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Is this an english cartoon? It looks chinese (ship in background, squinty eyes)


White guys are dating Asians like crazy now, no need to wait till 2023 to see that.


Are you fucking blind and retarded?

hank hill is the most boring man alive I wouldn't like being friends with him but i would appreciate him getting me out of trouble or whatever.

bill, boomhauer and dale are much more enjoyable people to hang around

Poor HK. This hits me in the feels

>He doesn't want a man with propane skills
>He doesn't want a mechanic, engineer, propane salesman, and all American as a friend
>He wants Bill as a friend
Fuck you


>>He doesn't want a mechanic, engineer, propane salesman, and all American as a friend
bill boomhauer and dale are all mechanics and construction workers, hank knows nothing about engineering except construction methods on buildings. Bill is much more tolerable to hank to me at least, also about as patriotic





Top kek

This seems on track to be correct.


No such data could be found in the named source(s).
Go post your unfounded nonsense on Sup Forums, you uneducated fuckwit.


To be fair Hong Kong did need a population stabilization or decline, it got way too dense.

>paid white man


that nose cloud with merchant hands in the background

I didn't think this image could get anymore truthful then someone added even more truth to it.

>tfw couldn't find any source for this
>tfw got distracted and over-analyzed hate crimes against jews

"THICC" women are not sought after in real life.

suck dick faggot


I want you the source you just gave.



the modern boys seem the only ones better off. what's up with that?

What I meant to say was, your source isn't even for the right year
Or have anything regarding race and income of the offender


wtf cucknada

I hope this is true. Fidel Castro was the longest-lived dictator of the twentieth century.

Hail our savior Justin, long may he reign.


Some moron in my office talks like Bill

Addresses the women as "woman", and carries on like a dumbass.

Based in a Sup Forums respect but annoying as fuck IRL

Hank is fine he likes drinking beer and working on projects like woodwoork, metalwork, or cars. Whats wrong with that?


To be fair america was like that back then as well. The jews got their tendrils in everything (even more) after ww2.

Not anymore

>works on cars
>knows woodworking
>is always building something
>always down to grill
>always down to watch NFL or College football
>loves to hunt, camp, and fish
>has a strong moral code
fuck you user

>always down to watch college football or NFL

Oh, you like watching muscly black men play a ball game too? Wanna come over and on Friday night we can drink shitty beer and get fat off Cheetos? It's manly. It'll be fun. Then when those muscled black men we worship are banging out white 10/10 women, we can jerk each other off and cry ourselves to sleep.

pretty good
almost subtle


>jews are white

doge memes. Where do you freaks come from and why are you trying to turn this place into tumblr?

I've been here for more than 11 years

I have a hard time believing that. Did you discover Sup Forums wehen you were 8? I mean, this is ridiculous.

I noticed this too

did you miss the 3 year period where that picture was posted in literally every thread on Sup Forums? That picture has nothing to do with tumblr in fact I'm pretty sure it originated here

I was already around for two years when Chanology happened, just because you came during gamergate doesn't mean some of us haven't been here for more than a decade

>on Sup Forums
Ah, that explains it a lot. I've always associated that picture with tumblr and gbs goons, but Sup Forums is childish enough to come up with shitty memes like that. Unfortunately, Sup Forums is now the same.

/new/ was incredibly childish and never took itself too seriously
Sup Forums didn't get super serious until fucking gamergate and the election when it started calling everything and everyone a cuck
now all anybody talks about around here is fucking Laura Southern

> talks about around here is fucking Laura Southern
How is this a bad thing?

why the fuck should we talk about some Leaf whore?
When will you people realize these internet personalities aren't your allies, they're doing this shit for money

>why the fuck should we talk about some Leaf whore?
why the fuck shouldn't we talk about some Leaf whore?

>/new/ was incredibly childish and never took itself too seriously
it was also a relatively small fucking board. Sup Forums was always Sup Forums lite. Now Sup Forums is pretty much the same.

While it didn't take itself "too seriously" it was easier to get into serious conversations that didn't completely devolved into shitposting within 5 seconds. Now I have better luck doing that on /lit/ or /his/ or even Sup Forums, except those are extremely slow boards.

>why the fuck shouldn't we talk about some Leaf whore?
>>these internet personalities aren't your allies, they're doing this shit for money


if you're looking for a better board go on 8/pol/, honestly they're far more serious than 4/pol/ or /new/ ever were

the plebbitors that have increased this site's traffic by 400% have brought too much attention to chan boards and now we'll always be infested with shills

we need a purge

can you guys be honest with me? am I going full tinfoil in thinking this is probably true? I mean, look at those fucking pictures. fucking LOOK AT THEM!

He isn't your friend why would he help you out of trouble?

To be honest, I don't even remember what she looks like.

I'm just shitting around, bored in my underwear. My apologizes.

We all need to get back to posting more images and truths.

Anyway, you're exactly right. We don't konw who's really /ourguy/ ,who's hopping in the bandwagon cause Trump won, and whose just to get squeeze some money out of us.

That's the sad challenge and for the most part, we don't normally see these intentions come out until it's long after the fact. It's not often we really see what their character is made of, which sucks.

...and I'll check out that 8/pol later, thanks.

>if you're looking for a better board go on 8/pol/
Cripplechan is unbearable. Even posting there is annoying and buggy. /leftypol/ is also there so it's pretty much larpers sperging around all day. At least /lit/ and /his/ have some variety, especailly now that commies are trying to colonize it.
>we need a purge
That never works here. Moot tried with gamergate and just made it worse. Just let it rot and die in a few years, like Sup Forums did. No one even talks about Sup Forums anymore.

What incredible new forms of degeneracy will the future hold?

honestly I don't trust anyone that's making a profit off of the west's shift to the right, my only regret is that I didn't hop on the money making bandwagon and try to cash in with Milo and Lauren

honestly I prefer cripplechan's Sup Forums to here, I only come out of here due to habit

I want a purge because I just can't take Sup Forums anymore, the whole site
everything is stagnant because gamergate opened the floodgates and let in 75 million posters who never bothered to lurk. For the past 11 years Sup Forums always had insults that it would use up and move on from, now we've had "cuck" for fucking three years and I'm tired of it. Bring it up and you get called a shill

people fucking post links to pleddit threads and nobody says anything about it, as recently as a year ago everyone would jump down your throat, now it's fucking accepted and encouraged

Sup Forums was cancer before but now it's all porn and rate my dick threads. It's just /soc/ 0.5

I can't recognize this place anymore


That last panel edit made me audibly kek. Hats off.


>Erich hartmann

Nothing that has not already happened before. One of the most difficult things to accept is not that humanity is every moving forward in some type of progress but that humanity is trapped in an eternal cycle. Maybe, some time in the distant future, they will tell stories of the United States, like they do now of Atlantis

>I can't recognize this place anymore
People who used this site from the beginning called people who started using it after 2007 cancer, and the channology flood was nothing compared to what happened in 2014-15. Of course you don't recognize it, you've been here for too long.

Just start using other boards and be extremely elitist, keep telling redditors to lurk more. Sup Forums is just the new newfag board now. As long as there are older users shaming frogposters this shithole will endure.

t. paul joseph watson

I'd be the guy Hank tolerates on the block but has a low opinion of. I fucking hate using gas for anything. Charcoal has a 0% chance of exploding and electricity has a 0% chance of leaking.


Propane is shit for grilling. Charcoal is the superior fuel. As long as you allow the flames to die down and the charcoal to ash you are golden.

ty that bothered me as well

There is a racial correlation to this but did you also notice wealth decreases homicide rates drastically?