How do we fix the job market for millennials?

How do we fix the job market for millennials?

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let the old hags die

live longer to gather more work experience

>mfw born in 1993 and making 70k

i'm a work-from-home programmer who hates his job with the fire of 1000 suns, but at least i have this small victory

By killing off the globalists

I thought this was fake af when I first saw it but I looked it up and was floored.

I work in a call center and make about $27,000. I'm only 20, I feel rich.

whats it like to be a NEET when youre not LARPing?

>go to Wyoming where cost of living is less and there are more opportunities available due to smaller population
>spend time building resume
>apply to better jobs once you have experience

It's not that hard

>go to Wyoming

Open a shitload more Starbucks.

>whats it like to be a NEET when youre not LARPing?


What is the point of getting a job if the Rothschilds have all the money and property in the world?

Seems like a waste of time.

I'm a millenial and I'm making 85k
Fuckers are just lazy or have retarded degrees

By ceasing to try to balance the budget until everyone's employed.

And before the bluepilled morons try to shout me down: no, failure to balance the budget does NOT make you in any way like Venezuela or Zimbabwe. Those countries had very severe anti business policies. Worse still, they tried to maintain a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar.

NO MORE UNPAID INTERNSHIPS. They kill entry level opportunities for deserving college grads.

>tfw live in a 22,000 median income state

>cost of living is relatively cheap

>have no debt, significant other, kids etc. to watch out for, just pay rent/food/bills

>get paid $47k a year salaried, work stress load has been low recently to make it pretty boring

>have tens of thousands of dollars saved up from previous internships/jobs/gifts from family

feels pretty good, money is literally the least of my concerns right now yet I'm still a pretty big penny pincher. Trying to build credit and save up to buy a house.

>Fuckers are just lazy or have retarded degrees
it's both

I know kids that joined the army and are cops now, pulling over 90k because they can get so much easy overtime by standing around and directing traffic at construction

literally there is no excuse to be poor as a millenial

>lock women in the basement
>number of job seekers cut in half
fuck, that was easy

Best idea I've heard yet.

Tell their parents to grow a pair of balls and kick em out at 21 at the latest


>answer to low wages is to interrupt the free market

fuck off loser, if someone wants to work for free to gain experience that is their right

ever heard of an apprenticeship? its been going on since before the middle ages

>be me
>millenial nigger
>got my job handed to me from my dad
>stay at home customs broker
>mfw can't leave louisiana but at least i make 80,000 a year

End protectionism.


Lower corporate and personal taxes.

Incentivize competition.

Fight cronyism.

Publish and advertise income and employment stats based on degree.

Stop incentivizing colleges to take all comers with the ridiculous grants they soak up.

Cut wasteful social spending that is driving up the cost to do business.

yeah, there aint shit there.


There is if you into Oil/natural gas surveying or extraction.
>literally trying to find a job through a search engine
you deserve to be poor

>The Bretton Woods system collapsed in what became known as the Nixon Shock. This was a series of economic measures taken by United States President Richard Nixon in 1971, including unilaterally canceling the direct convertibility of the United States dollar to gold. Since then, a system of national fiat monies has been used globally, with freely floating exchange rates between the major currencies

The science side of Geologist should have plenty of jobs in Wyoming. Any rocky mountain state does.

>lock women in the kitchen


this is one of the biggest problems that nobody is talking about.

try living in the rust belt. It fucking sucks.

It's almost like fiat currency with a centralized rothschild owned bank is a bad thing or something...

>try living in the rust belt. It fucking sucks.

Say goodbye to friends and family and move

I've been studying webdev for a year (html/css/js -> jquery/bootstrap/sass -> react/redux/router/node).

How do I get a comfy job like yours, sempai?

Then why aren't you working for "experience" mister "free" market?

Didn't these little SJW shits vote overwhelmingly for Hillary? Why do we owe them a better job market?

>End protectionism.
Don't worry leaf you'll be speaking Mandarin soon enough.

