666 fifth avenue

Render of Jared kushners new building, one of almost a dozen 1000ft towers being built in NYC

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>giant penis

I'll allow it.

>owned by the kike son-in-law of the kike-loving President
>shaped like a dick
Makes too much sense.

12 1,000 foot towers? Ugh. It looks like a needle dick

It's beautiful

What is that a giant nose hair trimmer upside down? It literally looks like the old gilette handles. Like he is always a prickly razor sharp "rose". We get it and nobody should care at this point. How's this impeachment thing coming. It looks like an alien medical instrument

Pencil dick towers are popping up all over the place


In b4 the design is scrapped for something that looks like ass.

All glass and steel. And little wrought iron deer scaling the sides. This looks like upside down CN tower. Look at the cutting blades near the lobby. You know. When people walk into this borg cube?


really makes you think

>makes it penis-shaped because he's insecure about his tiny jew dick
>meanwhile his wife is getting LEAFED by justin

I makee tower extra frothy. Care of ChumpKush enterprises

why does it bigger as it goes up? bad planning imo

>Building buildings that will be half empty


That is "getting bigger" to you? The base represents the balls and the lies about death machines. Then it looks like a giant medicinal syringe ready for all the crackheads I guess

How do people feel safe living in buildings that tall?

I'd have permanent anxiety


I agree. Can any buildingfags give more info on these proposed buildings?

Why does the base look like a mosque?

The Trump family continues to use the presidency to expand their wealth. Cool.

People have been making buildings that tall for 100 years.

I think 9/11 is the only time one has ever collapsed.

>Maximizing sq ft for rent in NYC

Only way to expand is up dummy

who the fuck is going to be the window washer for that?

This fucking city is getting so god damned expensive even with a decent career. The second a job transfer opportunity opens up for me I'm flying out of this city so fucking fast no one will even have a chance to say goodbye

They are very safe and you're right, 9/11 was the only time skyscrapers like that have collapsed. And that was only due to extreme circumstances.
Personally, I don't want to live anywhere higher than the Fire Department can reach with a ladder.



>Jared Kushner

Isn't that the jew that manufactures RFID chips?

Robots man, they're taking all the good jobs.




Economy already so much better with TRUMP

I imagine there is something really cool about drinking a bottle of wine as you hope the fire 50 floors below you gets put out before it gets to you. I don't know, maybe i'm just not as much of a pussy as you.

>loses tower
>insurance doesn't pay him
Yeah sure sounds like LUCKY LARRY lmao with all that money he never got lmao ammright lmao im REDPILLED lmao right guiz XDDDDDDD

Looks like a vape pen.
Vaping is gay.

Oh look, burning material falling out of a burning building, how incredible, oh my god, what could it possibly mean.

It's because of NYC's faggoty zoning laws. Developers are only allowed a certain square footage of floor space per lot, so if you want to make a tower tall, it has to be skinny as well or there will be too much floorspace for the zoning laws.

he was paid more than his policy was for, jidf

This kind of building just doesn't seem stable to me. Like a strong wind would just blow it over.

Sure, post the edited version so you can claim it collapsed uniformly (it didn't). You are so clever (you aren't).


yooooo....what city dats huuuuge bro.

Oh no, look what I found.

Toronto has 4 or 5 1000+ footers coming up soon

rich people who don't feel safe outside or in a home.

If the fire's below or above you then you're probably fine. The problem is when it's on your floor/ unit and you don't have a way out.

Silverstein lost a fuckton of money on 9/11.
Leasing the WTC from the Port Authority (Who has always owned, and still do own it) for 99 years starting in 2001. Losing the four buildings he owned, having to keep making his payments on the site (+$100 million a year), and then the cost of paying survivors and rebuilding everything.

Gosh, I just keep finding all this stuff that shows why tower 7 collapsed, but none of it will convince you, will it? You are just so smart, smarter than pictures, smarter than REALITY even. Yep, you're right, the earth is definitely flat, how could we have been so dumb?

It literally looks like a douche nozzle.

Who the fuck would want to be up in one of those things??
I don't get it

Molten steel dripping, immediately before the 'collapse'?

Happens all the time.

They are built like that so light reaches the street. It is a law or else it would be dark all day long in the whole cite.


>666 fifth avenue


The truth about immigration, by the numbers:


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> youtube.com/watch?v=lfgIOlDRZSw

Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)


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Totally not masonic in any way.

What the fuck! If you google it a bunch of articles come up. Jared Kushner. 666 building in New Babylon. Manufacturing mark of beast chips. This shit is straight outta the Bible. I always new the antichrist would be a Jew


They're made out of a wood-concrete composite.

