WTF I thought Japan was based! What the hell is this shit!?

WTF I thought Japan was based! What the hell is this shit!?

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Japan also loves traps.

wtf i hate japan now

The SJWs are getting to them....

Traps are for ovens. Not for fuckins.

>I thought japan was based

Japan is the single most degenerate nation on earth. Do you think all that hentai and fucked up porn exists in a vacuum?

I wonder how much of this goes on there with all their sex and demographic issues...

Fake news. There have been some in other countries.

NZ voted in a MtF back in the 90s.

A Maori one.

In a small rural farming town.


You cant tell the difference anyway, asian men are feminine already.

Maybe nobody knew?

C'mon user you know that this was bound to happen sooner or later...

Is that why women are looking for white male cock nowadays?

Asian women need to get bred by white men. It's the only way to go forwards.

I always get mixed up if a transgender man is a man that wants to look like a woman or a woman that wants to look like a man.

Japan and asian countries aren't redpilled. They are just as if not more clueless about the dangerous of leftist ideology like feminism as western leaders.

Japans fear of immigration is just old fashioned bigotry. That's not a problem except to get redpilled you have to go through the cycle of 1. Old fashioned prejudice 2. Enlightened leftism 3. Understand enlightened leftism is a fraud and worse than old fashioned prejudice.

The journey is as important as the destination. The only way for a country to innoculate itself against, feminism, LGBT "rights, diversity, overall degeneracy is to take the redpill. Japan hasn't done that as a society. Only a few japanese who are familiar with western politics like that rightwing japanese lady on Youtube are redpilled.

Japan is the trap capital of the earth, I don't know what you were expecting

Jews work fast.

wow, Japan thread...

Looks like we need to nuke them again

I have to believe that's not true! Surely all they have to do is look at the west right now and see how social justice has failed us! Tell me that they won't make the same mistakes we did!


One won't be enough, lets do at least 4 to be safe




Hmmm...not sure if I can fap to this...

Your right
also think how much better anime would be

Looks like someone need another nuke

"to become a councillor for the city of Iruma, in the central region of Kanto."

what an amazing position of power, surely this deserves a news article in western media


those aren't traps right?

This is what atheism and paganism leads to.

yes, and it's Spain this time !


The rectum is not suppose to be wrecked like that. It's for pooping.

Japanese women know that they can't get any from their own men. Most of them love white guys, but Japanese culture makes them keep everything hush hush.

Also never date a Japanese woman since they'll take all your money.

Japan has been doing gender-bending for fucking decades in maine streem medeeuh.

heh. better luck next time, kiddo

ordered left to right

4 > 2 > 5 > 1 > 3

seriously...those girls are fucking hot


That's pretty based honestly

Those are traps, I can tell just by sight at this point.


Neck yourself

You horrendous looking moot. You really make me wanna vomit. The putrid shit that comes out of your gaping asshole of a mouth just activates my almonds. WTF is Japan? That's right fuck ass it's the country you nuked. Now listen up you stupid son of a bitch, if you hadn't dropped that eternal shitbomb, they would have been normal goddamn people. Get your fucking act together, you silly sack of shit.

I can accept this because Japs aren't as obsessed with themselves and they lack the incessant need to label themselves and their identity like transcucks over here. The ones here are pure egotism and degeneracy.

Lol degenerate weebs BTFO

How does it feel, Nip? You can see the creepy incursion of degeneracy and destruction heading towards your country. Next thing you know you'll have women trying to bring muslims into your already overpopulated country to rape them.

Number 2's name is Momo
Number 4's name is Sana
They are not traps ;)

Heres the thing. They're lying. Several closet trannies have been in office. Its just when one decides to be vocal and attach transgenderism as a fucking definable trait and advantageous personality type. Openly vocal transfaggots were a mistake.

I am not proud of this god forsaken rock I live on (Okinawa).

Wrong. Actually I got this article brought to my attention by a foreign Jap girl I had friended on facebook. She was in one of my college classes. It appears they have SJW's over there too. She also said Trump is evil. Japan is doomed.

/r/ing pepe edit

>one person is all of Japan

Holy shit, really? Okinawa? You know, I was actually going to take a study abroad program trip to Okinawa this summer, but I got cold feet and backed out of it.

WTF, I Hate Japan Now.

I looked up to them as a country and now its all gone to SHIEEEETTT

How can you tell the M/F apart? Does it really matter when there's no sexual dimorphism if they try to claim one or the other? That's like an Armenian and an Italian making an issue out of one claiming the other

One of you nips better bust out the katana and fix this.

if i can't tell i don't give a shit

>first transgender politco
I call BS - we have had Nicola Sturgeon for years

forgive me but I am going to marry a qt 3.14 nip and run away from degeneracy that west will turn in 5-10 years.

At least my offspring will have a safe traditional environment where they will grow up happy and if luck redpilled by default.

Jap trannies have a long history. Nobody minds them.

So they mean they elected a mentally ill female to create laws and shit?

So progressive.


I thought America beat them


spoiler: all of them are men

no no no thats chinese
a japanese would say


Okinawa was its own small kingdom prior to 1900s wasnt it? You guys stayed independent even through the Edo period by working two and three way alliances with neighbors. Just keep working to distance yourself from the main land

He even looks like a SJW



Woman that wants to look like a man.

aka guy w/ a pussy

When you imagine the future, imagine a hook nosed man rubbing his hands together. Forever.

what if it's a masculine pussy

i apologize

ty ty

have you ever watched animu dude

>jealous wrinkly liberal roastie jewess detected

Is this comic still going?

Is this dude still fucking that tranny?

Japan's Abe is being replaced by a woman he hand picked.

this is completely... interesting

>At least my offspring will have a safe traditional environment where they will grow up happy and if luck redpilled by default
If you marry a nip, and live outside Japan, she will never be happy far from her family and customs.
If you go live there, you will be a fucking gaijin that cannot read better than a 5yo native, and be relegated to shotty jobs if any. Your wife will be depressed and your half children will be bullied for life.
And this is how we should make things everywhere, so that fucking immigrants dont come to our countries.

Why do you people hate race mixing with nips so much? I've seen plenty of attractive halfbreeds no matter how much you cherry pick.

What i do hate does not matter. The Japanese themselves believe in the purity of the blood. They will rather go extinct than racemix.
In the current state of things in Japan, mixed marriages are not a good idea. Gaijins thinking on Japan as another country they can just go and live in are making a big mistake.
Based Japan. We should do the same.