies were running amuck,..and the commies thought they had it made at that time. (foiled again). Now they are trying the same thing they did on the hippies. Get the young, college age all brainwashed and agitated and revolting.

Hi Mexico,...getting a little noisy, are we?

Sorry yeah, its just that I recently learned that my 90 year old grandpa was caught having sex with some other old woman and I was wondering if old normal people still have sex often

Life goes on, you know. You may get older in age,...but you actually are the very same person you always were. Good for your grandpa.

I prefer trimmed and neat. Like a runway or a triangle. Cute as hell. Got a girl in college to shave an arrow pointing down for laughs once.

You are nostalgic for a time that never existed.

What you are doing is the equivalent of taking today's Coca-Cola commercial to the future and claiming that it is the experience of people of today.

I'm always having to check my own digits these days.

Either there's lots of newfags or I'm shadowbanned.

White America was founded on colonial violence, exploitation, and slavery. Basically the slaughter of indigenous people, the raping of nature (like the buffalo herds), and the theft of black labor.

"White America" was a reprehensible lie. Thank goodness it's over.

We're still mostly white
I only see white people where I live, but when I went to Munich last year all I saw was hijabs and sandniggers with strollers


Whatever you say,..

If all the minorities left the US, we'd be operating at a budget surplus.

>I love our free country.

>killing non-whites

It's true, dear user. Try reading a history book and you'll find out.

Why are the Chinese allowed on the internet?

They're all shagging the one on the right. They're not looking at the food, they're looking at him.

Because Chinese culture has a remarkable record of technological advancement, such as the invention of printing millennia before white people stole algebra from Arabs.
What's your point?

It existed.

Of course it was. They couldn't round everybody up and keep them in tightly controlled cities

>What's your point?
that your shitposting is bad and you are letting your country be invaded because you cant even wrangle in your own people.
therefore, you should feel bad.
If you think mexicans will out breed whites here you will have whole new world of problems in a decade with chinks.

>lecturing on american history

Fuck off abo.

I worked in the US for the past twelve years, thanks. Was at an Ivy League university too.

Still itt no one has proven race is anything other than a made-up bullshit concept for butthurt faggots to use when whining about their small dicks.
Case closed.

America was better for everyone then because that was 60 years without (((them))) devaluing our currency. That's why people could own homes, cars and have the wife stay home and take care of 3 or 4 kids all on one salary - your money was worth more.

The dollar used to buy so much, regardless of your race. Now everyone is pissed off and stressed out, and yeah a lot of that has to do with a 24 hour news cycle/circus and other issues which are primarily distractions from the real cause of anger in society - money. Violence, drug use, civil rights, all that shit was worse back then. But people could at least still make good livings and otherwise not live in abject poverty and debt. And this is a fundamental necessity for people to live happy lives.

Mass societal unrest and bad economic times can generally be traced throughout history to (((them))) skimming off the top. Not the 1%, not even the .01%. The people at the top of the financial system running everything. The private owners of central banks. The people stealing from everyone else. The constant devaluation of our currency which is bankrupting our governments and our people.

This is the problem. So many problems in society stem from this.


>No future for whites

Nah m8 it will be ok. It is just that, that which is falling should also be pushed.

And then we will come out stronger and better. This is not the end. It is a new beginning. Only those that are strong in their heart and soul and body will make it to the other end. The rest will mix with subhumans.



>remarkable record of technological advancement
>points to printing blocks thousands of years ago

What have you chinks been up to lately? You steal everything from white men and then poorly reproduce it.

You'd all still be subsistence farmers if it wasn't for white industrialization.

>Ivy league dickhead

You are full of shit m8 and took the intersectional blue pill up your ass as a suppository. Read some fucking books beside Zinn fuckwit. No race is inherently guilty and whites are the most noble and kind that have ever existed - relative to our species. Fact of the matter is that genocide and exploitation is universal and it was whites that ended this.

>You are not Aussie.

Thank god, now we can abolish racial quotas and affirmative action

Yeah that guy is not Aussie - he is either a poo or chink that has come to live in the white man's land and enjoy all our peace and technology then to go on Sup Forums to write shit about us.

>tfw your dad tells you Italians were the black kids at school

>woah that really made me fucking think
>how dare these assholes not empirically prove that this time period was superior each and every time they discuss it


Meanwhile their boyfriends are storming the beaches of Normandy.

yeah and the only reason that it is going down the past 25 years is because we have been incarcerating niggs more


Horribly untrue.

The minimum wage in 1964 by cost-of-living adjustment was $9.42/hr. Currently, it is $7.25/hr.

At that rate, people were paid (at the bottom end) 29% more per hour. To put this into context, if you work minimum wage and manage to save $5000, over the same time period, you would have been able to save the equivalent of $6450 in 1964 - not the significant difference people make out.

This also negates the fact that the minimum wage in the US is due to rise again (overdue actually), and will likely be $8/hr (previous rise was also 75c), which means that current day Americans are paid just 18% less than 1964, even with the beginnings of universal healthcare, dramatic oil price rises, and an ever rising population.

I am not sure I want to wear a short sleeve knit wool shirt tucked into dress slacks when out on a picknic in the summer.

>Still itt no one has proven race is anything other than a made-up bullshit
You want proof? Ok faggit
>Africa = shit since the dawn of time
>White Europe / America = creators of democracy and the
free world, and 90% of the worlds technological advancements

there ya go, wasn't that hard either