Where does Sup Forums's belief that Gen Z is conservative come from?

Where does Sup Forums's belief that Gen Z is conservative come from?

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What the fuck.

some statistics

Not tumblr


Today I learned Trudeau posts under the name "roachranch". What an odd day.


gen Z was raised by Reaganites

>muh Anuckdoats

pls no

How did it start and where does it end?

Can we get some Sup Forums btfo threads that aren't just cherrypicking? It's lazy shitposting

The only thing I've noticed is that they dress less edgy than millennials. Every gen Z teen I've seen wears a Thrasher or CA hoodie and khaki chinos. The degeneracy is just as bad elsewhere, though. They all take loads of molly and ketamine.

GenZ teen here. casual shirts, jeans, polos, plain tshirts. Thats my entire wardrobe. I have hoodies and jackets for when it's cold, I occasionally wear a baseball cap and sunglasses.Most of my friends dress like this too, just add in some graphics tees.

Oh damn. Now the youngsters arrive and make us millenials look old


I can't even follow this.

This reads like a riddle to me.

Geb Z here, My whole family is a liberal hellhole. I'm the only conservative, although in my school 70-80 % students lean right

Two girls date, both are lesbians. One girl (the one posting) becomes a tranny and is now bi (was a girl dating a girl, now a """guy""" dating a girl). Other chick becomes a tranny and now they are """gay""". They are essentially still lesbians just trannies now.

Not Tumblr?

Conservative is relative
And the abyss of degeneracy is the status quo
Gen Z's probably just like those redditors who unironically paraded around Queen Milo on that chair

I'm sorta Gen Z and from what I've seen sweatshirts, Huf, and shit with brands like supreme and vineyard vines is the shit

give em a few years and at least one will be a normal girl again. Tumblr is a hell of a drug

>Only LGBT
What a bigot. Everyone knows the latest edition is LGBTQIAO

>an unstoppable force is about to meet an immovable object


Gen Z while still having the problem of having some degenerates in the batch due to being raised by millennials, has a much greater republican majority, or atleast moderate-right sided. Some things are different between older generations and gen z though, I've noticed gen z is perfectly okay with gay marriage but most find the extremes sjw's use the gay community to be wrong and cancer. gen z is definitely more financially right sided, but socially holds a moderate and sometimes left leaving view as they're still young. Also, I've noticed they like drugs a lot, which will probably become a problem in a few decades.

Gen Z reporting in, we're only considered conservative because every straight guy hates feminists and likes being edgy, even the nonwhites.

Society is bifurcating and thus the next generation will be a mix of people that are hard right and hard left.

I've been saying this for a while. Gen Z is a fucking meme. The vats majority are MUSLIMS, NOT WHITES. The few that are White and Conservative are those "edgy" kids who probably love Milo and his folks.

Fifth post best post

the myslims pouring in to the west are screwing with the statitistics. real gen z, our genz, is the most cucked and brainwashed of all. we are fucking doomed.

They haven't been indoctrinated in college yet