>waaa waaa we millenials need more money because we don't wanna work hard

Personally I would start just applying everywhere... there are always places looking to hire entry level web-devs...

If you want to get some personal experience, go on and just go through the listings. My company hires a lot help from there if we need extra bodies for a project, especially for UI work.

A lot of competition from offshore workers who work for cheap, but people also pay a premium when someone can communicate well, ie native english speakers. Also offshore people have a habit of just being shitty devs/horrible to work with.

Because I have experience, that I got from an internship by working and learning how to do shit, and now I make good money because my labor is actually valuable

Well it worked out well during the Great Depression so you should really jump on it to MAGA.

So this election proved that republican voters don't give a shit about republican ideas right? They voted for daddy Trump to use the government to take care of them because they were too stupid to pay attention in math class.

who are you quoting?

You lazy millennials who think you're not paid enough for your oh so valuable work.
Oh waa waa I'm not compensated enough because I'm a lazy nigger who's jealous of the success of my betters.

pls leave

lel. I feel like the king of Siam around my peers and I'm getting assfucked on pay.

I don't have enough shekels to do that.

Yeah and I make $69 dollars an hour working from home just click this link.

Doing what? Codeacademy? Bootcamps?

I want to shift industries myself.

This. Keynes was right about everything. The real reason the US recovery has been anemic is because the stimulus wasn't many times larger. You can indeed increase the money supply as a method of growth, so long as price corrections don't occur at the same rate of increase as real consumption. If the private sector is hoarding cash and refusing to invest, you might as well confiscate their savings through inflation.

I'm working a blue collar job. When I save up $50k I'm going to quit, spend all my money then kill myself.

>m-mommy the people online are being MEAN we need to censor them to protect muh feels!

Enforce the border, dry up the excessive supply of labor and watch all these complaints dry up as wages rise to match the increased cost of labor.

I actually hold a job in sales so I'm good. So again, who are you quoting?

Blatant /leftypol/ false flag.
Kill yourself.

Probably the single worst way to fix the situation. Probably even the opposite desu

>kicking your kids out
>having a solid family and ensuring success for generations

choose one

Start offing boomers.*

>*The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

>Waaaah X is socialism MUH X BILLION
>Let's let China buy our nation's entire housing market.
Boy you sure showed me mr lolberg.

>tfw work in call center but make 32k + full benefits
feels good. It's just enough money to sustain myself and live a very meager lifestyle.

Chances are your job would have a base in some other state then they send you to Wyoming for field work.

Most of the illegal immigration doesn't cross the border, you moron.
It comes here on work visas and then overstays and that won't change until we go after the employers regardless of how big a wall we build.

Even some of trump's hotels put in applications after the election for more polish maids because apparently they couldn't get american ones.
I'm not faulting them for doing what's most profitable for them but the market forces that cause the state of things won't change just because you wish it.

Pretty much. Neither side has any proficiency in economics. Although of the two losers Trump was better if he's looking to lower some taxes, cut some wasteful spending, and deregulate a little.

It's not what we need, but it's moving in the right direction.

>80k starting millennial
Feels good man. They should have majored in a STEM field instead of libshit arts.

>stop triggering me, I deserve more money!
Fuck off lazy welfare shill.

>It comes here on work visas and then overstays
Yep. Like I said. Enforce the border.

You're just looking for an argument aren't you?

The only time Keynes was right was when he said Churchill was fucking up the Gold Standard.

your posts have no content other than misguided emotion

s-sauce pls

Are you retarded?
The wall and enforced border doesn't automatically change the visa system.
Shit will only change if you make it instead of being satisfied with a big symbol.

Gold is an untraceable store of wealth favored by drug cartels and dictatorships. Its normalization inhibits the ability of the government to conduct monetary policy. Its death was a good thing. The only problem is that most politicians are really too pussy to go full FDR on the budget, which they should have done after the last recession.

