Are there any good universities that aren't COMPLETELY invaded by leftism?

are there any good universities that aren't COMPLETELY invaded by leftism?

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The school of ur mom

what state?


University of Chicago

any of them. Preferably around the midwest

Tarleton State University

Got em'

But kek the Mormons are weirdos sometimes.


Didn't see you there.

Bovine University

It's a christian oriented university

i live in slc and other than their alcohol laws they're pretty cool people and don't give any shits

I know, I was born there. Mormons are the best neighbors too.

I go to University of Houston. I've had good professors along with the share of liberals, my political science professor was pretty much a conservative and my economics professor right now emigrated from Eastern Germany so naturally doesn't support communism. Problem is it's in Houston

Just had dinner with my girlfriend. A friend's sister of her just started university, and already joined an orgy group and has changed immensely - especially in terms of politics. Don't send your daughters to college. It will change.

PS my girlfriend didn't go to college and she's quite conservative.

Brigham Young.

UC Berkeley.


A lot of the religious inspired universities are still good. I only have info for texas though.

>Texas A&M

All of these are still pretty conservative.

UC Berkeley.

Hillsdale College. No federal money accepted. No state money either. Almost all white. Christian. Potential wives everywhere.

an orgy group? wtf?

>Texas A&M

The military Academies

typical university mudskin
Keep up the great work

Clemson (but you need to either wear a yarmulke or be in the football team)

The only redpilled choice is to go to an inexpensive in state school. Have fun spending extra thousands on a slightly less cucked school. Just spread your beliefs instead of brewing in them.

There's a joke in Brazil that there are more communists in USP (the best university in Brazil) than in China.

Idk, but mine isn't completely cucked. PA collegefag here. We had to do a short presentation on what we're doing our upcoming research projects on. The exact stereotype of a Tumblrina (purple hair, obese, septum piercing, stupid nickname) tells us that her research will be on how feminism combats rape culture. Afterwards during the comments time half of our class attacked her. After class even a few of the girls in our class were astonished at her retarded claims.

I'm starting to believe this "Gen Z is redpilled" meme.

The FUCKING service academies.

Military training. World class degrees. Must be nominated by congress to go. Serve your country. Get discipline.

It's the only uncucked option

If you wanna go smaller and Catholic

>University of Dallas

Other similar tiny Catholic schools that are actually good schools and not kumbaya bullshit:

>Thomas More
>Thomas Aquinas
>Franciscan University of Steubenville

Also conservative:

>Claremont McKenna
>Hillsdale University

Mit is still relatively uncucked.

Ivy league is totally cucked and teaches bullshit at this point. Caltech maybe too.

Tech schools generally stay out of the sjw business, so not much cuckery there. Also niggers aren't smart enough to get in there, and unlike the (((ivy league))) they don't relax their standards for subhumans. Otherwise our engineers and inventors would be blowing shit up.


Xavier is pretty chill. Met a few people who turned out to be huge SJWs, but they didn't overrun the campus or anything and there were just as many people who couldn't give a shit one way or the other

Pratger University comes to mind

a small protestant christian college would probably be the best choice to avoid leftism. private schools and catholic unis, not so much. state schools are kinda leftist (depending on the region) but offer the best value imo.

The truth about immigration, by the numbers:


Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race:


Cultural Marxism in action… Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:


Cultural Marxism & Social Justice Explained:


Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism:


also see

The facts about slavery in North America:


Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:


Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)


The Holocaust:




Going to a tech school and learning a trade is still a pretty uncucked option.

Yale students are the people who preach white guilt from atop the high horse they raise on their ranch to compete in the Kentucky Derby

Nanyang Technical Univerity in Singapore is very non Leftist. You should give it a try but keep Pratger as a back up

I have never heard any leftist rhetoric at my university, University of Texas at Tyler.

If you sum the UNICAMP then, than you will get more communists than in the 1917 Revolution.. Ready to FIRE!

Must be nice. UT Austin is cucked beyond belief.

This gives me hope

Big Catholic schools are barely Catholic anymore, but some of the small ones are bulwarks against leftism.

the christian ones.


University of chicago. Getting admitted isn't easy. But their application and admission package specifically denigrate the idea of safe spaces. Seems like your cup of tea.


Can also confirm

friend who went to a Portland school knew about orgies freshmen would organize

Engineering schools, they have a cruddy gender ratio but everyone is too busy studying things that actually matter to whine about trannies and evil white males

Yeah I'm too stupid for MIT man. Life here is hell, this is on the wall where I'm typing this. Also some mattress girl event is booked. This is partially government funded too. I need to get out :(

This is true for most universities in the world. The more technical the less sjw. Humanities in general attracts these sjws.

Military academies for sure. Look into VMI as well. I would say The Citadel too, but due to poor academic performance and repeated risks to accreditation I would avoid that.

>that picture
Wrong side won

i mean i can see where they are going with the alcohol laws since it's a horrible drug. but, i'm more of the type that would legalize drugs if it meant less government overreach

I second this. No title 9 or affirmative action. Highly selective with a moderate cost of $35,000 per year. Hell yeah!