Just got fired- humans are obsolete?

I just got fired from my job as a low level translator because they implemented a new software with machine translation to save some money.
Lots of shitty translations are better for the company than fewer quality ones.

What to do Sup Forums? Is humanity obsolete? I need fokkin money to live Sup Forums.....

Welcome to the club. Lost my job a year ago because of HR sjw politics. Fuck working, the boomers set us up for humiliating exploitation. Now my job is to make sure I don't have to work.

>goobacks episode from south park
>had nothing to do with mexicans

jobs are being taken by google robots

AI get out of Sup Forums!

I find this hard to believe. Most translators work contract or technical translation, where a single machine error could have thousands upon thousands of dollars in legal ramifications, they wouldn't trust that shit to machine translation

immigrants + automatizations is the death of our industrial system...

Hope the Emperor will do something about both problems soon..he is wasting too much time.


>Lots of shitty translations are better for the company than fewer quality ones.
Yes. Quantity over quality, the feature of the modern world, increased by modern capitalism.

Pic related

I'm not too worried until AI is fully sentient. Then we'd really need some solutions to the unrest.

Obviously we had proofreaders obviously I was just a shitty level translator.
Its like in a factory: you have the specialized guy who watches over the low-skill workers.

But now they don't need us anymore...or at least not as many. Same as the automobile industry.

Add machine translation to the fucking southern asian "translator" who work for 3 euro/hour and you'll understand why we are fucked.

I'll be dead of hunger and unemployment before those days

A 13% unemployment country

Yeah, I'm a lot more worried about AI consumers than AI workers.

Hope you find your way brother. We can't surrender! I've changed 3 jobs already, Ill find one eventually!

Why are his eyes so high up?

It's not just "proof reading" though, a single past tense where it should be present, a "is not" where an "is" should be, could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage

He was in samadhi

Fuck that, get welfare if you can.
Trying to work in today's environment unless you're well connected is a fools errand

>21st century
>not being myopic
>not just caring about short term savings and profits

How can meatbags even compete?

yeah..with "proofreading" I mean that they still have people to check what the AI does..but its like HALF the employees...and it will just go worse and worse...

Can't live off welfare here in italy..should I get to the US and leech on your welfare system?

"Shaykh 'Abd al-Wahid Yahya

Because he was a filthy moslim

>I was just a shitty level translator.

So how's the choice not to fiercely and relentlessly pursue a VARIETY of marketable skills workin' out for ya?

Cous I am dumb and I know that I have no chance on that level...like it or not but 90% of the population is like me, we can't compete with the most skilled. We jsut want to live a decenty life, I'm not asking for MILLIONS, but I cna't find a job that pays more than 1100 dollars per month here. Becanuse immigrants ask for less.

How am I supposed to live with 1100 per month?

If you have such low respect for yourself then do what your countrymen do, move here (you have no restrictions) apply for gibs as foreigner, receive everything free, get hired just for being a foreigner, wave your EU passport/behave like a terrone to get 100 women over your dick then receive additional gibs for every baby you make. Then live like a king while locals get cucked.

If you get bored you can leave anytime without consecuences.

I'll be dead soon by grace of God so idgaf

Automation is a meme until it personally effects you.

"Just reskill".

That is a a fundamental inefficiency in society. You will never be able to compete with a person who has been working that career since day 0 due to favourable personal history.

Just go teach language classes in China

ahahahha do "terroni" real do that? Shit..Im from the north of Italy...wish I was a terrone too...

How do I learn chinese? Im dumb..you forgot that? :-)

Also I don't have "low respect"..I'm just a realist..I know my limits ;-)

people just want to be happy and enjoy some beer in their life. working yourself to death constantly isnt a way to live. that was what hitler was trying to fight for.

Not for your skills. That's modernity's fault where human lives have no value, only money matters.

You're asking the american about welfare

Unless you intentionally want to live of welfare to attack the system, that's a spiritually suicidal way to live.

I won't recommend