You're going to vote for him, right fellow chileans?

You're going to vote for him, right fellow chileans?

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Also holy crap the first 2 days we where so good and now the dream is over

When we didn't get a new thread last night I assumed it was because we were all in the same timezone unlike USA, but I kept waiting today and nothing.

Guess we just have to accept reality. Say it with me: Presidente de la república Ricardo Lagos.

doenst matter what , i will keep voting for Ossandon

>now the dream is over
What happened? What are the chances of winning?

is not that...
The past 2 days we have a general , a fucking general
Today... we have this thread whit 2 chileans and a russian

Chilean thread when?

It just goes to show how we ended up where we are now really.

Hey russiabro, it seems we're gonna be falling for half a century of communism. Since you've got some experience with that, any tips to pass the time?

Christ it's a perfect mix between doctor Oz and Dexter.


dr. oz looking less like the goblin these days

No idea who this faggot is

Will Sup Forums teach me?

Call the CIA, they seem to hate communism. Seriously, though, what about the guy?

That guy is legit blanco. How white exactly is Chile?

i'm voting for Piñera

every time im in the street i hear JAK JAK JAK

>Call the CIA, they seem to hate communism

Considering the recent shit with Trump I wouldn't be so sure about that.

>tfw USA won't help us put commies in helicopters anymore

>Seriously, though, what about the guy?

Anti gay marriage, antia abortion, anti immigration candidate, but has little chance of getting elected. Some of us had hopes to repeat the Trump phenomenon but it seems interest died quickly.

Should we get a discord server? I need human contact

Chile, please vote for Mark Wahlberg (OPs pic)
He'll make a great president and is a decent actor.

>The City of Puente Asalto.

You're trying too hard to push our local Ted Cruz

You have to go back


Ossandon is a PEDO-Apologist

Ossandon is Pizzagate in that sense

And the WHOLE RIGHT WING in Chile is friendly with known Pedo religious groups like OPUS DEI

Terrific guy! But he is at 4% in the polls, Sebastian Piñera is in the lead by now.
Why people still haven't realized that socialism is cancer. South America was a thriving region in the 50-60, not so long ago.

RIP Chile , politicians and dumb people killed it

What about this guy? (This isn't that faggot Kans)

Typed from a tablet

MUH HUMAN RIGHTS crew did it, the same breed of idiots who got Allende into power in the first place

José Antonio "si es araucano revientales el ano" Kast

Shut Up Checho Hirane....

Federico, the one who lives in La Dehesa , study in PUC and was born after 1990 is teaching lessons of human rights...

Stay in your bubble with your peers. Chile fortunately is way more than the city of los dominicos

>beliving in democracy

#PiñeraDelincuente is trending worldwide on Twitter.

the only true meme president

>It's true

What the flying fuck

What does it mean? Piñera offenders?

I checked, seems he just officially announced his campaign yesterday so this is the immediate backlash, not a last minute discovery of corruption (there's been plenty of those about him for years)

let's do it

Meme magic starts working your way! Good luck!

Sup faggots, I'm the one who makes the /scg/
Last thread got like 3 replies, since you're all on now, I guess it's time to put it up once more.

god user , if you waited 1 second , kek would had blessed us


>Interviewer: "He (Kast) speaks of a destructive leadership...(referring to Ossandon)"

>Ossandon: "Of course. What happens is that I'm going against the elite, against those who fund him, against his friends. They're also my friends, but they don't fund me, that's the difference. Because of that I can speak freely. I mean, I've never seen him in the parlament presenting a project about [lists series of scandals and corruption], they stay silent there, why do they stay silent? Then when I mention it 'I'm a traitor', 'I'm destroying'... no no, I'm BUILDING. This country has been destroyed by those who play dumb on these matters."

Sounds kinda familiar...

Bless you.

And ready
Migrate legally

W-wait? Texas was invaded by Mexicans too?

Colombians. You know, the guys with coffee and cocaine.

newfag here.

well, i've got some contacts on Amplitud (ex gf).

They are waiting to April to launch their guy. Else, they will give some funding support to Ossandon as /ourguy/



vote for Ron Paulo.

I'm not pedo so it's doesn't count vote for me Ossandon.

Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay have white people. But they aren't white like Scandinavians, instead they generally look like Italians. They always have dark hair/eyes.

He could be /ourguy/ but is too red pilled for the typical normie Chilean.

that sound Trump as fuck :D

Communist chilean party have some kind shareblue too, i can't remember the name but they have it.

she looks like she is ready to be enriched by immigrants, pls delet.