How long is this FBI investigation going to last?

It's pretty clear at this point that the excuse the left is/will be using to slow down and obstruct any and everything that Trump does is the whole FBI investigation shit. How long do you guys think it'll last? I could see them dragging it on for quite a while even though there's literally no evidence.

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as long as the dems want it. Great distraction. Shills have been sliding Aman Brother threads since day one. Big no no the democrats did.
AMAN BROTHERS were paid by the democrats $4 million for IT and ended up hacking the government servers and DWS iPad, wont prosecute because politicians are afraid of the islamaphobia tag, as they have ties to the Muslim brotherhood and Pakistan

Comedy said its still in the early stages. 8 months so far and counting.. its only paid for the by the tax payers..

>looks at how many GOP members are in congress
nah, the russia thing is already dead. Congress will force fbi to put up or shut up

But yet it's perfectly okay for a candidate to run for President while being under FBI investigation.

can I get a quick rundown on this?

>Taking an opinion from a man who brings his wife's son to meet an athletic black man nicknamed "Big Papi"

Not even once
He has a few videos on them

Yeah, like Hillary shouldn't have run for pres. they need to go Nuclear and end this shit show.


How can the left possibly keep failing so hard? It honestly blows my mind. Like fucking get your shit together man, sort yourselves out. What in the fuck?

>The FBI should be able to prevent someone from doing something simply by placing them under investigation, thus making them ineligible to do said thing.

they wont. they're gonna fall apart, it's inevitable.


A-W-A-N you fuck.

>Oy Vey!!! We want our Jew on the supreme court so we can push out liberal agenda on the people!!! You think the supreme court forced gay marriage on you... imagine what would happen if we would have gotten the Jew Merrick Garland on the court!!!!

I am honestly starting to believe it is time for a complete reset.

Would they have been saying this exact same thing if Clinton had won, considering she's in the exact same situation?

Just making sure you are paying attention

Agreed. It's like 99.9% have been gotten to in some form or another.


>Congress forcing anyone to do anything.

Don't get me wrong I love watching cspan. I love watching Gowdy and Chaffetz destroying people. But we all know nothing ever happens.

Yea all of this really opened my eyes on how deep the establishment goes. I really don't trust any politician anymore because of the way republicans and dems have treated Trump, it's obvious that most if not all are just career politicians only looking out for themselves. I'm always immediately suspicious of ulterior motives now

butthurt faggots crying like losers.

the dems are your psychotic ex-gf throwing paint on your car.

This isn't the left though? You guys forget Comey is the guy who put the final nail in Hillary's election coffin, and he has stated that at this point it isn't an investigation it is confirmed and at this point they are just seeing how deep the rabbit hole is. I don't understand, I understand supporting trumps shit, I mean he is either a meme or a genius or both, but this shit is bad. This shit is really bad.

So here's the problem with their tactic:

It's gonna run out. You can tell they are using this as a stall tactic until they get their shit together. Problem is they aren't, and it's starting to show.

Why you ask? Look at their party leader. Old crazy fuckers.

Schumers a cuck
Waters is insane
Pocohantas is too unreliable
Bernie is about dead
Clinton is DOA
Feinstein is about to be a member of the centennial club

They have no GOTV efforts now, they are hemorrhaging seats and state governors, and they show no signs of switching that. The only card in their hand they can play is this Russian nonsense, it's literally their only escape out of destruction

Like they don't have enough Jews already on the court. Fucking scummy bastards.