Race propaganda


This rap music video shows a white man wearing a "make america hate again" hat being strangled with an american flag by a nigger. It also features several niggers standing by a burning cross.

If you support Trump, these niggers are going to choke you out because you're clearly out to hunt down them down with rifles.

What do you think, are they right?

Niggers are too far gone.

At this point we just need to genocide all the niggers. We can't take any chances.

fuck drumpf and fuck white people

pic related, your average drumpf fuck boy.

your average drumpf boy is celebrating every day because, yes, We president now, and we will never be stopped. the hypnotic calling of Trump to the collective unconscious of the white american has already fully revived the race's will to victory and to never surrender. there's nothing you can to do stop it.

Get armed. Get a concealed carry. Shoot anyone who tries to strangle you for holding different political views.

Yes. They should keep pushing so we can off them and those who provoke them.

Don't care

Nig nogs are there own worst enemy


This is what I'm thinking. The more they make obviously racist propaganda like this, the more it gives us righteous reason to retaliate. There is no dindu innocence in this, nor any multicultural union -- it's a threat.

>what do you guys think?
>spreading MSM propaganda that nobody pays attention to

This leaf just summed up every rap song ever.

Comment section full of niggers and self hating whites

As long as we strike the higher ups who order this shit to be done first so we don't get stuck fighting minions while they get away

I didn't even look at the comment section, I would go into a rage if I did.

This. I think we all need to take over the KKK. It's pretty non existent now anyway. We can call it "The NC" code for The New Clan

The end of the video features a little girl telling them to stop. It's talking about unification and all races working together you sad fucking neckbeards.

The white guy is pissed, that's his kid but the nig is his wifes new toy

Why else would she be there?

Oh, and that justifies the caricature of the Trump supporter as a hateful man literally hunting down niggers with a rifle?

Can't work with the inferior race. Being nice gets you into second place.

kodak black is in jail LOL. maybe he should act like a citizen and not do dumb shit.

>Nig nogs are there own worst enemy

Note to self -- gofundme 'Guns To The Projects' project.

Rap remains a cringey medium that glorifies and promotes being an ignoramus with no impulse control by painting decent people in society as some sort of oppressive class.

News at 11. Hopefully the shift into a globally digital age will expose enough of these groids to people from other countries who also think that they are fucking retarded.