>Jobs 1 to 1 of 1


Starve mountain nigger!! I'll develop that land RIGHT once your gone!!

And you whiners are just bitching that you're not paid enough for your work.
Fucking renegotiate or get a different job like an adult.

Border Patrol agents were let loose on day 1.
ICE is currently recruiting and training 10,000 agents

Have you even been paying attention? Obviously not.

Q U O T I N G ?

> Implying Monetarism didn't cause the Crash in 08

Come on dude.

I didn't quote anyone that post though before I was just imitating the usual whining your type spews.

Didn't these little black lung shits vote overwhelmingly for Drumpf? Why do we owe them a better job market?

I don't recall anyone asking for your life story


That's why we need national ID and constant ID checks. Everyone socially engaged has an ID already. Americans should have no problem proving their right to be here. I don't.

you're the reason this board sucks. You're even worse than this slide thread.

money isnt everything goys

teach me your way senpai

Oh shit I forgot...

My countyr asks you to pay like 60% in taxes if you are not a salary worker ;-)

It's already okay. Millennials are just lazy. My generation needs to suck it up and realize their entry level job isn't their dream job and that if you want money, pick a field that pays. I guess less competition for me. 26 and making 106k is pretty nice.

>if it's not stem it's libarts

You never actually went to college did you?

god bless fathers...

Half the problem is the cost of living. People refuse to look at poverty from the supply side. Wages structurally low, too low for most millennials to afford the necessities of life. Why? The the reason is the massive population growth since the mid-20th century, while production technologies remain relatively the same. Essentially you have four times the global population chasing the same amount of natural resources.

Taking money from your pocket to hand out as welfare won't fix anything (which is probably why you hate the poor). In the long run, the only solution would be to expand the possibilities production frontier so that the real cost of buying say, a home or a car, falls in terms of purchasing power. Only technology can do this.

Wasted Quads.

WTF do you do?



Best way is abolish all welfare and entitlements and give everyone under 55 a million dollars and everyone above that age 50k less per year of age until the age of 70.

>tfw alaskan making 80k @ 22

contiguouscucks BTFO

anything not STEM, Medicine, or Law is cucked.

Pardon my ignorance, but hasn't global population exploded since 1979 too?

its not about that..I dont want to study..I want a fokkin job..a low level UNSKILLED JOB! The problem is that theres no more industries, there's no more taxi drivers, there's no more ticket sellers..and the few unskilled jobs are all taken by FUCKING IMMIGRANTS that work for free!

Fuck me...what am I supposed to do?

I CANNOT go into stems..Im TOO DUMB for that shit! Give me a fucking hammer and something to hammer down..but nooo a fucking chinese does that for 0.00001 dollars per hour! Or a machine for even less! How can I compete?

>Make 55k in NYC
>Live with parents

Thank God.

>> a fucking leaf

Daily reminder that Canada has less Gold than Congo. Trudeau FTW!

Destroy globalists, export illegals, move to a better location and let the boomers and urban leeches die off.

Wasn't the Bretton Woods system a fake gold standard, though?

>55k in NYC
That's like Dickensian level poverty my man.


isn't that a poverty wage with your cost of living

Program for M$: c++. 106k is entry level too (just check glassdoor)

>Started college
>networked though church to get a programming job
>had entry level programming job (~$15 to $20) for 2 years
>networked to get an internship at MS over the summer (3 months paid, 21k)
>they gave me a full-time offer at the end of the internship for next year (after I completed college). I considered turning it down for a startup. Told them to give me a couple weeks and I did a month (unpaid) internship at the startup to see how I'd like it. After 2 weeks I called back Microsoft and accepted.
>Used the 21k to finish college. 1 year later full time employee.

Now 10% goes to 401k, 10% goes to my church, 25% goes to taxes (gross), and 25% (net) goes to living expenses. Not sure what to do with the other ~30% so I'm saving it right now. Maybe eventually learn how to invest it, or buy a new car.