Concrete is very good under compression stress and wood is good under tension stress, so you can use less concrete because you don't have to overcompensate to achieve a quality that it doesn't inherently possess, which in turn allows you to build a taller tower because the structure doesn't have to support as much weight.

Unless they fucked up their computer models, it shouldn't necessarily collapse.

underrated and checkred


lol you have GOT to be kidding me

You know whats funny is that in all these towers they "skip" the 13th floor because muh superstition but the fact that their keeping the satanic number is interesting.

another luxury apartment for chinese nationalists and eb-5 investors.

At 8.5 mil
He works for somebody though...

Trips of truth, but Sup Forums doesn't know about Sheldon Adelson or they are Cuckstians who gorge on Chosen People cawk.

Wood composite? Wat. Ive been building highrises in Toronto for a decade and that shits not used. Maybe in the states?

Purely structurally enforced concrete here using rebar. Some of the larger buildings have tensioner cables running through conduits from end to end, as an extra seismic precaution


Oh most likely. That's a bargain for the chinks

These. There's twelve of em now and all of a sudden I guess

You're a shit bag

keked and checked
trump fan boys need to realize that we won by keeping hillary out, not by getting this pseudo-jew in


That is not molten steel, apparently you have never dealt with large amounts of burning material. You must be either a shut-in or a city boy. Even if it is metal (probably not) it is most likely aluminum, the color matches the temps that fire would have created and there was a shit ton of aluminum in the plane and the building itself. I bet it was just a pile of coals that burnt through whatever was holding it in because that is EXACTLY WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

Leave your house once in a while, experience life, maybe learn a thing or two from reality.

There are vaginal versions and are more problematic imo because they start all this crap

New building? Thought it was already there. Lucent. What are they going to do another 9/11?

>jews are planning literally DOZENS of 9/11s
holy fuck

The dissonance is approaching dangerous levels Captain

it's the shitty regulations on nyc skyscrappers. while the rest of the world is building beautiful skyscrappers with character, we're stuck with pencils and toothpicks.

Oh yes. This has a normal and not significant name at all

>Happens all the time.
name 1 other building where it happened.

Oh, and there is nothing even remotely "dripping" in that video. And I just watched it again to check, that is definitely burning embers, my guess is a a bookshelf or large desk that was near a window. Nothing about it looks like molten metal of any type.

Cold fusion

>50 floors below you
if I lived that high I'd just have a fucking parachute and take base jumping classes

If you really want an answer:
It's sparks from the aluminum cladding.

These skinny-dick apartment towers look ridiculous on the city's skyline. I can't believe New Yorkers are allowing such ugly buildings to be built.

The earth is spherical.

Whatever did we do without it. I dont buy that
So they can be tall bu can't become any wider even as they go upward? If you can't make a dagger look nice you might as well be a cave builder

>that first vid
goddammit i've been here forever and i've seen it all but i forgot about that yid bitch and i forgot about those white phosphorous vids. i'm so mad i can barely stomach it

No it isn't

I never thought of it like that... makes quite a bit of sense.

you know whats pathetic, DOB won't permit anyone to build a building taller than (((silverstein's))) freedom tower with its fake height of "1776" which is cheated with the 300ft antenna

i can see that building about 50 miles out in new jersey. it's hideous.

He might be skinny. Hot post by the way. But as is usual with most things skinny. He also happens to have the fucken biggest dick within a 20 mile diameter

>jet fuel can't melt steel beams
it doesn't need to melt steel to make the building lose its structural integrity.
When steel is heated to the temperature that kerosine burns at, it becomes soft and pliable (like wet clay) and therefore the building could have been taken down without the need for anything but burning kerosine to bring the building down.
Once one floor loses it and buckles, then the top remaining floors will simply start to cary their momentum into the lower floors and soon most of the building will have collapsed.

Jet fuel doesn't melt steal beams, but it was still either:
a) a coordinated attack on bush's part to secure his presidency by attacking the middle east
b) a coordinated planting of evidence ot use the middle east as a scape-goat to that bush's presidency can be secured.

Either way, bush did 9/11 and the iraq war.

Yeah, if it's metal, it's definitely aluminum, but i still have my money on a large wooden object like a desk or book case. I like betting on the underdog.

Yes it is.

The reason people are building thin towers in NY is because the popular thing among rich people is owning an entire floor of a building, instead of just a high rise apartment.

By making them thin, it is economical to rent the entire floor to a single person.

Go take a look at who buys them, it's mostly rich foreigners especially arab oil tycoons.

I'm pretty sure that's incorrect. There is a proposal for one just under 1000 feet but nothing else.

get dick off your minds niggerfaggots

>has a rounded top instead of a square flat one
>has a bulge at the base
Ok, I know the "skyscrapers are phallic" is just a feminist meme, but come on.