Is this a good thing?

Is this a good thing?

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Yes it is, I thought about that and I guess that Iceland is right

Africans couldve eaten that kid.

You're willing to sacrifice our potato.

Do they ever tell you that Iceland has a massive inbreeding problem with people marrying their cousins? If they didn't marry their cousins, they wouldn't have to worry about a high rate of genetic deformities in the first place.

no, pretty sad.
down syndrome kids could have a place in society, making sandwiches or something.

Brb moving to iceland

w-what about autists?


Whatever helps us from normalizing disabilities I suppose.

Yes, why would you bring a child would most likely will die of hearth failure after decades of being incapable of doing anything on their own but being a burden to society and their families?

I thought abortion was ok and the decision of the mother.


How will they reproduce with no women though?



t. shekelstein


I wouldn't trust a potato to make my sandwich

Their entire culture will burn in Hell for it, so I guess that's good if you are a Jewish fuck who wants to destroy society.

Not surprising at all. Degenerates will always be degenerate in more than one way.

What a wonderful idea, it should spread across the world.

What's with the pro potato propaganda lately?

I was talking to this Armenian chick, very traditionalist, sexy, conservative, etc, but she literally spergs out about potatoes on her fb and every time we talk, she inadvertently steers the conversation to how we must secure the existence of potatoes and a future for potato children.

It's like the epitome of MUH FEELS.

down syndrome isnt caused by inbreeding, it's caused by women having children at too old an age, and radiation

Iceland doesn't want to look like Finland.


I would abort every child for the slightest defect.
I'm not going to raise a retard.


what would jews have to gain from having people not murder their retarded kids?

fukin lost it


based Island

this. half of pol would be gone

>what are founder effects

No, downsies can do menial labor and they are actually fun to be around sometimes. Not there fault they got an extra chromosome. Often times they seem to understand their potion and bear it with a smile nonetheless.

The downies at my Uni's cafeteria work harded than the refugee immigrants do for christ sake. I don't see why they should all be aborted.

100% Yes.

Kek, that's where the mud people come in....

them too, as well as blacks and redheads

It's 95% in Canada

You can't detect autism in the womb.

black people should really shave

Pal, letting retarded scabs on society live is about the best thing you can do to destroy society. And from you're use of the word Hell, it appears your a Christian. Christianity is Jewish :^)

Disgusting, only healthy white babies should be aborted

Yes, we should have those numbers here instead of just over 90%. A single downie is too many.

I oppose abortion in the same way I oppose murder, and I approve of certain kinds of abortion in the same way I approve of euthenasia (the exception to the rule that is murder). If a qualified doctor judges it will be impossible for a child to leave a long, healthy and dignified life, he should be qualified to abort it in the same way he should be allowed to end a patient's life if the patient is suffering beyond what can be deemed acceptable and there's no real hope for a cure.

In the end, the hippocratic oath should be respected: do no more harm than is neccessary.

I chuckle slightly and continue on my way

Iceland = ran by hitler?

>Doesn't know history
>Predictably is a Leftists tool

kay, have fun in Hell.

What horrible people!, i bet they eat puffins as well!


Blasphemous. God made potatoes for you, user. How could you abort God's handywork?

In Northern Europe only Christians (which there are not too many of) sperg out about people with Down syndrome being aborted.

Lefties support measures to make detection easier ASAP in the pregnancy for those who want it, such as NIPT.

How would you even find an exclusively mental disorder in the womb? Autists don't have a "look" beyond their choice of clothing.

Yeah you can. If you just push a few legos up the mother's vag and the fetus starts playing with them, then it has certified autism.

Objectively yes. For any faggot who thinks abortion is "eeebuul" watch this documentary:
This movie was what made me realize eugenics is objectively the right thing to do. We have all this technology, which is only getting better and better, and then to not use it to lessen suffering is just insanity.

i just learned about this today
feels fucking good that my fellow countrymen aren't stupid enough to sink the rest of their lives into caring for mongoloids for the sake of being virtuous


Of course it's a good thing. People like that are going to suffer through life, they are also going to make their parents suffer. Why not just end it before it all starts?

Ha. Let's see those 'yes' votes when it's your kid, you fucking autists. Hell you're halfway there already.

My guess is they are kinda cute in a creepy sorta way. I am indifferent to potatoes, so long as they are not violent. There was a troupe of them in a small town where I lived, I secretly called it the potato parade because they would all walk to the daycare every morning and I had to be cautious around them in the work vehicle, they would not roll in a clump but all spread out and all over the road, sidewalks and peoples lawns. This did it for me, I have a soft spot for the potato but like all disabilities a major curse on the parents so YES, go Iceland. You can't be fucking around living in a frozen tundra like that.

Oh wow sounds like they need some economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East to help them out genetically.

>kill the weak keep the strong
Then we are no better than animals.

im against abortion and i think this is a good thing

Only the redheaded boys, please. Redheaded women are based.

>fourteen eighty potato

Fuck you nigga im taking a dump at work and that make me laugh out loud and fart really hard just as someone walked in

>fucking autists

Not in Iceland! :^)

I thought the Irish liked potatoes.

slave labor and they can vote for the jew puppets.

Of course


J-jokes on you, user.


Notice it does not say 100% of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome actually have Down syndrome

nor does it say babies not diagnosed with Down syndrome actually do have it

Innocent healthy babies are being killed

Just legalize abortions after birth


Yeah, my brother just got married. The girl he married is a social worker at a retard school, and is getting her masters in special education, so there were a ton of tard wranglers at the wedding.

One of my brother's friends and I were sitting around telling stupid jokes like we always used to do, and then he goes off starting to tell jokes to other people, most of them retard jokes. Comes across one of the wranglers and they get all pissy about it. The friend tells the guys not to worry about it because his sister's a retard, so it's ok.

Potatoes could've eaten that African

I was supposed to have Down syndrome before I was born. I just have asbergers though

So yes

>this logic
be happy you weren't born in iceland

fuck you faggot, they're a huge burden on the family and will likely be in the same bedroom for their entire lives.

Kill yourself brainwashed fuck.

Yes its great, but actually they shouldnt be aborted, every baby should be left in Iceland forests to survive for himself, only those who are capable of are worth of living.

It's still a sin and all those saying yes will be personally shit on by God before being thrown into the lake of fire with the faggots and degenerates

he's right though

yes but ask yourself this, would you willingly abort yourself?

No. Abortion is bad and could hinder your chances of conceiving next time. It's better to throw it in the sea or something and let fish have it.

i wish i was because it would mean you wouldnt be posting right now.

fuck off christ cuck.

90% in Spain

I also think this leporine lip should not be covered.

Potatoes ARE African.

lost again !!!
i know why there here now
GOD is a funny thing

Lmao I'd abort my kid if his nose was too big, babies arent people


That explains why there are so few people in Iceland

I'd fucking abort that mother fucker. I'm not going to care for a retard. What's the positive aide behind having a retarded kid?

No and I would rather spend my time with downs people than you bunch of fucking ignorant bastards

>cuck cuck cuck
oh wow, i was joking, are you actually retarded?
sorry for being rude, little buddy

Honestly wished we had abortion just to get rid of tards. The amount of tards in Ireland these days is ridiculous. All of their mothers become mentally ill and live on benefits they receive for their tards. And they go out protesting nearly every year to get more benefits in schools because they want to pretend their children are normal by sending them to people schools instead of tard centres. Down syndrome kids destroy families. They need to be stopped.