Evolution is a lie to break down society and its morals.

There is ZERO evidence of macro evolution

Belief in evolution leads to believing we are animals which leads to nihilism

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Finally someone who actually gets it

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If you believe this is your ancestor, then I don't know how to help you

Ask Christ to show you the way

Guess who the first person who made it fashionable to attack scripture was? Spinoza, a (((JEW)))

>literally worships a Jew

The enlightenment was the worst thing to ever happen to Europe

Creationism is ridiculous

Yashua (Jesus) was NOT a Jew. Jews (Pharisees) were the ones who demanded he be killed and hunted him down.

Maybe you missed the memo, but evolution is fact by now.

You can keep trying to mental gymnastically push God in the equation, but it is getting harder and harder isn't it?

Intelligent Design is undeniable, unless you leaned science from JewniVersity.

A Jew of Portuguese descent kek. His ancestors were kicked of Portugal when we went full Inquisition.

Also, I am a Catholic. What do you propose?

>Belief in evolution leads to believing we are animals which leads to nihilism

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>he thinks pic related is his ancestors

>b b but MUH bible is crazy

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I'm trying my best to help you

Non Christians think this happened by chance

Evolution lines up with Genesis. There's a reason God rested.

The odds of ambiogenesis: 1 in 10^450 (per Marcel E. Golay; other estimates are even worse)
Odds of evolution by mutation/natural selection to the complexity of a modern mammal: 1 in 10^3,000,000 (again, Golay)
Number of atoms in the universe 10^80
Number of potential chemical reactions since the big bang: 10^120
If this universe was a simulation you could run it 10^100 and still not expect to see life
If first life was seeded on every habitable planet as early as possible after the Big Bang; NO planet would ever see evolution to the complexity level of a mammal. Habitable zones simply cannot last that long and that;s bound by the laws of physics governing stars.
Michael Denton has computed even worse odds than Golay. Randomness cannot account for the genomes we're observing and sequencing

You can evolve bacteria in a lab you dumbnigger

Athiests and agnostics still think there is no proof of god

Then what should i believe in?

I believe he is referring to macro evolution(which can't be proven,) not micro evolution. which is what we do when we evolve a bacteria on a lab.

Genesis is very much a lot of metaphors. God wasn't about to explain the complexities of the world to people living way back then.


The arrangement of our universe, and the complexity of our laws of physics and position in the galaxy that allows life to thrive, it is all so perfectly fine tuned that it is mathematically impossible to have happened by chance. To say that life developed complex systems that respond to different types of stimuli that previously couldn't even be detected by the organism just by random evolution over time is almost asinine. Genetic coding in our DNA is so impressive that there is no way that we developed organs that pick up light such as our eyes and organ systems that work together such as the nervous or digestive systems simply by chance. That's like slamming on your keyboard billions of times until you eventually get a working operating system. Open up command shell on your computer, type in a bunch of random commands in a line and hit enter. No syntax error? Unlikely but if not save that line of code. Now do the same thing repeatedly and when you receive a syntax error, go back one line and try random commands again. Do this billions of times and come back to me when you have an operating system with a full web browser and battlefield 4 on 60 fps. That is genetic coding.

Though, that is micro-evolution which no one is refuting. If you refer back to OP's post you'll see he specifically referred to MACRO-evolution.

Ho hum another anti-science rant based on ancient superstitions.

Christians are terrified of science - anything that could reduce tithing is the devil's work.

>Athiests and agnostics still think there is no proof of god

"Christians" still think the Pentateuch isn't a complete fraud and extreme blasphemy - bunch of vermin...



it is life evolving. Period.

if evolution isn't real than race doesn't exist

and it is real, and it does exist.

be holy in all you do.

>I provide irrefutable mathematical proof
>Hurr anti-science rant based on ancient superstitions
Not an argument come back to me when you can refute what i said nigger

>Evolution is a lie to break down society and its morals.
No, evolution is true. Why would Charles Darwin want to break down society and its morals, anyway?

>There is ZERO evidence of macro evolution
What about the fossil record and its match to genetic differences in modern animals? Go find me one fossil of a rabbit from the pre-Cambrian and I will change my mind.

>Belief in evolution leads to believing we are animals which leads to nihilism
I mean animal is just a category, if you wanted to be unconventional then even if you believed in evolution you could say "oh and there is a sixth kingdom of organisms with only one species and that is homo sapiens."
By the same token, you could call us animals even if you don't believe in evolution. The word "animal" is just from the latin word for "moving", as in the word "animate". Unlike plants and fungi, we move (barring the occasional weird exception like sponges).
Also "we are animals"-> nihilism seems like a non-sequitur.