Ok Sup Forums prove to me you aren't just mindless sheep to this board, name 1 jew you like

Ok Sup Forums prove to me you aren't just mindless sheep to this board, name 1 jew you like.

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Ethan Klein

Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report might be my favorite Jew.

"His parents are Reform Jewish Democrats"


Geddy Lee

Adam Sandler

you OP

Donald J Trump


really? you like sandler?

Leo Strauss


is he jewish?

george soros

George Webb


No but his children and grandchildren are married and converted to Judaism.

there is a resemblance


Stephen Miller

Jewish Defector Benjamin Freedman Warns America (1961)


Stanley Kubrick and Bobby Fischer.

The only good Jews are self-hating Jews.


Wrong, only Ivanka, the rest of his family isn't.

Binyamin al-Auschwitzi

This. Adam Sandler is actually funny, I never understood the hate against him

Ivanka and her children are not his Jewish child and grandchildren??

KYS leaf faggot

Benjamin Netanyahu

Sandy Koufax.

My driving school teacher

Bobby Fischer

You said "children" retard.

Harvey Pekar.

I love these Jews - the fathers of social psychology.

Solomon Asch
Best known for laboratory studies on conformity showing that under certain circumstances, a large percentage of people will conform to a majority position even when the position is clearly incorrect.

Leon Festinger
Developed the theory of cognitive dissonance, a motivational theory suggesting that people seek to minimize discomfort caused by inconsistent beliefs and behaviors.

Kurt Lewin
He was an early leader of group dynamic research and is regarded by many as the founder of modern social psychology. His equation, B=f(P,E), stipulates that behavior is a function of the person and environment, and he advocated "action research" applying this equation and scientific methods to address social problems such as prejudice and group conflict.

Stanley Milgram
Famous for a set of studies suggesting that most people will obey an experimenter's order to administer potentially deadly levels of electric shock to a protesting stranger.

Henri Tajfel
Devised the "minimal group paradigm" for which he documented that even minimal groups readily form identities and exhibit ingroup favoritism. Developed social identity theory.

Daniel Katz
Produced classic studies of racial stereotyping and prejudice, and attitude change, and his pursuit of the connections between individual psychology and social systems helped to found the field of organizational psychology.

Robert K. Merton
Best known for the terms "role model" and "self-fulfilling prophecy". A central element of modern sociological, political, and economic theory, the "self-fulfilling prophecy" is a process whereby a belief or expectation, correct or incorrect, affects the outcome of a situation or the way a person or group will behave.

Elliot Aronson
Best known for the invention of the Jigsaw Classroom as a method of reducing interethnic hostility and prejudice.


Natalie Portmanklein

Haven't ever met one


Eduard Bloch

jewishvirtuallibrary.org/was-hitler-jewish nope.


I like Ben Shapiro, breibart is cool too, Aaron Russo was based, and Jesus was a good character too.

Brother Nathaniel